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  1. happita

    [FS][US] Intel i5 6500, 2x1TB WD Black HDDs, 2x4GB DDR3 GSKILL memory

    My heatware and ebay feedback are in my sig, please feel free to make reasonable offers. Free Shipping to the top 48 US only (Hawaii & Alaska not included). Paypal only. More details in PM. i5 6500 (non-k version) --- sold 2x4GB GSKILL Sniper DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 @ 1.25V (has never been tested)...
  2. happita

    No signal message from PC monitor. Help.

    New build: i5 7600k (CM 212 EVO) ASRock Z170 Pro4 MSI 1070 ti 8GBx2 Corsair DDR4 2400 14-16-16-31 Upon pushing the power button, all the fans start running (cpu fan, case fans, psu fans, video card doesn't until 60C but the red lights are on). However, the monitor comes up with a "no signal"...
  3. happita

    Doing a possible system swap. Worth it?

    Reason is that I bought a 1070ti for a steal and I'm pretty sure that my lowly 2500k will be bottlenecking it. I tried my friend's 1080 FE in my current system and Black Ops 3 was incredibly choppy with up and down spikes making it almost unplayable at 1080p even at low/mid settings. Looking to...
  4. happita

    Black Ops 3 spiking all over

    I used to run this game with mixed high/medium settings with a steady 70-80 FPS on a R9 290. I just got a GTX 1060 and I reformatted everything to start fresh. Installed the game and it plays from 20FPS - 120FPS. Extremely frustrating and almost unplayable because of the unbelievable spiking. I...
  5. happita

    Finally found a good GPU that's in stock

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAAM14R45884 Seems like as of late, retailers are always out of RX480 cards. I've been waiting since launch to be able to nab a third-party Sapphire or ASUS, but they're in the same boat as well, "out of stock". I've finally gotten to a point...
  6. happita

    Where are the RX 480 AIB cards?

    It seems like they are nowhere to be found. Nvidia's 1060 was launched almost 2 weeks after the RX 480 and it not only has retail availability, but their AIBs are up for grabs on Newegg. Fry's has 2 RX 480 reference cards on backorder. Microcenter doesn't have anything at all. AMD has nothing...
  7. happita

    [FS][US] Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC version 4GB (SOLD)

    I've never done a stress test on this thing, only gaming. Have never let it pass 80C with my fixed fan profile. The temps are after an hour of playing Battlefield 3 on 1080P ultra settings. It's able to go to 1030 core without a voltage increase and is stable (I never played with the voltages)...
  8. happita

    Sandforce SSDs. Where are they now??

    I haven't seen a single Sandforce-based SSD on the market in quite some time. They were some of the best/fastest drives in their heyday around 3 years ago. Did they go out of business?
  9. happita

    [FS][US] Pentium 3 933MHz/MB/RAM package, Windows 98 SE, various old school PC parts, 80mm/120mm fans, etc..

    All items in "like new" condition unless otherwise stated. I am the first owner and everything comes from a non-smoking & pet-free environment. All prices include shipping. I use USPS First Class shipping whenever possible. Some prices are negotiable. Heatware & ebay in my sig. 1x Windows 98...
  10. happita

    Giveaway Time: 2 GOG games (no reqs to enter!!!)

    Free games to me equals free games for you!!! Without delay, here is what I'm giving away. Oh cool, that rhymed :D The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Banished Requirements: Zero....again!!! However, games must be redeemed and activated by 12/15/15 or else I guess GOG locks...
  11. happita

    Need help concerning RAID 1 on an AsRock Z170 (/thread)

    I recently built a PC for a relative and I'm having doubts that I've installed RAID 1 properly on this system. I took some screenshots so you guys get a sense of the UEFI BIOS and what's inside. Specs: Intel Skylake 6500 ASRock Z170 Pro4 2x8GB DDR4 2400 2x1TB WD BLACK HDD Windows 7 Professional...
  12. happita

    Giveaway: System Shock 2 (GOG)

