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  1. stanhemi

    Help DVD player Cant Read Disc

    My sister gave me a dvd player (new)but she told me she format the dvd by mistake I dont understand exactly what she means and I cant call her.Anyway Now the DVD do not recognize ANY disc I flash the firmware from 1.00 to 2.00 and now 1.01 still dont works LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22NS30...
  2. stanhemi

    [WTB] Motherboard

    I live in Canada hello I would like to buy a motherboard for my Q9550 I broke a pin on the socket so I need another motherboard I am looking for a Gigabyte EP45 UD3P or ASUS P5Q-e or something similar I don't want nvidia chipset and should be able to clocked my quad to 4000MHz let...
  3. stanhemi

    wcg points fluctuations

    Why the daily points fluctuated so much on WCG #1: Sometimes WCG/Boinc has server problems and goes down. This will cause you to lose work. #2: This allows cached units to age. Due to this aging the ratio of turn-in to approval time is somewhat less. Solution: set your cache (device...
  4. stanhemi

    Sapphire 4870 1G volt mod(software)

    Hi i have 2 sapphire 4870 1g and i want to increase my core voltage. What is the best software i can used (rivatuner and voltage factory don't work) I think it not the reference pcb and i guest i need to mod my bios.:eek: Here a pic of my card Thanks
  5. stanhemi

    [WTB] Mosfet cooler

    Hi i'm looking for a mosfet cooler for my asus p5q-e enzoTech mst-81 or similar product make me a offer. I live in canada and i pay with u.s money order thanks i have a heatware stanhemi.
  6. stanhemi

    weird Electricity bill

    Ok i open this thread to compare my folding rig electricity bill to other (el fiendo and other tpu members are welcome) first to make a long story short my previous electricity bill was around 200-250$ for 52-55 day.Today i got my new bill 560$ for 52 day.I use around 2500 kwh now the new...
  7. stanhemi

    [WTB] Swiftech MCW30

    Has to ship in Canada.I need a swiftech mcw30 and a reservoir. i pay with a money order My heatware: i only have 2 comment (both positive from tpu members) http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=65471 Thanks
  8. stanhemi

    HD 4850 bad pencil mod

    hi i just pencil mod my sapphire hd4850 the gpu pencil mod work great but when i did the one for memory all of sudden my pc won't boot at all.i remove my pencil mod with an eraser ,and now my pc startup but won't boot and my gpu fan turn at full speed,no signal to the monitor??? sounds like...
  9. stanhemi

    Bios Wanted

    hi I'm looking for a X 1650 pro (RV535) 512mb agp power color bios,but can't find it,power color never reply to my email.I Want the original bios if somebody have this card or know where to get it that will be appreciate.thank
  10. stanhemi

    [WTB] Need good Waterblock

    hi i am looking for a 775 socket waterblock whit 3/8" barb fittings,complete(backplate,fitting). I'm looking for a apogee gt or gtz,EK waterblock,d-tek.something better than a thermaltake or zalman (lol).I'm in Quebec Canada and every single time i go to the store to buy stuff for my...