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  1. minstreless

    PBT vs doubleshot PBT... Which one is more durable?

    I tried looking through the big world wide web, even reddit, for an answer to this, but they all refer to their wikis/FAQ that doesn't answer the question, putting me back to square 1.... And when i try searching for an answer, i get a gazillion ABS vs PBT-links, but nothing that answers my...
  2. minstreless

    Will PBT doubleshot keycaps fit on my Corsair Gaming Strafe keyboard + additional question(s)...

    I tried googling this, but i got more confused than a clear answer, but i gotta ask 2 questions: 1: Will PBT doubleshot keycaps fit on my Corsair Gaming Strafe keyboard with MX Silent Red-switches? What do i need to look out for in order to see if the keycaps will fit my keyboard or not? I ask...
  3. minstreless

    Streaming outdoor in ice cold temperatures. Any advices?

    So. I will be doing a couple of streams outdoor this winter for experimental purposes. I live in a place in north of europe where the winter temperatures often go down to about -30C (-22F), so i understand that this will be quite the...challenge, but it sounds way too interesting, intriguing and...
  4. minstreless

    How to increase the wifi bandwidth/connection to my neighbors place?

    I would like to extend my network so my neighbor gets better reception/connection/bandwidth. He borrows my wifi when he is working at home. Some generic info about our situation: - I have already an Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite at my place, but it's juuust too weak to cover the majority of his...
  5. minstreless

    How do i change my quicklaunch/taskbar background color?

    I want another color than this, but when i view the panel where i can change colors for different things, i cannot find anything that lets me change the color for this particular thing... Any ideas on how i can do that?
  6. minstreless

    What causes MPC to go somewhat "gray" when entering fullscreen, but all good and normal when windowed?

    Here's a video sample to show what i mean: (pardon for the shaky crap) I am running Media Player Classic on a desktop Windows 7. Any ideas how i can fix this, or?
  7. minstreless

    Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5... which one should i get?

    I am only planning to use it for my pc, ps4, xbox and laptop... but which one should i go for? i need a 10m (32ft) long cable because that is how long the fiber router is away from my pc... does it matter if i go for cat5e or cat6..? My fiber speed is 50/50mbps, so i am good to go with a cat5e...
  8. minstreless

    How to control fan speed? They are quite loud!

    I installed some Noctua 140mm fans replacing the stock fans in my FD R6 case, and although the 3 fans are running, the 2 in the front are quite so loud compared to the back fan, but i cannot change their speed in any way! I tried going into bios, but when i put to silent, it didn't change the...
  9. minstreless

    Should i keep distance between the sata drives or it doesn't matter?

    Some centuries ago, i was told that i should always have some "space" between the drives, but does that still apply now, or? Here is how my current setup is, and as you can see, i have some space between each drive. The OS drive is not shown, as that is placed elsewhere. Should i keep having a...
  10. minstreless

    Are the default fans in Fractal Design R6 better than my Noctua-fans?

    On my FD R6, i have 3x 140mm fans (2 in front, 1 back) that came with the case. Are those fans better and more importantly; more quiet than the fans i have available for mounting: - 3x Noctua 140mm NF-A14 PWM - 2x Noctua 120mm NF-S12A PWM - 1x Noctua 120mm NF-F12 PWM Should i change the...
  11. minstreless

    My Chrome keeps shutting off all of a sudden with no warning...

    Somehow, imy chrome browser keeps on shutting off on its own without any warnings or so when I am downloading larger files (1gb+)... I also have youtube running in the background while I am doing casual browsing. I have no AV running. When i restart the browser, it asks if i want to resume the...
  12. minstreless

    Possible to disinfect/clean an infected file?

    I have a file that got about 10 hits for malware etc. when i ran virustotal scan. Are there any online services that offers to clean that specific file, or will it simply delete it whatsoever if i perform a scan on/offline?
  13. minstreless

    What do you use to scan & "clean" your PC for viruses/malware nowadays?

    Before, i used to run Malwarebytes and then Combofix, but combofix doesn't support windows 10, apparently? So... what guides you use now to clean your pc for infections, malware etc.? I have malwarebytes, but what else do i need? Thanks.
  14. minstreless

    How to improve my wifi in my garage?

