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    Elon Musk Demoes "PS5-level Performance" of the AMD-powered Model S In-Dash Game Console

    And ppl need to stop telling other ppl what they need... lmao
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    Elon Musk Demoes "PS5-level Performance" of the AMD-powered Model S In-Dash Game Console

    Now they do.... well sort of. Do you buy phones for young kids?? Anyways these infotainment setups are pretty important on longer trips with young kids. Since our kids are older now and of cell phone age the rear monitor and wireless headphones haven't been used since. However on topic, I'm not...
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    Got a 3080Ti, BFv usage is low, CPU is high

    Isn't that down to his priorities?
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    Elon Musk Demoes "PS5-level Performance" of the AMD-powered Model S In-Dash Game Console

    TBF, that's like one of the first things ppl do with their navigation units anyways, so stop crying about it. That's kind of hilarious.
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    Researchers Deploy Graphene on HDDs to Enable up to 10x Density Increase With HAMR Technology

    Good stuff, these new applications of graphene. I like GMG's use of graphene in their aluminum ion batteries, and now here in hard drives.
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    Post your CrystalDiskMark speeds

    I was like wtf, those numbers and another poster's are faster than bifurcated 4x setups. And then ya remember that stupid samsung software.
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    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    Where are your facts then?????
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    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    This is your problem. You're clueless to Fauci's contradictions. So... was he right in 2020 or 2021? https://www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-dismisses-wuhan-lab-source-coronavirus-contradicting-trump-pompeo-1501924
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    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    You need some critical thinking skills man. Thinking something does not equal fact. And this whole shit doesn't do anyone any good. The cats already out of the bag.
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    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    The irony is that the US is a world leader in laboratory biosecurity incidents or leaks. The other thing is that no one seems to think through is why would they release a virus in their own fkn country???
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    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    Coronavirus' generally come from animals. There's no proof to substantiate the lab leak claim. Is it possible, sure as anything is possible. Does that mean its true, no at least without.
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    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    China's starting to crackdown on all those miners in Greater Mongolia... there's goes 90% of btc's power.
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    AMD Socket AM5 an LGA of 1,718 Pins with DDR5 and PCIe Gen 4

    lmao, use a dictionary to define what rumor means? They've been using LGA on Threadripper and Epyc from the beginning of those product stacks. And your issue stuck cpus is an end user problem with your paste hardening.
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    swapping out 4x4GiB 3200 for 2x16GiB 4266: best BIOS settings?

    You threw out any gains with that 2T command rate.
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    [Giveway] Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB

    Good stuff OP. :toast:
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    EK Launches Offset Fittings to Further Diversify the Torque Series Portfolio

    Peeps used this in crappy situations where you would be SLI'ing two gpu blocks where the ports didn't line up. Hyper rare situation.... These have been around for a decade at least... poor Bitspower. All these new brands making these fittings seem like they are a new thing.
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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    Read my post. Per the bios fix for AIDA, that means it wasn't accurate before said bios. For ex.
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    Asus claims thickness of thermal pads is proprietary

    Gotta love those Gigafail ppl. That is bordering on breaking the MM Warranty Act. Thermal pads are like tires on a car. You can't hide what the dimensions are because like tires thermal pads age and dry up severely diminishing their performance. Preventing customers from replacing their worn...
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    Ryzen DRAM Calculator by 1usmus

    L3 cache speeds are not accurate on the earlier aida benches and its not until the recent bios that fixed cache readings specifically in aida that that bench is now meaningful with regards to L3.
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    Is it worth the upgrade from 6800xt red devil to a 6900xt red devil ultimate?

    You're rationalizing... If you want to use the money then just do it.
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    PLEASE HELP - should change my entire system or just upgrade

    I have a friend that was using that era xeons doing production work in LA. He finally broke down and came to me to help him cut his render times which typically ran 5 hours to days. He makes his living on that machine. After much discussion, he was leaving a lot of bread on the table because he...
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    TSMC Claims Breakthrough on 1nm Chip Production

    Wow! The barriers keep dropping.
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    Dual or single rank RAM for Ryzen rendering workstation?

    The thinking on this is kinda... all wrong. You want speed but not at the cost of stability. Stop focusing on ranks, it doesn't matter as its noot gonna run at whatever advertised speed anyways at high densities. And then add ECC yea, ugh rinse repeat. I'd also add that ECC is not necessary for...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark

    Ya gotta stop taking marketing hyperbole personally lol.