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  1. kastriot

    Nvidia 1070GTX flash bios for more hashrate, possible??

    Mining is dead, where you have been living last 6 months?
  2. kastriot

    In Win Launches 928 Super Tower case for $999

    If material was titanium then i wouldn't mind price.
  3. kastriot

    Random lag spikes after new rtx 2080 install

    RMA it again and tell them you want other brand not gigabyte.
  4. kastriot

    vide encoding very slow..

    Read this: https://github.com/linnovate/replay-infra/wiki/How-to-stream-Videos-and-TS-files,-and-also-manipulate-them-for-your-needs
  5. kastriot

    Help making crossfire work

    Crossfire is dead horse now and for DX12 multigpu games it's still early so just sell both and buy single gpu.
  6. kastriot

    gaming headphones and speakers at the same time realtek

    Install AIMP and you can select audio device in settings.
  7. kastriot

    flash msi air boost vega56>>>>vega64 (there is no way)

    If card is stable at default factory settings then there is no issue here.
  8. kastriot

    Best card for USD 1,500

    Read this: https://www.cgdirector.com/best-computer-3d-modeling-rendering/
  9. kastriot

    AMD Ryzen 9 3000 is a 16-core Socket AM4 Beast

    I predict here more than 100 comments ;)
  10. kastriot

    Formatting Question

    Don't forget to download and put all drivers for your mobo+gpu on usb stick depending on OS version.
  11. kastriot

    Apacer NOX RGB DDR4 All New Gaming Memory Hits the Market

    My guess is it hits the pockets too :)
  12. kastriot

    very slow nvme speed compared to my friend who has the same drive

    Can you test your nvme in friends mobo and if performs same you will know that drive has issues if not then it's rest of your PC.
  13. kastriot

    What is wrong with my Dell Ultrasharp LCD monitor?

    Try this and read comments:
  14. kastriot

    very slow nvme speed compared to my friend who has the same drive

    Download Intel ssd toolbox: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28674/Intel-Solid-State-Drive-Toolbox?product=35125 If possible see if you can free up at least 500GB on intel nvme then start application, select intel nvme and press "Intel SSD optimizer" button, wait until it finishes it...
  15. kastriot

    very slow nvme speed compared to my friend who has the same drive

    How much free space you have on intel nvme?
  16. kastriot

    Crypto Exchange Binance Hacked, $40M+ Stolen in Bitcoin

    LoL happy days, happy days.
  17. kastriot

    Logitech launches the G502 Lightspeed Mouse, Bringing Wireless to the Family

    Well i have 2 G502 still working strong after 5 years and don't need nothing more but this version is little bit expensive for 99$ it would me more appropriate.
  18. kastriot

    The Saga Of 'Star Citizen,' A Video Game That Raised $300 Million—But May Never Be Ready To Play

    I remember duke nuke forever when it was out people had vertigo for 2-3 day aftewr playing it for 15 min so yeah this one is same c**p.
  19. kastriot

    Noctua NH-U12A

    Best coolers on earth, more expensive ofc but with a reason, and for poop&vomit color who cares.
  20. kastriot

    AMD Radeon RX 3080 XT "Navi" to Challenge RTX 2070 at $330

    War.. war between brands and their supporters never change :)
  21. kastriot

    weird PC behaviour

    Tell me does this happens if you put gpu in white pci-e 16x slot?
  22. kastriot

    weird PC behaviour

    Buy one cheap UPS and configure it to shutdown PC in 1 min after power loss.