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    Recurring problem after repasting Radeon RX580

    Hi, I have the Sapphire RX 580 8GB OC Pulse graphics card (SKU# 11265-05-41G) My problem is that after applying new thermal paste and new thermal pads my temperature remains normal (73C to 75C) for a month and then returns to abnormal temperatures after (82C to 84C). If I repaste (keeping the...
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    Weird RX 580 Throttle Temperature Issue

    Hi, I have a Sapphire RX 580 8GB OC. SKU# 11265-05-41G Of-late, from June 2019 I think, the cards fan would boost upto 100% maintaining 70C on the card, which was not the case earlier. Earlier the fans would ramp up pretty smoothly and the card would reach 78C on a very hot but would never be...
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    Pixel Format drop-down list absent after new driver install

    Hi, I have an RX580 8GB graphics card paired with a BenQ EW2775ZH monitor. After a recent driver install the pixel format drop down list, where RGB full PC format could be chosen, has vanished and I am stuck with YCbCr444 format for the time being. I would really like to get back that option and...