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    Amulet Hotkey Provides Unprecedented GPU Density for HUT 8 Mining

    from hut8 website from google images meh.
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    Rumor: AMD Rembrandt APUs to Feature Zen3+, RDNA2 Architectures - Up to 12 CUs

    Finally (hopefully) no more vega crap -_-!!!
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    UMC Investing $3.6 billion on 28 nm Manufacturing Capabilities Amidst Worldwide Semiconductor Shortages

    28nm? can I get a new Nexus 5 then? (but with a bigger battery plz ;) )
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    Cooltek Skall

    uhm.... quiet a few similarities with antec p70
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    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a Major Performance Boost

    The windows recovery, that creates windows.old as a means to do a refresh, Apologies if its not recovery the one generating it, and if this is the case, can anyone explain me how Recovery/Refresh works on win10?¿ I already moved user folders, as for pagefile... i dont know what to do with it...
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    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a Major Performance Boost

    Well mr ******* thing to do, first I care shit for a recovery option inside a software that should not broke in the first time, and second as i said the thing keeps writing shit to my ssd, and i dont see a way (ehem... symlink?) to move that shit to another drive, so if you are going to gift me...
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    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a Major Performance Boost

    hmmm... will try later with another hard drive.... but i swear that thing didnt work in 10240, nor did in insider 105somethingidontremember <.< MEMORY COME TO ME!.... aaaahhh yeah, i also did not like how the new recovery works, especially when in Insider, that things keeps doing windows.old...
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    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a Major Performance Boost

    Did they remove the fucking stupid thing about updating drivers automatically?? if not.... w10 is real bs
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    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    well I agree with you in that, they are not x86 cores. so in context, that is what we are buying, an x86 cpu that has n ammount of x86 cores, as those are not x86 cores by their own... well thats it for me :)
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    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    *cof* *cof* module= core and the integer cores= excution units?? But those integer cores have an alu, a control unit, and registers, and L1 caches... sooo they are microprocessors on their own...... arent they? <.< i starting to fuck up my brain
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    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    nono im not talking about big.little, those are 8cores, with 4 that have more resources and work faster, and 4 that are more... littles :) . anyway, if its an 8 core chip, you should be able to power gate those true 4 cores, and let the other 4 online, if they are full complete cores they...
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    AMD Dragged to Court over Core Count on "Bulldozer"

    cof cof im not reading the whole comments, and i doubt someone will read mine. Just in case no one mentioned it, what happens with this 8 core arm processors that some companies are advertising while there are in fact 4 cores + 4 cores gpu, i mean, they are "cores" but hey! they are not the cpu...
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    Streacom F12C

    No thermals test, no noise test... more like a comment on what check boxes it fills than a full review....
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING G1 (Intel LGA-1151)

    http://www.techpowerup.com/151477/creative-rolls-out-sound-blaster-soundcore-3d-quad-core-pcie-sound-cards.html "Alongside the Recon3D external audio device for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Creative announced its latest line of PCI-Express sound cards. It's curtains for the X-Fi...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-GAMING G1 (Intel LGA-1151)

    Ugly board indeed, and gigabyte software has been in the wrong side of the line for quiet some time by now.-
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    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming Golden Edition

    zotac card!.... oh no look its an msi :O ( rose edition looks good :P )
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    Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming 2 GB

    this card makes my 770 feel a little bad....
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    GIGABYTE Unveils GeForce GTX 970 Twin-Turbo Graphics Card

    Throw away that dvi, and give me more exhaust space! :S
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    CM Storm Mizar Gaming Mouse

    +2 dpi under wheel
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    CM Storm Mizar Gaming Mouse

    long life to IME 3.0!!!!.... that said, i would like to simply repaint mine and change the sensor for one of those avago thingies :p
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    Giada Launches Compact i200 Mini-PC

    nice looks, nice ports layout... (meh at serial <.<), but as Parn said.... nothing new here.... maybe the IR power on.... but just that. Automatic power on when connected to power: bios feature... meh Automatic restart after system crash: software/hardware watchdog.... meh Scheduled power...
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    MSI Z97A Gaming 6 its First Motherboard to Feature USB 3.1 Type-C

    dvi...... that ugly thing should have disappeared long time ago -_-, vga too, but i think that its so dirty cheap that it wont happen.... as for usb 3.0/3.1 and usb type-c connector, all of the usbs on a motherboard should be 3.0 as for now, and start migrating them to 3.1 by this time...
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    ASUS Announces Xonar U3 Plus External DAC with Headphones Amp

    nice to see dat ancient windows is supported !:clap: