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  1. Z

    Is this backlight bleeding normal?

    One of My TN also bleeds from upper right corner, it's normal
  2. Z

    GPU advice

    get a Club 3D Joker Edition 7870, it's almost 7950 The Card FTW:toast:
  3. Z

    GTX 560 (Help!!!!)

    :ohwell: Just as i suspected. It looks like it's some sort of Cheap Chinese copy.:pimp:, used the name of MSI The 9600GT Rebaged as GTX560 and a modded bios. Yea Cheapo quality too. So this is an Example for all of us. a contribution in Knowledge :cool: for all of us that scams like these are...
  4. Z

    GTX 560 (Help!!!!)

    Salutations, :toast: i recently came to know about this Graphic Card, it's badged as "GTX 560" But i suspect it's not what it claims to be, i am to find out what it really is... This is what it looks like, and the GPU Z is the strangest by far i have came across:twitch: the...