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  1. Brewster0101

    BitFenix Unveils Ghost

    Actually perspex is a better at reflecting sound, where as steel or aluminium allow sound to pass through them.
  2. Brewster0101

    Corsair Vengeance C70

    Still think the 650D offers more style and quality than the c70 and only £15 odd more
  3. Brewster0101

    LG Display Develops World's First 5" Full HD LCD Panel

    Holy shit that screen is so neat and of such high quality. Shame LG's software support on all their products didn't let them down.
  4. Brewster0101

    The New Thermaltake Level 10 GT Battle Edition Chassis Battle is more than the Game

    Don't understand how Thermaltake make any money. Almost everything they produce is absolute junk and ugly.
  5. Brewster0101

    ASUS TUF Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard is a Dark Knight in Thermal Armour

    The 990FX Sabertooth is such a nice board. Great layout and colour, and heatskink design. +1 for not liking this design of covering the motherboard up.
  6. Brewster0101

    Governments Take On Google Over User Monitoring

    Think governments are upset because Google can spy on us easier and more effectively than they can. Think its all about jealousy :laugh:
  7. Brewster0101

    Neonode Beat Apple to "Slide to Unlock" Patent by 3 Years: Analysis

    Where does one find all the worlds patents? How does one know they've accidentley copied someone else's idea?
  8. Brewster0101

    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    Also 9.3 rating is too high for a case that is way too expensive and like you've rightly pointed out has quite alot of tacky plastic. Think this should be more 8.0 - its nothing special for that price.
  9. Brewster0101

    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    I've ready else where that even if you put a radiator in the top, you can't actually fit any fans to it as there isn't enough room/clearance.
  10. Brewster0101

    MSI Interceptor Nighhawk Military-Class Case Pictured

    What a tacky piece of sht with a tacky name.
  11. Brewster0101

    Creative Announces ZiiSound T6 Wireless Speaker System

    The ZiiSound T6 will be available at the online store at creative.com/shop in UK from mid December 2010 onwards at the suggested retail price of £349.99. is that a mistake??? seriously maybe the press report has a smudge.
  12. Brewster0101

    Arctic Announces Thermodynamic PC Case & HDD Cooler Silentium T11 & ARCTIC HC01-TC

    In a time when poor product launches can kill a company, Arctic announce too complete rubbish products. Case looks 5 years behind the times, although one thing to not is the front intake fan blowing directly onto the GPU area. Because of bottom mounted PSU's, the usual front intake fan only...
  13. Brewster0101

    Logitech G11 keyboard 29.99 shipped

    Personal opinion is that this and the G15 are horrible keyboards. The keys are not soft to type with, the angle is also too flat. Much prefer the simple Logitech media keyboards for typing.
  14. Brewster0101

    Lian Li Announces PC-X900, the Ultimate Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis

    Daft price. Lian Li are trying to make more money for falling sales. Think they haven't realised sales are down because prices are too high, people have not much money and also their Lancool brand is much better value for the same quality (ish) Also this is not a mid tower as stated, its...
  15. Brewster0101

    What was your a) 1st PC and b) 1st PC you built?

    Amstrad 3286 286 CPU @ 16mghz 1 MB ram 40GB hard drive. Beeper sound. No fans in it what so ever, silent computer. My first build was a 486 DX-66 when I was 18.
  16. Brewster0101

    ASRock Readies USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s Equipped P55-Deluxe3 Motherboard

    My bad IDE, hands are cold and typing is terrible today. :banghead:
  17. Brewster0101

    ASRock Readies USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s Equipped P55-Deluxe3 Motherboard

    Its got a FDD socket .. Waste of money. Would even say the IDE socket can be got rid of too now. High end boards should not have a FDD or IDE plugs anymore. Lets get them phased out please. Also ram slots should be spaced apart more. Ram coolers are getting bigger and bulkier. The tops on...
  18. Brewster0101

    The Hardest Game You Have Played??

    Doom 2 on the last level - never finished it without a cheap.. Homeworld 2 - surprised to see that here. I thought it was long and brilliant, hard yes but not impossible. Also Lemmings - Anyone completed all the levels?
  19. Brewster0101

    ECS AMD 890GX Motherboards Pictured

    I second that about ECS, they are not good board makers. They should stick to cheap budget boards, high end is not their game.
  20. Brewster0101

    ASUS M4A89GTOD PRO RS890 Motherboard Pictured

    Still Sata 3 or not, still pointless without USB 3. Also the SATA ports are all pointing up, none are at a 45% angle. Don't understand why board makers seem to put the parallel port at 45% an angle but on the same boards not any sata ports.
  21. Brewster0101

    ASUS M4A89GTOD PRO RS890 Motherboard Pictured

    Don't see the point in any new motherboard that does not have usb 3.0 built in. There are enough motherboards on the market to suite everyone's need. New motherboards like this need to have usb 3 otherwise its just pointless.
  22. Brewster0101

    What do you think of this case on sale?

    You would be better of buying a nice tower from Lian Li and buying a simple water kit. You would have a better case and better water kit.
  23. Brewster0101

    Xigmatek Readies Utgard Mid-Tower Case

    I think the CM690 version 2 (aka 2010) will be exactly what you've just asked for.
  24. Brewster0101

    Xigmatek Readies Utgard Mid-Tower Case

    Does look like a spin on the Lancool dragon series but with side fan mounts and a silly control panel on the front. I think the below £50 market is very uninspiring at the moment. The Antec 300 holds the crown firmly in this price bracket and it costs only £40. The market between £50 - £100...
  25. Brewster0101

    Thermaltake Unveils Element V NVIDIA Edition Case

    Really if you were looking at a case in the price point and design you would not consider the Thermaltake over the HAF series. Even cases from NZXT are looking better than Thermaltake.