    This was a free gift to me from GOG after buying >$5 worth of stuff this year, so now I'm gifting it to you because I already have it :p Rules: Zero, nada, zilch, nil, nothing, none :) No more entries after Saturday 11/7/2015 at noon EST Drawing will happen on Saturday 11/7/2015 later that...
  13. happita

    New & quiet build suggestions

    Need some help picking out a few parts for a quiet build. The purpose will be mostly web-based surfing for someone who is going to start up a business for himself. I've went over with him a lot of the things he wanted so I will put that down here. Budget: $900 max (The cheaper, the better)...
  14. happita

    The Witcher save importing

    Ok, I just finished up The Witcher and I just couldn't wait more than a day before having to fire up Witcher 2. I kinda want to import my Witcher 1 save when starting a new game, but I'm given some weird saves which I have no idea what they mean. To summarize my game, I saved Adda during TW1...
  15. happita

    Anyone playing Mortal Kombat X yet?

    Since it's launch, I've been wanting to get Mortal Kombat X for PC, but I see soooooooo many people with a variety of problems from missing game modes, missing characters, and terrible online connectivity issues. My one friend plays it and has zero problems at 4K res, he said it's a great game...
  16. happita

    Any Intel Core M (Broadwell) laptops/tablets out there?

    I know the time is getting near or is now already, but are there any laptops that use Intel's new Broadwell CPUs? Thinking of getting a new lappy for school...I'm going back to college :toast: Or should I just wait for a Surface Pro 4 that will be around most likely next month along with Windows 10?
  17. happita

    System Shock 2 on Steam for $0.99

    One of my all-time favorite games. Do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up this gem for less than a $1, might as well be free. Was waiting for this to get to $1, and now my patience has paid off! :D I <3 flash sales
  18. happita

    Free Sim City 2000:SE on Origin

    Just like the title says. Get it, download it, keep it forever while the promotion is still here. Old school gamers rejoice :)
  19. happita

    Interested in some new thermal paste...suggestions?

    Just got an email from the egg with a 25% off coupon for thermal pastes. Since my Arctic MX-2 is running around a few more applications left in the little tube, I might want to re-up on some better stuff. This is the list that has the promotions, can someone tell me which one would be best for...
  20. happita

    [US] Newegg: Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce @ $549.99 w/ $50 gift card

    This is the best deal I've seen so far for this particular non-reference R9 290. Might be worthwhile to jump on it while it's still in stock. With the gift card, it effectively brings this cards price to $499.99 which isn't bad. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125500
  21. happita

    MSI Debuts the R9 290X Lightning at CES

    The 2 sources listed below have the most information regarding the specs this custom 290X is going to have with some sexy pictures to boot. Source: http://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/CES-2014-MSI-Previews-Radeon-R9-290X-Lightning Source...
  22. happita

    The first non-ref R290/R290X spotted

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125499 The prices are extremely inflated due to the crypto currency mining craze. I just sold my 5850, so I'm just running off my Intel IGP until prices lower to a...
  23. happita

    Buy any game at GOG.com and get The Witcher Enhanced Edition FREE

    The title says it all people. Get one of those old-school games you've always wanted to replay, but couldn't due to OS incompatibility and get The Witcher Enhanced Edition for FREE!!! Ends October 17th. GOG is the BEST!!!:toast: Source...
  24. happita

    Watch Dogs PC specs leaked

    http://www.nextpowerup.com/news/4091/watch-dogs-specs-leaked-for-pc-version.html Looks like the start of the new generation of required specs for upcoming games. It's about time games like Watch Dogs and BF4 started optimizing for 64-bit OSes! :toast: The hardcore PC gamer will finally...
  25. happita

    [FS][US] Radeon 5850/7950, 750GB HDD, 550W/750W PSUs, Sound Cards, 120MM/140MM fans...

    All items in "like new" condition unless otherwise stated. Everything comes from a non-smoking & pet-free environment. All prices include shipping. USPS First Class shipping used. Some prices are negotiable. Canon PowerShot SD960 w/ accessories - $65 80MM Kingwin fan - $3 80MM InWin...