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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    well i just went with asus x99 .. and bought razer 7.1 software ... its working great .... lol i did not want to add a pcie card...
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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    well i need a x99 motherboard not a h97 .... i googled and i find a lot of thing going back here to hack the realtek drivers ....its seem's ddl feature is so 1999 ....
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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    yes thank you its pretty expensive tho... is this motherboard the only one with dts ? geez am i the only one with astro headphone that require dll for 5.1 ?
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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    hello , yes by design it is but have you ever heard of Dolby digital live? make it possible to get 5.1 / 7.1 audio compressed.
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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    Hello i am checking to upgrade my computer. i am going on the 2011-v3 with either a 6800k or a 6850k .. my problem now is i want a motherboard that is capable of 5.1 / 7.1 trought spdif and i need the dolby digital live for that i guess all the moterboard out ther advertise thousand of...
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    HDPlex H5 Smiles for the Camera

    wow this is sexy stuff ... would take it over my old Antec NSK2480 HTPC Case.... it would be a nice replacement for my htpc :)
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    Study Shows 6th Gen. AMD A-Series APU Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50%

    it always make me laugh those electronics that reduce green house effect because some country use coal to make electricity,.,, this device is green because it use less electricity riiiight is it still green if we use nuclear or hydro or solar panels or windmill electricity ? i guess not lol...
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    Spire Releases the Archer II Ergonomic Mouse

    argh i hate those kind of mouse .... really weird to use...
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    Samsung 840 Pro Gets RAPID Mode Support

    my 2x vector 256gb raid 0 get around 900mb .. ppffff
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    New Intel Xeon Processors Accelerate Media Processing in the Cloud

    freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekin cloud it hate you
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    Western Digital Announces WD Se Line of Hard Drives

    do they have the time-limited error recovery ? because that is the main problem with hardware raid ....
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    OCZ Launches the Vertex 450 Series Solid State Drives

    unlucky ppl i guess... i am not protecting ocz... but i find it really weird that those 3 link , have 1 person having 2 or 3 ssd that failed.... are they unlucky? or its something else? like on another note and example.... i have 2 customer who keep getting infected by scareware.... they...
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    NVIDIA GRID Unleashes Graphics for Virtualized Desktops

    this is pissing me a little.... those guys at nvdia prevent the use of their card in drivers for sharing it via thing lilke Hyper-v ... now they release a crazy version that is probably going to cost more then just buying laptops with a cad card for the employees... having a server with...
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    OCZ Launches the Vertex 450 Series Solid State Drives

    don't know why you say that... we have been selling hundreds of custom PC with OCZ single drive / drive paired with hd with intel / and raid... we ad only 1 DOA drive... and everything else is still working flawlessly ...
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    Belkin Completes Acquisition of Linksys

    all the linksys we sold are dying or are death after 2 years including WRT54GL v2 ... linksys design can't evacuate heat fast enough to save component life. so good riddance anyways, we are using asus router with great success...
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    Microsoft Grows Surface Family

    the ipad is around 800$ no? and its a pad . this is a pc in a pad's form ... not the same product.... different market , but i know 1 thing EVERYBODY want to have office suite on their freekin tablet ... you mean Windows XP forever and ever!! (yes my boss still use windows xp on a imac and...
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    Fusion-io Delivers the All-Flash Datacenter for Hyperscale and Cloud Businesses

    what a deal !!! 12k US$ just ship me 15 yes ...
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    Foremay Launches World's First 2 TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD

    well 1$ per gig , + only one's with 2TB = 2000$ + premium of 1000$ il take a box full . and i will pay in 198 month please
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    Mushkin Announces US Availability of Atlas 480 GB mSATA SSD

    ahh zipo ssd's i want one... but gotta wait for price to go much lower :P
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    2013 Could be a Difficult Year for the PC Industry: Analyst

    well PC are staying in enterprise e.t.c. gamers buy PC. but everybody else use all flavour of pad's... much more enjoyable... i prefer it that way... instead of buying 299 crap-o-rific laptop.. they buy pad's and serious worker and also gamers buy pc. i was bound to append..
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    Orico Unveils Multi-Port USB 3.0 Strips

    its not expensive for a usb hub / self defense weapon!
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Delayed till Computex 2013, No Show at CES

    well since this cpu/chipset is going revolutionize the world, ( yes we just going to need new motherboard THAT IS A REVOLUTION!) damn you amd "rasing my fist in the air and shaking it"
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    just for information. antec NSK2480 HTPC with Noctua NH-C14 (fanless install)

    just for those wondering how to get your htpc more silent, if your using the Antec NSK2480 you can use the noctua NH-C14 with 1 fan , or none like i did. normal use (watch tv and movie) my amd quad core 940 get around 55C (ambiant room is 25C) using prime it goes up to 65C ... but...
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    Merry Christmas from TechPowerUp!

    no news for the 24th ? WHY!!!!