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  1. Easo

    Simply new computer

    Hello, TPU community! Today is the day I am starting to put together 4th computer in my life, and this one will not be prebuilt. Budget is ~1.5k EUR, but can vary, and its possible that monitor and GPU will be pulled for few months from the old PC. Probably everything will be bought from 1a.lv...
  2. Easo

    MSI makes core unlocking official!

    http://www.msi.eu/unlockcore/ As you can see, on select motherboards with 785G chipset, they are officialy "allowing" us to unlock the blocked Phenom II x3 cores. Now, i wonder, what AMD will say? P.S. I hope those are not old news o_O
  3. Easo

    GPU-Z Translation: Latvian

    STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_SENSOR_CORE_CLOCK "Rāda reālā-laika GPU frekvenci.\n\nSensoru lapā (šī vērtība) tiek attēlota pašreizējā frekvence, galvenajā cilnē tiek rādīta 3D veiktspējas frekvence." IDS_SENSOR_MEMORY_CLOCK "Rāda reālā-laika atmiņas frekvenci.\n\nSensoru lapā (šī vērtība)...
  4. Easo

    Ubuntu/Kubuntu 9.10

    So, timer on both pages changed from 1 day to Coming Soon. Who is waiting them? And what do you expect from them? Will they be able to compete against Win 7? (Yes, its provacotoric (sp?) question).
  5. Easo

    New way to cool 4850...

    So, i bought a FEV (or whatever it is called) heatsink for 4850/4870 from Zalman using one of best internet magasines in Latvia (they never had let me down). It arrived together with my two fans, Asus Triton-88 (roflcopter) and multi-flash card reader... I was surprised, when on package was...