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    Thermaltake water 2.0 Performer

    Thermaltake water 2.0 Pro review (duh) Get the boring stuff out of the way Linkie with specs: http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00001883 Disclaimer: I am an overclocker, the only working computer in my house that is not in pieces is my wife's laptop which I am no longer...
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    ASUS Maximus V Formula z77 Motherboard sneak peek

    Good for watercooling :rofl: (cleanin DOW corning 4 off after benching some mem on ln2) Great for Ln2 :clap: Feature 8+4Pin CPU power and strong PWM All kidding aside, this is the motherboard to have at the moment. If you are thinking ivy and haven't jumped in yet I suggest picking...
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    [FS] huge liquidation, high end mem, classic gpus and mobos

    This memory is mostly untested for max mhz / timings due to receiving in trades and or random drunk ebaying...please do not ask me to find the max for you unless you are 90% sure you want them. Moving to a new house so liquidating alot, If you think im out of line shoot me an offer :) all sticks...
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    MSI GTX-680 Twin FROZR III Bench Review (not boring)

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been playing with the MSI GTX-680 Twin FrzR III hAxoRs edition (I added the last part). I am a bencher not a gamer and there are plenty of gamer review site out there and most of them are stuck up or just plain boring. Here is one from an overclocking...
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    [FS] Epic Ram, BBSE, Hyper MGH-E, PSC, Dom GT, GTX8, Trident, 2500ks cheap, 2700k

    4x2GB CMGTX8 BRAND NEW http://www.corsair.com/dominator-gt-with-dhx-pro-connector-1-65v-32gb-dual-channel-ddr3-memory-kit-cmgtx8.html Dominator GTX8 2400 10-12-10 $300 shipped 8x2GB F3-12800CL9D-4GBXH PowerChip http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=352 Ripjaws-X 1600 6-8-6 1.5v $50 Shipped...
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    [FS] Corsair GTX8 4x2gb kit, G.skill RipjawsZ 2400 cas11 4x4gb kit

    FS:Corsair GTX8 4x2gb kit, G.skill RipjawsZ 2400 cas11 4x4gb kit GTX8 Brand New Unused (4x2GB) 10-12-10-30 @ 1.65v $450 shipped USA RipjawsZ Slightly used with 2 turbulence fans (4x4gb) 11-11-11-31 @ 1.65v $275 shipped USA Saving for something but its a secret
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    G.Skill F3-19200CL11Q-16GBZHD Benching on 2011

    Here is a little thread about it from a guy that likes to bench. :cool: Obligatory very cool pictures of the ram :) If youd like full resolution send me a pm and would be glad to send to you. ...................and what you really want to see They are pretty much tapped out there...
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    [FS] (2x) GTX-275 Lightning, GTX-260 Lightning Black Edition, GTX-260 Matrix

    I know you should never sell lightning cards because you will never see them again lol but oh well, need all the coins I can gather. GTX-275 lightning #1 has been benched on ln2 1312/1300 (no mods only software)...
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    [FS] FS: ASUS 5870 Matrix

    Card is a tank, was looking for 4 of them to do some 4-way on air with the beefier cooling on these but they are too rare it seems. Never ln2'd been too busy lately :mad: $325 shipped Card only PM for overseas Heat: Splave
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    [FS] gtx-580,2x xpower, gtx-275, antec tpq-1200

    MSI GTX-580 SOLD eVGA GTX-275 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130476 Works great, 773 core was quite easy but ymmv. Dont ask about warranty im second owner and its an old card $135 shipped in USA X-Powers x58 1 is brand new, never erasered no mods never on ln2 1 is...
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    [FS] Commando, Crosshair IV, X-Power, Maximus Formula, 790x-UD4P and more

    Cleaning the Garage out :up: ASUS p965 Commando ....My baby....She is vmodded by me for vdroop and vcore. Will include an untested 352 to get you started :D Hopefully its a good one! Board only. $325 shipped Firm MSI Big Bang X-power x58 1336 motherboard Bought a second one as a...
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    [FS] MSI lightning gtx-480

    Card only, great on air atleast I cleaned it really well so it looks brand new who knows when they will actually release it :toast: $600 shipped USA Might consider partial trad offers Everyone knows that the guys with the lightnings get all the girls :respect:
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    [FS] Corsair GTX2 3x2gb

    SOLD :Corsair GTX2 3x2gb Selling my babies, could use the money for other things :rolleyes: (how mature am I@!#!$) screw missing from one of the kits, came that way. Corsair support is great and im sure they can help you. :) $600 shipped
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    [FS] ASUS gtx-480, Asus Rampage III Extreme (new), Antec TPQ1200 OC

    eVGA p55 classified, Asus Rampage III Extreme (new), Antec TPQ1200 OC selling some contest prizes to recoup for the travel and lodging expenses :eek: evga P55 classified brand new from RMA land. $225 shipped Asus rampage III extreme SOLD Antec TPQ-1200 OC edition Epic power supply...
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    [FS] OCZ vertex 120GB, Areca 1280ml

    Selling both like new, no physical blemishes etc OCZ vertex 120gb $200 shipped Areca 1280ml raid card with 2gb ram comes with 2 cables 2gb ram stick Barely used $650 shipped
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    [FS] Intel 655k 1156 processor

    Retail boxed paypal only Will ship worldwide SOLD Heat:splave
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    [FS][US] i980x, i661, Rampage formula, DS lite w/R4, GPU's + more

    Selling some goodies, 1st of all thankyou TPU for the space! :toast: Everything is priced as SHIPPED to the lower 48, International quotes via pm. Payment:Paypal Heat:Splave Intel 980x retail with EE HSF Has 2 hours of use, like new from RMA. $800 Intel 661 retail with HSF Great clocking...
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    [FS/FT][US] eVGA gtx-480 like new

    Selling eVGA gtx-480, does 900 core easy. Re-timmed and took the silly foam piece off the back (neither voids warranty). Will help you through RMA if the need arises. This has to go! Possible trades, Vertex 2 60gb Rampage Extreme w3570, i960, i920 (good batch) $400 shipped USPS...
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    [FS/FT][US] Classified 4-way e762, Antec tpq-1200w, eVbot, DD Torture rack 2

    All sales, US and paypal only. Prices are shipped to 48 via USPS priority mail. Heat:splave e762 4-way sli classified x58 Full retail box, 2 weeks old, comes with an extra bios chip and all original goodies. $350 shipped eVbot Full retail like new, comes with all cables and original...
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    [FS] Intel i670 OEM Cheap!!

    For sale OEM i670 Paypal Preferred USA preferred $225 shipped, Offer me trades (gtx-280, e8600, x48 REX etc) Heat splave
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    Would love to see pci-express scaling with 5970

    Just like you did here :cool: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/HD_5870_PCI-Express_Scaling/25.html quashed all the x8 pci-e 2.0 is going to choke you n00bs