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  1. J

    SSD full, but it's not?!

    Hi, my 120gb ssd is reporting that is has 5mb of free space, but when i highlight everything on the disk and check properties there is only actually 40gb of space used! I am pretty sure this has just happened, like the drive has instantly filled somehow, but i've no idea how :/ Any ideas...
  2. J

    Bought 16GB RAM, now what??!

    Ok, i've just upgraded my i52500k to 16gb of ram (as it was stupidly cheap). What should i do to make the most out of this on win7 64?? Cheers guys and happy new year!
  3. J

    Why have hard drive prices nearly tripled?!!?

    As per title, Why have hard drive prices nearly tripled?!!? A 1tb samsung F3 is now £100??!?!?! Someone please explain this to me
  4. J

    My Lian LI PC-70 Build (heavy on pics!)

    Hi, just a few pics really of my latest build (rebuild really :D) External link to HQ pics (58mb): http://www.jjarman.aquiss.com/PC%20Pics/highqualitypics.rar External link to normal quality pics (8mb) http://www.jjarman.aquiss.com/PC%20Pics/normal%20quality.rar List of components...