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    2011-v3 x99 mtb going crazy finding DDL capable

    Hello i am checking to upgrade my computer. i am going on the 2011-v3 with either a 6800k or a 6850k .. my problem now is i want a motherboard that is capable of 5.1 / 7.1 trought spdif and i need the dolby digital live for that i guess all the moterboard out ther advertise thousand of...
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    just for information. antec NSK2480 HTPC with Noctua NH-C14 (fanless install)

    just for those wondering how to get your htpc more silent, if your using the Antec NSK2480 you can use the noctua NH-C14 with 1 fan , or none like i did. normal use (watch tv and movie) my amd quad core 940 get around 55C (ambiant room is 25C) using prime it goes up to 65C ... but...
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    7970m crossfire gpu-z freeze after doing 3d(with ulps off)

    hello, GPU-Z now freeze when i start it AFTER i played a game or did some benchmark, this as started appening after i turned ulps off! i have 2x7970m on a alienware m18x! thank you!
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    Sandy Bridge CPU on Ivy bridge motherboard doable?

    Hello My old z68 MTB is caput, now i need to buy a new mtb. with my old i7-2600 work on a new z77 motherboard? if you have done this or tested this tell me if it work or not! thank you
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    [FS/FT] i7-2600k

    Hello, i need to trade that CPU that always been water cooled , i need a CPU that about same speed and that as 4 core + 4 HT, but more specifically that as VT-D !!! i need vt-d for a project with ESXI , and that cpu does not support it. fastest speed i've been with it is 3.8 (i never...
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    [WTB] need scyhes NINJA MINI ... with or without fan

    hello i need a ninja mini for my HTPC, can't find them anywhere. anybody as one he can sell?
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    x850xt PCIe missing part need help identifying!

    Hello, i need to repair and old x850 xt , its missing 2 part l63 and l64.. anybody can tell me what they are so i can put new one on them? thank you!
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    Repair shop Windows update hell!

    hello don't know if i am in the right section ... just got a new job , in a "computer repair shop" im a single employee with the boss... he does commercial jobs remote help and control e.t.c here is my problem i am the one who build and repair computer in the shop, and every windows...
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    P8Z68-V-PRO beta bios 0606 + intel ICH10R working... Release Notes [ 0606 ] ---------------------- 1. Update Intel Raid Option ROM 2. Improve DRAM compatibility 3. Improve System stability 4. Improve compatiblity with some Raid card model 5. Increase IGD share memory size...
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    [FS/FT] sy5tem's FS thread

    selling my 120GB - OCZSSDPX-1RVD0120 revodrive or trading for 2x60GB + SSD Asking 250$ CAN or 2X60GB + SSD NEW LOW PRICE 200$ also selling my EK 6970 water block Asking 70$ NEW LOW PRICE asking 50$ Ebay rating My Heat
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    RMA XFX 6950, they sent back a moded 6970?

    hello well i just received my 6950 that i rma'ed 2 week ago, and surprise its as 1536 shaders clocked at 880/1375, but as device id of 1002-6719 im pretty happy with that but i find it weird! did they just upgraded my videocard for free?
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    Back to nvidia need watercooling info

    hello while im RMA'd my 6950 i decided to grab a deal and buy 2xGTX570 for 600$ now i need to ad them to my water cooling loop. both card are EVGA GTX570 SC "012-P3-1572-AR" i read that those card are ref design and i can use any gtx580 block.. is that true? im on asus p8z68 mtb also...
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    [FS/FT] 120gb - oczssdpx-1rvd0120

    selling my 120GB - OCZSSDPX-1RVD0120 revodrive or trading for 2x60GB + SSD sorry for bad picture but its my main drive for now :) the card is 2 month old, i have pdf receipt from directcanada.com for warranty, i also never bench,marked it and i am over provisioning it i made the...
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    upgrade on CM sniper WC to 2600k some fun and problem!

    hello! here i finally upgrade from my q9400 to a 2600k i was watercooled before and wanted to stay WC :) all the motherboard and other part out of the way!: but of course while upgrading i ran into 2 problem! the first one is that my XSPC raza backplate 1156 doesn't fit because of some...
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    Asus p8z68 e.t.c 4xRAM problem like p45?

    hello! im about to receive my p8z68 and i was wondering, is this new h67/p67/z68 have problem with 4 ram slot populated ? anybody know? because my super stable q9400 with 2x2GB was really hard to get stable with 4x2gb (needed voltage and timing slacking) thank you
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    Easy fraud... CPU seal from intel BAD

    hello i just received my i7 2600k from NCIX. (not that i doubt them) and i just found that the boxing of processor is quite deficient , i mean i can remove the "factory seal" sticker with ease this mean that anybody malevolent could at any online store replace the CPU inside the box without...
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    Is this artifact .. my card is going down?

    hello after 24 hours of f@h well now my card does this in game: is this the end of my unlocked 6950 (RMA probably ship back locked )
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    6950 sound 2 monitors

    hello! i am checking online and trying to find information about my card, my setup is simple . i have ne 2 meter cable to a 26inch monitor with speaker , audio trough hdmi. now i also have my 42 inch tv pluged in with dvi --> hdmi but there is no sound of course.. what i am wondering is if...
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    new water cooling install some question

    hello, i just install a new ec system and i used EK fc-6970 on my XFX 6950 before on original fans the card all 3 sensor " gpu/memory/shaders" i think... anyway gpu would let say be at 50C and other 2 sensors would be at 52. Now with water i can get up to 15C difference between GPU and...
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    Water cooling advice ...

    Hello! i jsut received my tax return woohoo! free candy for me. so now i just ordered this from dazmode.com 4x 1/2" ID Tubing - Long Barb - BLACK NICKEL 4x 1/2"ID Tubing Hose Clamp 4x Barb Clamp for OD: 16mm (5/8") 'did not know if i should use 1/2 or 5/8) 1x EK-FC6970 Full Cover Block for...
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    PowerColor HD 6950 PCS++ BIOS

    Hi, i am searching for a PowerColor HD 6950 PCS++ BIOS (the one with 880mhz secondary bios and unlocked CCC) this bios is not in the database! also in theory i could extract the CC signature and apply it to my XFX 6950. thank you
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    OCZ DDR2 ReaperX pc2-6400 2X2GB @ 450mhz need help get lowest timing posible!

    Hello, i am using a c2q "q9400" oc'ed at 3600 using 450mhz X8 1.3v now i would like to get lowest posible memory timing at 450mhz (901ddr2) with my reaperX, i've read review site stating 4-4-4-12@450mhz but i cannot get my system to boot on this! , lowest i've got is 5-4-3-15 and trfc 60...
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    Asus P5Q-E + Revodrive + ICH10R + ATI/AMD 6950

    Hello, everything was working great until i got this new videocard which seem's to have a large Option rom to load.. compared to old nvidia 9800gtx+... now i cannot get ICH10R to work with this card, if i remove revodrive then i can get my ich10R, or if i put back old video card 9800gtx+ i...
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    how much can i sell my moded x850xt pe?

    not long ago i baught a x850 pro AGP vivo, was unlockable with bios, done so. also changed stock HS and use the salman cu0770 all copper HS with the ramsink flashed bios to PE now my card is a xt pe with beter cooling.. whats price can i get for this card? i am going to pci-e soon and...
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    Upgrading my pc soon need some advice.

    i am going to sell my old 2600+ with a videocard thats i have here 9200 vivo + 512 meg memory and the msi k7n2 mtb. so i keep my x850(moddedXT PE) AGP and i also keep 2 x 1gig OCZ performance my SB X-FI whats i need is something betwen both world going to AMD 64 i want a mtb thats will...