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    Sapphire Vapor-X Tri-X OC R9 290 owners/gurus advice needed (please)

    Stay in afterburner. It should allow you to customize what you need. Start with a customs fan profile and work from here. This card is one of the best space-heater you can find, so it will always run on the hot side, but the performance it can deliver considering it's age is remarkable. Great...
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    Earnings Down

    Normal fluctuations here, at least for some weeks. Nothing worth mentioning.
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    R.I.P AMD 7950 2012-2021

    If money is tight, then just bake the card. Remove everything you can on the pcb, put it on a biscuit sheet, silicon chip dide up and on four small standoffs (small aluminium foil balls is what i use). Leave 10 minutes in a 375 °F pre-heated oven. Let it cool to room temp before trying to...
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    Asus RX 580 DUAL - burnt parts

    I don't think you can rebuild/repair that much damage on a pcb...
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    Flashed rx 480 to rx470 bios

    Take your card apart. Take pictures of the gpu chip and one memory chip after a bit of cleaning, the kind people who'll be able to help you will ask for them anyway. Be sure to have thermal paste and high purity alcool (closest to 100% you can get) on hand before starting the process. Advance...
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    NVIDIA Seemingly Begins Resupplying GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPUs

    Indeed. Paid 150 CAN$ each for eleven 1070 cards exactly one year ago. I could easily double my money now, if i was that kind of human. But i bought them to mine, so until they die mine they will!
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    Asus RTX3070 TUF OC: Can not flash new Bios

    First thing first: Why would you want to flash your card to begin with? And a friendly piece of advice: Enjoy your card as it is. Flashing and the potential trouble may be worth it when someone is mining or chasing world record, but in almost any other situation, it is not worth it.
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    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    They are profitable. The 570/580 are producing over 1,25 CAN$ each a day, while 1070s are more in the 1.05 range. The income my farm (800 MH/s) produce has more than double since the covid crash.
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    R9 290 won't boot with old motherboards - anyway to fix?

    After reading your post, the first thing that i would troubleshoot is the uefi bios. Try to have a 290 bios that support both legacy and uefi. You can probably test the vbios in the b450 motherboard, as it should have an option to play with/without legacy/uefi. Make sure you backup before...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition Pictured

    And judging the guy brings exactly what, debate wise? On point, i think the price of gaming experience is rising higher than inflation, at least here in Canada. Around 1440p 60 fps is doable on a budget (read used market here) but a new system will cost 1k, with around half being spent on gpu...
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    Post your Tiny Memory Benchmark results

    You should try to compare your memory using the same timings (ideally the same sticks). The Intel system is running tightier timings, this could explain at least some part of the difference...
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    Pump question

    One more MORA will maybe net you a couple degrees. Lowering your delta is gonna be difficult, since in my opinion you're definitely in diminishing return territory...
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    Suitable CPU for Nvidia quadro rtx 6000

    At first glance, everything seems to be ok. Unless your workload needs a lot of threads/ cpu power, you should be fine.
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    Need help finding a bios for KFA2 3090 to increase powerlimit

    Are you prepared to take him/her through the process? If you are, glad to see someone wanting to help. If not, then don't give this sort of advice...
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    Need help finding a bios for KFA2 3090 to increase powerlimit

    If you are afraid of bricking your card while flashing, you shouldn't think about it in the first place... Unless you have a good reason, and getting 4 fps more is not in my head, just enjoy your product as it is...
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    Nerfed FP64 performance in consumer GPU cards

    This is why the professionnal cards exists. Market segmentation.
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    Is Old Arctic MX-2 Thermal Paste Still Good Today?

    Never used anything other than a small dot on the die's center. More for a cpu, less for a gpu.
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    Is Old Arctic MX-2 Thermal Paste Still Good Today?

    I'm using the same 30g MX-2 syringe i bought many years ago. Never had a problem...
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    XFX RX 570 8GB XXX edition bios problem

    Did you use the amd pixel patcher? Use it before restarting after the driver installation finishes. I cannot help further, i'm just telling you what i did when i was faced with missing info in gpu-z... I can't explain why, but for me it did the job.
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    Mining BIOS repository

    I don't consider making 15$ a day a hobby.
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    Seagate Giveaway: Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB

    I need the Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB to replace an aging ssd while offering me space and performance.
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    X58-OC Choosing a Mainboard

    Let's not forget the assassin.g1 Just an awesome board, flies with any xeon, lots of usb3 and 4 pci-e x16. Just retired mine to replace it with a ryzen 3600. Lots of good memories!
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    Asus rx470 mining edition mines at 10mh/s after failed bios mod.

    Did you: -Use DDU in safe mode to remove all graphic drivers Then -Install the driver (blockchain or any other version) -BEFORE restarting run the atikmdag patcher (mandatory for any modded bios on amd cards) Then -Restart Then -Go activate the compute mode in the AMD radeon...