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  1. Agility

    Suggestions on build

    Hey guys, it's been 7 years since i last changed my computer. Current specs can be viewed. As i am currently running 1080Ti, would be porting over my GPU to the new system. Prices are in SINGAPORE DOLLAR. USD to SGD = 1USD to 1.32SGD (Based on the lowest money exchange rates in my country)...
  2. Agility

    Multi-bootable USB

    Hey guys from TPU, couldn't find any specific thread pertaining to the question asked on title. As mentioned, I'm trying to create a bootable USB, but with many specifics boots available. I've been trying to create one with multiple boot device including one that enables me to run Windows 10...
  3. Agility

    Should i make the jump?

    Post #1 Hello fellow TPUs, I'm currently looking forward to getting a 1080Ti GPU as my R290 is getting outdated (Even having problems running at medium settings in latest games). It may also be due to the fact that i'm running on a 1440P monitor , which requires much more processing power...
  4. Agility

    R9 290 Crossfire to 1080/1070

    I believe this question has been asked a multiton times. Don't want to create another thread to be asking "silly" questions. I'm currently running R9 290 in crossfire, and have been thinking of selling them to buy a GTX 1080. I currently run at 1440P and am kinda sick of tired of running...
  5. Agility

    Watercooling of R290

    See my specs for full details I am currently running a dual R9 290 Crossfire. Coolers are stock and temperatures are at 95 degree when running. The fan noisy as hell and thinking of changing it to AIO. Upon using the sexy google search online, i was surprised to find that companies have...
  6. Agility

    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    An epic RPG with turn-based combat, cooperative/competitive multiplayer; sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, Gamespot's PC Game of 2014. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/larianstudios/divinity-original-sin-2 Anyone interested in getting the $90 pack (4x Original Sin 2) which gives a much...
  7. Agility

    [SOLVED] Computer won't go past loading into OS

    My computer simply wouldn't boot into the OS via CD, Hard Disk or External Thumb Drive. 1. Rams - Tested Perfectly Fine. Both sticks single and dual channel were able to boot up when it was chucked into my brother's computer (He's running a Z77 Mobo). 2. Graphics - Each individual card booted...
  8. Agility

    5.1 Audio Splitter / Difference in 5.1 Digital Vs Analog Headphone experiences?

    Hey guys, Its been awhile since i've posted. However, i never failed to look at techpowerup in my daily dosage of internet news. And so, here comes the problem. I'm looking to buy a Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Analog and another 5.1 speakers (undecided as of now). Problem is, i require a splitter that...
  9. Agility

    Deus Ex: HR (Steam)

    Hey guys, as I'm lacking (actually impatiently) new FPS to play, I've decided to go back and replay deus ex. However, the game is pretty bugged and googling only came up with solutions for integrated graphics or nvidia users. Can't find any solution for my current problem. Currently...
  10. Agility

    Creative Driver issues

    Hey guys, I have a Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatality Professional soundcard (http://sg.store.creative.com/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-recon3d-fatal1ty-professional/1-20886.aspx) Whenever i'm using Skype or any games that has VOIP, my 5.1 gets haywired (E.g Rear Left jumps to center and center...
  11. Agility

    Latest Windows 7 Professional 64bit download?

    Sup guys, is there any possible way that we consumers can download the latest Win 7 Pro 64bit with SP1 pre-installed? I'm getting annoyed by the fact that whenever i format my computer, i have to do this process of 1. Update 2. Restart Computer 3. Updates.....again! 4. Restart Computer...
  12. Agility

    6950 or another 5850 CF?

    Hey guys, I'm gonna award myself with a new graphics card. However, right now i've heard that a 5850CF can beat a 6950 single card. Point is, if i were to upgrade to a 6950, it would actually mean my 5850 is rendered useless. I know people will point out saying get a 6950 first and another the...
  13. Agility


    Any chances my processor is the culprit of bottlenecking? Currently running on 1920X1200 resolution with a 4830 @ 750/1005 mhz Processor is a 6420 @ 2.13Ghz clocked to 3.2Ghz When the 5870 comes out, getting it seems to be my second option due to my processor. True?
  14. Agility

    Companies LCD Dead Pixel Policy

    I've decided to make this thread because it's a hassle to find each companies policy on thier monitors. Some are also hard to find in thier particular website. In google, most of the search for "LCD dead pixel policy" comes up non-updated ones. (E.g 0 dead pixel policy from samsung and Philips...
  15. Agility

    Choice of LCD to choose.

    Hi guys. I'm planning to buy another monitor. I'm on a tight budget of $600 yet wants the best of it. My local online distributor has a list of them. I'm looking on 24inch - 25.5inch. http://www.thepotterhouse.net/livestore/default.php?cPath=53_197 - 20inch - 24inch...
  16. Agility

    Another 4830? Or get the 4770

    CrossfireX 4830+4770? Sup folks. As recently i've had my 2900XT replaced with a 4830. (Yes that sucks because the 4770 came out a month later after that :mad:. Could have asked asus to replace it with 4770). I'm looking to go crossfire. Since the 4770 is just $20 more expensive then then 4830...
  17. Agility

    Symptoms of Blackscreen

    What are the possibability of blackscreening during gaming? I'm having some sorta problems. 1. Sometimes my screen just turn black, music hangs and plays repeatedly. 2. When it occurs, my computer sometimes restart by itself. Sometimes i have to do a hard reset. 3. Details in event view logs...
  18. Agility

    HD2900XT vs HD4830

    Guys..... I'm getting a replacement card of a 2900XT to HD4830. Reason being my graphics card can't be repaired by asus, and they're sending me a 4830 instead. Is it even worthwhile? If it's a 4850 i wouldn't mind but....4830?
  19. Agility

    Computer locking up.

    :( Something's wrong with my computer. It started to happen 2 days ago. Whenever i open a 3D game, (E.g TES4 - Oblivion, Mirror's Edge, L4D) my computer locks up after a few minutes. I've checked everything. Fan on GPU is spinning, temperatures are running ok. Even after formatting my computer...
  20. Agility

    Resolution vs Inch

    Ok folks. Here comes the question. As i know the higher the inches are, the higher the resolution display can be. However, a standard 24inch monitor can display up to 1680 X 1050 and some 1920 X 1200/1080. However i've seen monitors with just an increase of 2inch (26inch) display up to 1920 X...
  21. Agility

    Handphone selection?

    Man i'm having some problems choosing between the LG KS20 and LG KU990. Yeah both great phone but there's never a perfect one. Problem is, i'm looking for a touch-screen phone which is stylish yet full of features. Camera wise i'm not bothered with but if there's a decisive which one willya...
  22. Agility

    What the heck...

    Who knows how to get rid of this piece of shit... ic an't ctrl+alt+delete to see what exe it's running. God damn irritating
  23. Agility

    Dead 2900XT?

    To start off with, i loaded up stalker.:eek: Load a game and the game crashed. As i was configuring stuff, i had to continuously open stalker up to test for anymore errors. During loading, it just went BSOD. Graphics card had like many blue boxes vertically in the screen during post start-up and...
  24. Agility

    Half Life 2 Episode 2

    Unlocked now!!! As we're speaking, it's decrypting now. Anyone playing it? :) Damn i'm excited :toast:
  25. Agility

    Funny GPU

    Well apparently my friends 6600GT is kinda nuts... Firstly his computer can post, show the windows logo loading, but can't post anything at desktop. Thus i've formmated his HD and it worked fine WITHOUT a nvidia driver yet... However, after installing the drivers, his screen just went black. I'm...