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  1. Atnevon

    Why does nobody ever talk about the 10850k?

    I had a Z270 get damaged in moving so I took the small plunge to an 10850k and an Asus Prime Z490-A. Something in the process I noticed when researching is nearly every review but for maybe 1 on Gamers Nexus all spurge for the 10900k. Is it an Intel sponsered move? I can't figure it out. On...
  2. Atnevon

    Macbook Pro with 5600M experiences: Future-proofing before ARM comes?

    With the news of the ARM switch coming I am in an interesting position. With the release of the 5600M now available and a MUCH better option than the 5500M I am very solid to pick one up soon. Before the "you can get more for less" here is what I can address: I am a designer by trade and...
  3. Atnevon

    [FS/FT] Full i7-7700k System w/ GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, InWin 805 Infinity Case - $1,800

    Long time lurker, first time seller. I have accepted a new job in San Francisco and that means downsizing as much as I can. Sadly, I believe I need to part with my desktop I built for Mass Effect Andromeda this past March 2017. Its been a great rig but with new adventure comes changing pace...
  4. Atnevon

    Z270 MSi m7 Board and a Corsair RM750...wheres the 4 pin?

    Hey gang, So I am builind a new rig and moving the power supply I got less than 2 years ago over. However I noticed something. There is an 8 pin (blue) and an 4 pin (pink). So, is it possible that the pwer supply does not have the proper cables or fit to make this work? I hope this was not...
  5. Atnevon

    What is the quietest (or fan modifiable) 240mm closed loop cooler you know or have?

    So im awaiting Ryzen like many others to arrive. Im planning on this build having a closed loop cooling system, however, I really want it quiet. I hear the corsairs are quite noisey and looking at many reviews there seems to be a great deal of. selection. Im the time to pass I was wondering...
  6. Atnevon

    Dust off your bookmarks, help with an x58 overclock!

    So I magically came into possession of a new 1080 founders and I am THRILLED! (replacing my 780ti in all its glory) However, I suspect my i7 950 is a little bottlenecking in some of the games in keeping me from clicking everything over to ultra and watching the beauty. So I decided in the...
  7. Atnevon

    Removing the plastic insert on founders cards, beneficial?

    Im curious if any of you have removed this piece of plastic from your cards. I can see it help POSSIBLY channel the air to the back, but, wondering if pulling this out would help with the right airflow. Anyone done it?
  8. Atnevon

    Up'ing from a i7 950 to a 6800k. Boards? Ram?

    Hey folks, So I'm looking to up from my i7 950 to a 6800k possibly. In looking I know I want a decent board to handle that, a GTX 980 that replaced an RMA's 780ti (looking to get an extra for SLi TOPS), and upgrading from the 840 EVO to a M.2. I do a mix of gaming, Video Edits, Photoshop (Which...
  9. Atnevon

    [WTB][US] 780ti EVGA SC ACX 2.0

    So I was thinking of picking up a second card now that some folks are trying to git rid of them. If you have an EVGA 780 Ti SC with the ACX cooling I would certainly be interested.
  10. Atnevon

    Matching Screen sizes: looking for 1080 to match a 1440

    Hey Gang, I have a Dell 27" at 2560x1440 that is a joy to have. I have been holding out an old TN Samsung screen that is finally biting the dust and I'm looking now to finally replace it. I realize another 27 would be great but I'm ok with a screen a tad smaller for now. So question, what size...
  11. Atnevon

    NAS vs non-NAS drives: a TL;DR in normal rigs?

    So I got 2 hard drives lately. HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5-Inch 4TB 7200RPM SATA III 64MB Cache Internal Hard Drive Kit (0S03664) and Toshiba 3TB Internal Hard Disk Drive - 3.5" Form Factor, SATA III 6 Gb/s, 7,200 RPM, 64MB Buffer - HDKPC08 One is reserved for my work rig, and the other for my...
  12. Atnevon

    Do 10-bit monitors require a Quadro/Firepro card?

