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    New 5800x.

    Today I've pull a trigger on the new hardware. 5800x and a Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite and I got those for a very nice price. Does anyone have Aorus Elite board? I've seen some reviews and it's a very decent board. Anything from Gigabyte owners to share?
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    LG 27GN950 brightness flickering

    Hi Everybody, I got a new monitor some time ago but I've noticed some strange things happening. The brightness is flickering sometimes in games or when I'm doing nothing. Adjusting the brightness sometimes helps but not always. I've read that the problem may concern the VRR and the range the...
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    i7 4770 with 5600XT

    Hey guys. What do you think about this configuration? 1440p and 4k gaming. Is the CPU a bottleneck? It is definitely at 1080p though. Thoughts?
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    LG 27UD69 UHD overclocking.

    Hi everybody. Does anyone here in the TPU have that exact monitor model and tried to OC it? If you did, I wonder how far were you able to push the refresh rate at 4k resolution. I been thinking about OCing myself and I shall try this but just wanted to know if anyone here gave it a shot and with...
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    2700x 2 vs 4 Ram modules

    Hi everyone. I was hoping to hear from people who have 2700x CPUs and have fiddled with the Ram OC and the number of modules used. I been wondering if you were able to achieve good OC with 4 modules. It would seem in my case, the 2 modules configuration gives me better OC potential than 4...
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    The new graphics quircks 5600XT/5700/XT/?

    I have bought 5600Xt pulse against my vega64 red devil due to the overwelming complain due to the stability of a gameplay due to the drivers. I havent noticed it to be honest but... I've had some problems. Not with the cards as it turened out but with the power supply. As you can see in my spec...
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    Sapphire RX 5600 XT Pulse

    Hi everybody. I've recently purchased the new graphics 5600 xt pulse. Just wanted to test some stuff with the new AMD graphics to see if there are truly problems with these cards. So far the card works ok by I've noticed something that is not correct with the card. The memory clock seems to be...
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    Red Devil Vega 64 problem

    Hi everybody. I've encountered a problem with my vega card. (See system specs) It would seem my screen goes black randomly. Now I can't even boot to windows. Tried reinstlling the driver but it goes black during installation. After few tries I can't get to the Bios now. I will try my PC with a...
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    5500 XT problem.

    Hi everybody. I've got a problem with one of my 5500 XT cards. I been using it with 3970X threadripper, 64 GB corsair vengeance ram, Asus TRX-40 pro Prime, Corsair AX850, Samsung 970 Pro 1TB. The problem is pretty weird. Computer boots to BIOS and I can see that everything is in order...
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    VNC use on a new hardware.

    Hi Guys. I've got two 3970x threadripper and basically everything is functional and these are awesome. Anyway, I'm trying to use VNC to connect remotely from another computer but.... When there is nothing connected to the 5500XT card in the TR, the screen is not showing anything. Also, if the...
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    Threadripper 3970X set up.

    Hi everybody. I'm getting two Threadrippers 3970X and just wanted to ask, what you guys think of the components? Would you have changed something or maybe you have inputs that may be useful for me? Components. Chieftec UNC-410S-B-U3 Noctua U14s TR4 sp3 Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600Mhz 4x16...
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    Vega 64 Adaptive sync

    Hi Guys. I've noticed something strange with WRC 7 Rally FIA game. I've played it for a while and since I had been testing some other Graphics cards I have removed my Vega 64 and went with other cards. All was with DDU installation of the drivers. Now when I play FIA 7 with adaptive sync on (in...
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    Asus Rog Ryujin 240 for Ryzen 2700x and/or 3900x

    Guys. First, I've been thinking about getting my ryzen 2700x some help with temps since I don't like heat and since my cpu and I are "best friends" it doesn't like heat either. I've been reading about the liquid coolers and I came up with this on in the title. I don't know much about other...
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    Antivirus needed

    Guys. Which Antivirus would you recommend? I've been thinking about these three options. Eset Nod32, Symantec, Kaspersky. Thoughts about the three or maybe a recommendation for a antivirus not listed? Thanks a lot.
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    2700x and temps.

    Hi everybody. Can owners of a 2700X tell me what temps they got in idle, gaming or during cinebench r20? I've noticed something weird with mine. the temp during sinebench shoots up to 85 degrees Celsius (checked on few different temp monitor apps). I'm sure this isn't correct especially when...
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    Computer got some beer inside the chassis.

    Hi guys. My colleague had an accident with his computer and beer. Some of the beer spilled and got into the computer. The computer was on and it did beeps and some of &*#&^%#(%^) sounds froze and then he pulled the plug. It's been drying for 2 days but from what he told me you can see the...
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    Ryzen 2700X + Mobo??

    Hi everybody. I'm getting a new ryzen 2700x and i was wondering what mobo to pick. There's a lot of motherboards in the market and I'm aiming for something good but not the top shelve. There's absolutely no OC involved in my new rig (pointless with Ryzen). What motherboard would you recommend to...
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    Monitors 4k

    HI. I'm looking for monitors with 4k res on variety of sites but I want to reach to TPU users which may give some feedback about which monitors are good etc. Also I was wondering, If I buy 4k 60Hz monitor and I would like to play 2k game. Would refresh rate of this monitor be 60Hz as in 4k? I...
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    Intel I7 4710HQ frequency

    Hi. I have noticed some stuff with my laptop recently. Well my video card is malfunctioning but i already know tht. I wanted to ask about the CPU. It has the speed step feature but the problem is that the frequency is always above 3.2 Ghz and vcore around 1.020v. Shouldn't it go down to 2.5Ghz...
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    Laptop Asus R510J video card GTX 850m problem

    Hey guys. This is a big one. No idea what's going on. Got an Asus laptop and Video card 850m and it's going nuts. after a while of using it I get a NVIDIA error, screen blinks and restores and so one till it crashes. Here are some photos which are crazy if you ask me. Any suggestions? Ideas...
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    GTX 780 TI graphics driver crash.

    Hi. I was wondering if anybody has ever had an issue with this card Gigabyte GTX 780Ti Windforce 1150/7000. I got the latest drivers from Nvidia(updated when I've noticed the issues hoping it would help) I have also used graphics driver uninstaller. Recently i have noticed that video card driver...
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    GTX 780 TI windforce OC and voltage

    Hi everybody. Normally users try to OC cards as much as possible pushing the card to its limits. I got slightly different approach which also involves clock speed and voltage. I would like to know what was the lowest voltage applied that You could achieve for the GPU to work. My GPU is operating...
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    CPU I7 3770K temps measurement

    Hi. I been looking at the afterburner and GPU measurements and noticed something with my CPU temps. Normally I was using speedfan to measure CPU temp. I have noticed that my temps jump so much when i use the core temp but the CPU temp isn't high. I started to be concern since afterburner showed...
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    ASUS GTX 670 direct CU boot problem

    HI. I have bought a card (used) as in title and it was all ok till today. I have left the computer for a 10 min when i get back its dead. Nothing on screen. Tried to restart several time but with no luck. Post code error says B2. I got asrock extreme 4 Z77. I have read it might be the bios...
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    Windows 10 HDD issues.

    Hi. I have read that windows 10 has a problem with HDD's. I have noticed a strange behavior with my Samsung 1TB black disk. It would seem that the disk is shutting down and you can hear constant clicks like it was waking up from a sleep state. When watching a movie it is most noticeable when...