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    Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro Custom Model Pictured, Tested

    No air-cooler can handle the heat of Vega when pushed to it's performance limits. It'll just throttle down. You can get 1700+ clock speed but only stable with water cooling. I'd steer clear of Vega air, unless you just want to run stock clocks with Freesync monitor. Even then there'll be a lot...
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.10.2

    Thanks for your reply. I didn't have any trouble rolling back as I use Acronis True Image. I decided to update to FCU and didn't have any trouble installing 17.10.2 driver then although the extra 50 processes running has got me thinking now. Funny how it goes on Win 7 ok. and works great too.
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.10.2

    I installed the 17.10.2 driver on my Win7 drive without issue( no problems with the 64 bios on V56) and it appears to have raised the HBM clock speed to above 1100 mhz. I tried 1150 and it worked great and gave some extra performance. DDU had an update and I tried again on Win 10 but no go - it...
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.10.2

    nope, that didn't work - wouldn't load windows 10 after reboot, black screen with never ending rotating broken circle.
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.10.2

    I'm on the Anniversary update and after DDU, this driver black screened the pc.
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    NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti 3DMark Benchmark Results Appear Online

    The thing is, Vega is very hot and needs power but the performance is there. It just needs to be water cooled to get at it. My Vega 56 with EK block does over 11400 on firestrike extreme, and it's a very ordinary chip. If the 1070ti can get better than that performance then it's a good card to...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Specs Leaked

    A lot of Vega 56's run at 563 Gb/s, mine does.
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    GIGABYTE Has No Plans to Release a Custom Radeon RX Vega 64

    I got a Sapphire Vega 56, resin less from Korea that has Samsung memory ( haven't heard of anyone getting Hynix memory). HBM runs at the same temp as the GPU and overclocks to 1100 like many others. So far in my testing, the GPU boosts to 1660 mhz and others have done better, but I've got an...
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    Microsoft Acknowledges Gaming Performance Issues Under Win 10 Creators Update

    yeah, I run Win 10 and Win 7 dual boot on separate ssd's. and to be honest I get better performance in gaming benchmarks and higher fps in Win 7. I prefer Win 10 though just for the look of it(subjective) and never upgraded from the 1607 Anniversary build nor have been offered it through...
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    Intel Core i7-8700K Put Through Cinebench R15

    " this chip will OC to 4.8-5 ghz" - lol, on LN2 maybe, probably need serious water cooling to get it to 4.5 on all cores which might just be worth it. Still, we haven't seen the price yet and in terms of price performance against AMD now, Intel has no hope of being competitive until they come...
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.3.0 Released

    latest version is showing Samsung memory for my Vega 56, I hope that's correct but I should be able to verify next week when my waterblock arrives.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8 GB

    ordered my vega56 today for $579 AU, etailer told me stock arrives on 1st Sept. Also ordered an EK waterblock for it.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega Put Through 3DMark

    Sounds ok, will give me the performance I'm looking for as an upgrade from the RX 480. I'll be putting a water block on the one with the best vrm's. I hope the pricing is good. Ive got a 1440p Freesync monitor so no Nvidia ever again for me. From what I can surmise, Vega is a stepping stone to...
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    Intel Core i9-7960X 16-core/32-thread Processor Detailed, Benchmarked

    Intel can't compete with AMD on price/performance until they have something resembling Infinity fabric for similar production cost. Their present marginal performance advantage,which is already at the ceiling, is also going to get smaller as AMD refine their Cpu's even more.
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    AMD's RX 500 Series of Graphics Cards Rumored as Rebrands of RX 400 Series

    The base clock for my XFX RX480 GTR black came as 1340, so what's new about RX580?
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    For how long has your CPU/GPU been overclocked...With POLL?

    I7 2600k @4.6 , 1.36v 24/7 for 5 yrs custom water cooled, 32 degrees idle, on Asus Maximus IV Extreme mb. Stable @ 4.8ghz but I've preferred the lower temps @ 4.6 particularly in summer in AU. Recently upgraded my Gpu from GTX 670 on water to RX480(XFX gtr black 8g), but unfortunately no...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition PCB Pictured

    According to AnandTech article, the $299 FE GTX 1060 will only be available for purchase from Nvidia website.
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    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1060, 6 GB GDDR5, $249

    Absolutely! There is no $249 GTX 1060 and there won't be. This whole tactic by Nvidia for the 10 series is really annoying, by suggesting that AIB partners sell their better cards for less than the reference! ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI don't appear to be having anything to do with it. That said, It...
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    MSI Unveils GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 DUKE Edition Graphics Cards

    you won't see any MSRP prices on Nvidia cards IMO. The "founders edition" title is just a different name for reference design, and when did you ever see AIB partner cards sell for less than the reference ( except for maybe $5 or $10). Why would they sell a better card for less? This has been a...
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    NVIDIA Also Announces $379 "Faster than TITAN X" GTX 1070

    No $379 card here, Founders Edition price of $449 is the basic bottom line for this one with Nvidia saying to AIB partners you can charge less for more if you like. It's pretty obvious really isn't it?
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 1060 Next Week

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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 1060 Next Week

    Indications are that the gtx1060 6gb will be priced at $300 with clock speeds around 1.5ghz. Indications are that partner modified RX 480 with better cooling and 8 pin power connector will reach oc speeds around 1.5ghz +, and I speculate they'll be around the $300 price mark. So I think they'll...
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    NVIDIA to Launch GeForce GTX 1060 Next Week

    Gtx 1060 - 3gb = $250, 6gb = $299, http://wccftech.com/nvidia-gtx-1060-special-launch-event-july/
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    MSI Announces its Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card

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    EK Water Blocks Ready with Radeon RX 480 Full-coverage Block

    Gtx 1060? - http://wccftech.com/nvidia-gtx-1060-special-launch-event-july/ looks like 192 bit bus and 3g version (WTF?) for $250 and 6g version for 300$. Bet the actual sale price will be much higher too. RX480 custom cards look sweet - http://wccftech.com/amd-rx-480-asus-strix-msi-gaming/...