    I cannot seem to find a simple answer to this question! Anyway. So I found in my next display search, some talk brewing over whether a monitor is a true 8-bit vs 10-bit. Take these Dell Panels for instance: Dell U2713HM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0ZX1AJ7781 Dell U3014...
  13. Atnevon

    Sick of PS3Mediaserver, need a HDMI card

    So this will hopefully be a simple question. I think I already know the answer, but, let me run it to ya'll. So I am sick of PS3mediaserver not working with my Xbox lately. The 55" plasma is fairly close to my rig, and I just want to run an HDMI into my receiver from a card. In my head, this...
  14. Atnevon

    Multiple Xboxes in one house, same networkm one profile

    Hey Guys, So I am interested in taking advantage of the 699 laptop and Xbox deal with a twist. I know you cant have a single profile float on multiple boxes. However, would this be a workaround: Have the boxes set with the same Static IP, but never will they be on at the same time. If so...
  15. Atnevon

    Buying a US Win7 for use in Hungary

    This is a bit grey for me to explain, but, is it possible to take a US version of Win 7, and send it to a buddy in Hungary. It would be a new install. (I know there are European copies as well, and I have a bud that has a TechNet subscription that can get access to one if needed) Looking up...
  16. Atnevon

    Raid 0 Recovery Curveball

    Hey Everyone, So, I had someone leave an older XPS laptop with me, and turns out that the second drive of its RAID 0 setup is messing up somehow. Now, I have a few ideas of how to correct this, but, also, wonder what would be the best way to go about it. First and foremost is recovery...
  17. Atnevon

    No more PS3, need a good Media Server for 360

    Hello Folks, Well, the title says all. I no longer have a PS3 handy for a media server. I had PS3MediaServer for it, and it was gold. Now I'm back on a 360, and I am having trouble getting a good Media Streamer to Work. Windows Media crashes/freezes to much, Orb didn't work, TVersity is...
  18. Atnevon

    Xbox 360 HDDVD used as external drive

    So one of my friends needs to reinstall Leopard, but, the only external DVD drive I have is my 360 HDDVD drive. (their Optical drive went kapoot :nutkick:) I have read some saying it works as a drive, its just not able to read HDDVDs. But thats not a biggie to me. Just able to read as an...
  19. Atnevon

    Win7 Drive Died, need a good Single Platter replacement

    Hey Everyone, I had my main hard drive go bad, so Now I'm looking to replace it. I'm running on my old XP drive for now, so at least I have a crutch to wobble on until the new drive to replace the Win7 x64 one. I looked around and found these 2 drives, and wonder if anyone has...
  20. Atnevon

    i7 vs Low Power CPUs

    So here is a gander, I keep looking at charts for performance in CPUS, GPUS, Hard Drives, Power Supplies, and I cannot for the love of me find a good chart to that shows good performance per electricity comparison. I can easily on Hard Drives and GPUs though. Hmmm. (btw, TPU reviews have...
  21. Atnevon

    Using Ubuntu to recover from an OSX drive

    Hello TPU, So I have had little experience diving into Ubuntu. With not so great results, but did enjoy the ability to have control. One of my friends has a hard drive that is not booting correctly in their iMac. I want to try and recover the data with my compy, but as we know, Windows...
  22. Atnevon

    Green Computing: Need help with topic research

    Hello Everyone. As strange as this sounds, I am doing my senior Graphic Design thesis on technology, and how it affects artist and designers. What I want to focus on is our computers. I simple things like having an auto sleep/shut down are easy steps for energy conservation. I'm not...
  23. Atnevon

    Gettig gdata from an OSX drive, and needing facts.

    Hey Guys, I just have a few questions before I try this, though I do not believe it will be a huge problem. My friends iMac I think has a dying Hard Drive. On boot, it just sits at the grey screen, and goes no further. I am not familiar with the BIOS ends of a Mac system. So first thing is...
  24. Atnevon

    Can I run a XP VM with my XP drive on a seperate disk?

    Hey Guys, So I actually have a need to use an XP Virtual Machine in Win7. I currently have 2 hard drives. One running 7, the other XP. My XP drive has a program that I need to run, but, I don't want to reboot just to get to it. Is there a way to set up the VM to run that copy off the...
  25. Atnevon

    Strange Firefox glitch (in XP only?) with wallpaper

    Hey All, So i was using a compy in the lab today, and of course since the school is cheap they are still running XP and the ugly fisher price UI. Anyway, if you notice in this screenshot, there seems to be a tearing of the window, in this case, firefox, where the wallpaper seeps through...