    I have a router, an asus rt ac66u, and whenever i go to the garage, which is like a couple of meters away from my house, the signal quality = close to zero... HOW can i improve the signal quality? I have tried moving the router as close to the nearest wall as possible in the house, but to no...
  15. minstreless

    Possible to adjust the height of the monitor arm in any way?

    So, i have this monitor arm that i wish to use, but i would love to adjust the HEIGHT of the arm holding a monitor, as in rise the arm higher... but there's a warning label saying "Please DO NOT turn the screw counterclockwise!" ... Isn't that part of the arm meant to adjust height angle of the...
  16. minstreless

    When i turn off my monitor, it switches desktops to my other screen automatically! How to prevent that?

    I have 4 screens where 1 of them is a big screen i use for watching youtube, movies etc., but when i turn off my main screen, a samsung 32CJG50, it switches the desktop to my big monitor.... really annoying when that happens. Is there a way to prevent that from happening? If so, how do i do it...
  17. minstreless

    Whole PC is stuttering/laggy/choppy... how to fix?

    Ok, so at first i thought it only happened when watching youtube videos, but everything else is also being rather stuttering/choppy... How do i fix this? I just added a 1440p screen to my pc... it's my only 1440p screen, so can that be the reason for it, or? Here's a video how it looks like...
  18. minstreless

    Help/advise needed to fix a monitor + remove a piece of dust inside the screen!

    So. I bought Samsung C27JG5x for $50 cuz according to the owner, the monitor's back part is not entirely in place. So, i decided to buy it... Now, is it fixable, or? If so, any advises on how i go around to do so? Another problem occurred when i was setting up the monitor, and it's the fact...
  19. minstreless

    How to display ip address for a pc in cmd?

    So, when i type ping pc-name in cmd (windows 10), it displays the long ipv6 instead of an ip address... How do i get ipv6 to show up as a regular ip4 ip address? Just wondering. Still a bit new with the whole ipv6 etc.
  20. minstreless

    Most quiet PSU alternatives? Is 1000W overkill?

    With black friday coming up, I am trying to look for a QUIET PSU that i should go for. Last year, EVGA Supernova G3 1000W was cheaper than the G3 550W... so yeah, now i wanna be prepared to snatch one if it comes up for an offer. Budget: €100'ish 1: What alternatives do i have for this? My...
  21. minstreless

    Cheaper alternatives to 5700 XT Red Devil / Nitro+ that will fit my purposes? Details inside.

    So. I have pretty much decided on my next PC build, but i am not sure which GPU to go for that fits my purposes below -and- one that will last a good while for me, since i am not one who upgrades frequently. Maybe in 4-5 years i will upgrade parts of my pc again. Someone recommended me to make a...
  22. minstreless

    Seeking help/advises to buy a new 1440p+ 27~30+" monitor for streaming, video/picture editing and casual gaming...

    I need 1 new monitor now that will fit for my tasks below AND that will be a massive improvement of my current screens; BenQ G22... What the screen will be used for: My main job is to deal with a lot of voices (voiceovers etc.), so i work a lot with sound, video and picture editing. I also...
  23. minstreless

    Any experiences with BenQ XL2411P monitor?

    I am considering to go for that monitor seeing that a local store are selling it for about $80. Would it be worth it, or? I know it looks rather "bulky" and ughh, but it seems like it would work well for my purposes; easy streaming, video/picture editing, interwebs and some casual gaming. Any...
  24. minstreless

    Red "dots" on 1 of my monitors... How to fix? (Video)

    Okay... after my annoyance over the previous "new" AOC screen, i got fed up with it and threw it out. I put back the monitor that was there before, but now, it has these red dots all over the screen! Check a video i did of them here: These red dots are only visible on 1 monitor. I have 4...
  25. minstreless

    How to "normalize" the color of my PC screen so it is not so "blue"?

    I have a new monitor that i've setup, but the color of the screen is very unnatural and rather "blue"... I've tried to fiddle with the screen settings on the screen, but it didn't help. What setting is it that i must adjust/fix in order to get the color of the screen to somewhat match the screen...