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    Tesla dumps Nvidia

    tesla just got lazy. its harder to write programming for gpuz processing than it is cpu.
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    Does setting affinity for cores in task manager make AMD Threadripper gamemode irrelevant?

    most of the games we AMD ryzen buyers are playing, where NOT made with the RYZEN kits sent out. they had not test bench to test them on, so most companies never used them. intel packs allowed companies to use up to 4 cores, so the companies did not have to worry about getting the games to run...
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    Intel Core i5-7640X 4.0 GHz

    as long as my ryzen 5 1600 beats this and some i7 quads in multicore multitasking, im fine. their is not reason you should choose a quad core proc over a higher core proc for multitasking. WE ALL do it. YET the intel FANS feel their quad core is superior.
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    Looks like Intel's 8700k 6 core Coffee Lake might be quite a beast.

    Can you explain how a $350 dollar 6 core will compete with a $200 6 core ryzen?
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    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    I did not think anyone remembered that. it was the core duo 1 family. they glued.
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    BIOSTAR Released Dual Gigabit LAN Motherboards With The 6+ Experience

    intel only?? really dumb asses??
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    EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 750 FTW 2GB

    bad idea. two fans cause 2x more dust. the average joy does not do regular maintenance on their pc's