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    6770M spreads its wings!

    Thanks to w1zzard for allowing my card to be set to: For 24/7 operation. At a squeeze it can do 900/1125 and score just under 1800 in 3dmark 11: http://3dmark.com/3dm11/1148877
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    What size bios should I have 6770M GDDR5?

    ATIflash and GPU-Z both extract 64KB bioses from my board. RBE warns that these could be too small (my card uses GDDR5). Here is a screenshot of the extracted bios (left) a 6670 Desktop (same chip but on desktop) and a forced dump of a hex value 20000...
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    GPU-Z and HD6770M

    Couple of things. The HD6770M has only 8 rops, not 16. Also when capturing the bios it only extracts the first 64KB. This is a GDDR5 card and the desktop version (6670) has a 128KB bios so I think this should too.
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    Same problem as Ket had a while back, flash chip not supported by ATIFLASH

    My cards (asus eah5670) have a PM25LV010 chip that is not supported by ATIFLASH, any ideas if there is a program that does?
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    Can support for the HD 4770 be added?

    RBE can't access the 3d clocks of the bios. Cheers :toast:
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    Stuck until a new version?

    RBE can't access the 3d clock settings on an HD 4770 bios and no tools can overclock either of the cards when they are in crossfire. Am I stuck until a new version of RBE comes out? I have tested each card and know what they can safely reach.
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    Can support be added....

    For the mobility x600? I have had this chip up to 600/300 and would love to have memory timing controls, any chance of this happening?