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  1. redeye

    AMD vs. NVIDIA Flamewar Claims its First IRL Fatality

    really? ... not over PCMR's vs Consoles?
  2. redeye

    Any High level players in the game "Overwatch" use 60Hz monitors ?

    My thoughts on Overwatch... Equipment does not matter, Overwatch is a team based shooter... a knowing when to use the right character is very important... maining a single character is fun to start, but often does not win matches. (One star player, 5 backup players) Console players deal with...
  3. redeye

    Guys I'm so proud!

    Was that system in the closet, and now it is out?... LOL
  4. redeye

    8th Gen Core "Cannon Lake" Over 15% Faster Than Kaby Lake: Intel

    Intel can still get away with saying 10-15% gains, by using the ultralow power cpu's and increasing those cpu's clock speed 10-15%. A 1Ghz base to 1.15Ghz is still 15% increase... IMO that is a "cheat" but it is truly a 15% increase on one Cpu, not all...
  5. redeye

    FIXED!! Windows 7 sp1 never ends searching for updates

    Use wsus update... offline updating (a method that collects all of the updates, and then maks a file then allows you to update the os offline) not sure if it is still around, but i had to do that with win8 on a system that kept saying update not installing/failing...
  6. redeye

    many times when i restart my PC.. my motherboard won’t detect or boot from my HDD

    At this point, i would remove your boot drive, keep everything the same, get a spare/blank hdd and install windows to see if you can get a working system... (might remove the other drives ) Or if that is not possible install linux, on a blank drive just to check if the system will boot...
  7. redeye

    TSMC to Build New $15.7 Billion Fab in Taiwan, for 3 nm and 5 nm Chips

    Funny, yet they will ( most likely ) use TSMC's 7nm (14) process for ps5... although Sony did mention that the PS five will be a "clean slate"... not sure what that means, perhaps it means they don't want to be locked into a FAB (or processor?) and perhaps It might go to Intel or TSMC or...
  8. redeye

    TSMC to Build New $15.7 Billion Fab in Taiwan, for 3 nm and 5 nm Chips

    Rule of thumb... for TSMC node sizes, double the number. (To equal intel's "real number) So 3nm and 5nm equal 6nm and 10nm... Intel is already working on that size of nodes. (Both TSMC and intel FAR IN THE FUTURE) BTW, this rule of thumb only really applies to node sizes below TSMC 10nm... I...
  9. redeye

    many times when i restart my PC.. my motherboard won’t detect or boot from my HDD

    I always connect my boot drive to to the first sata port, so when i reset the bios, the boot drive is found at the default location. Bit of a pain because the "zero" sata port is not always clearly labeled.
  10. redeye

    Apple patents the paper bag. Yes, the paper bag

    It is a paper box bag... pull the handles and the box opens... Great for hiding what is inside... this idea most likely came from the head of apple retail... you know the woman who left Burberry's to work for Apple... and it is original... ever been given a box with handles at check out?
  11. redeye

    Back to Windows 10 for me!

    protip... while "mute" works... i believe you were going for "moot" which means the issue is academic... which kind of means to mute the conversation....
  12. redeye

    Updated, seller complied: Seller wants to charge for repair/replacement within warranty period!

    Don't forget the handling part. (Probably going one-day DHL return shipping)
  13. redeye

    Updated, seller complied: Seller wants to charge for repair/replacement within warranty period!

    Which company is it... That makes all the difference. (If it is a large company, check in with CS, and talk to a high level supervisior) From china, you might be SOL. OTOH, the shipping feel is acceptable, but not the repair fee.
  14. redeye

    i3-3225 or Pentium G3258

    if you have a z-series MB you can oc'd the memory on g3258. i think a i3-6300 and ddr4 memory with a amd/nvidia card is a smarter choice. (the speed of the i3-6300 compared to a 4890k on single threaded task is impressive. and if you get a z170 you can oc'd it to 4.4Ghz easily. my thoughts on...
  15. redeye

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

    "Power" is sold in KW/H.... A thousand watts used in an hour. 30W in an hour would require 33.3 hours to use a KW/H. so 30W x 10 hours/week is 0.3 KW/H so that means 3.33 weeks to use a kilowatt. Here in ontario, the peak rate for electricity is 18.8 cents a kw/h. (Or 9.9 at night) even if we...
  16. redeye

    FHD(1080p) vs UHD(4k) for gaming: Any downside to UHD besides price?

    so i have both 1440p and 2160p monitors (acer gsync 270, 280) 4k is nice on SLI gtx980... but the frame rate is limited to 60fps. i can get locked 60fps, but something is looks off... the colors, dont know. (IMO wait for a 4k monitor that can do higher than 60fps. , maybe 120fps) what is...
  17. redeye

    Anybody regret going red?

    Good memories, but Yes, i was always disappointed... (Compared to Intel i though i wasmy last AMD card was a 6950. before that it was a 6850, then 4890, 3850... All the way back to an ATI aiw x800 .... The 6950 no longer works... (Missed up changing the heatsink) And the last processor i had...
  18. redeye

    GeForce GTX "Pascal" Faces High DVI Pixel Clock Booting Problems

    And this is why all of the gtx 1080/1070 pascal's are sold out!... seriously. makes sense. Nvidia is correcting the problem, in secret, and will have a new version out "real soon now"
  19. redeye

    What happens in an internet second.

    What about netflix?... With 33% of the peak internet volume, why is it not listed?. Netflix is at least equal to youtube.
  20. redeye

    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    not worth the hassle, pethaps it will be faster than a single gtx680, but you will lose some smoothness if the "graphics settings" allow the frame rate to go below 30Fps at any time on a single card . (But i use a gtx 980 SLI)
  21. redeye

    G.SKILL Achieves DDR4 5189.2MHz and 12 Overclocking Records in 8 Benchmarks

    Or G.skill is a master at binning. Really, how much time went it in binning the 5200ddr4 stick?. Which makes them 1000 dollars a stick?
  22. redeye

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB

    TMSC has to amortize, the cost of the fabs. Thus, higher prices for Nvidia. (Unless Apple paid the full tab for them, so it gets first choice of fabs line output...) (Assuming TMSC makes the GPU)
  23. redeye

    Watch Dogs 2 June 8th. and Saints Row Developers announces Agents of Mayhem coming 2017

    Agents of mayhem... Looks like an OVERWATCH clone... Lets hope that it is not like battlebourne. After watching the video, would make a awesome "archer-like" animation series... But As a video game? I hope it is better than "The division" BTW, overwatch has an even handed approach to gender...
  24. redeye

    A Maddening Sound: Is the Hum, a mysterious noise heard around the world, science or mass delusion?

    Bad hearing... Tinnitus... the result of too much load music. Traffic noise... Being able to hear all of the insects, scrapping/walking... hearding the ants drag earth around. forgetting that a fan is on. Or finally, noticing the a huge UFO is about you... Because its propulsion systems'...
  25. redeye

    PC Restarting as soon as GPU is slightly taxed (Kernel Power event 41)

    A clean install of win7 is best. (Linux has slight problems with really new graphics cards IMO) I was looking for a screen shot of gpu-z. Does gpu-z recognize the OBG as hd4600. If it does not, try a clean install and check again. because it should state hd4600, if it does not there is a...