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    Buying X58 motherboard in 2017

    Hello, I just found an Asus Rampage III Formula motherboard (with one of black ram slots not working) and i7 950 for 420 TRY (110$). Would buying these parts make sense? Is it an acceptable upgrade from my A10-7850K? I have 3*4 12 GB DDR3 RAM, R7 260X GPU.
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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 3.55 GHz Overclock +Timelapse

    Timelapse to 3.4 GHz: After my Gammaxx 200 disaster, I bought Hyper T4 and overclocked my Q8400 to 3.55 GHz! Here are final BIOS settings: Here are AIDA64 Stablity Test Results:
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    Q8400 kinda overheating??

    Here are my Idle stats: Here are my 10 min stablity test results: Is there something wrong? I hit 70C. I have never overclocked. My specs are on my "system specs" dropdown menu. Its "2nd System"
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    Is my Hd 4850 Temps Safe??

    Hello guys i just bought HD 4850 for 30$ and i wondered how are my temps. Are they ok? I mostly play TF2 and my temps hit 85C at %40 fan. hd 4850 has got its original stock cooler. i bought this for my grandparents pc (see at system spec) but my hands arent on it so i test th is card on my...
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    2400 MHz on A88XM-A?

    Hello! My system's memory is 8 GB 1600 MHz. I want o upgrade this memory to that memory: Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231587&cm_re=Gskill_tridentx-_-20-231-587-_-Product Vatan Computer (Turkey's Newegg) (Use Goggle Translate If you don't know Turkish :) )...
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    How can I control 3-pin 80mm fan on A88XM-A?

    How can I control 3-pin 80mm fan on A88XM-A?
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    Will a GTX 460M (3GB, 192 bit) run today's games (BF4, Crysis 3)?

    Will a Asus VX7 run these games? Monitor is 1080p.
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    Will a HD 5800 run GTA V?

    My friend wants to play GTA V on HD 5800+Phenom II X4 945. Can he play GTA V?
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    How can I O.C. my GPU?

    Here's the GPUz Screen: Min Temp:38 C Max Temp:46 C