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  1. Skrabrug

    new graphics card (eVGA Vs. ASUS)

    I'm thinking about getting a new graphics card because its time my old 8800 retired. But the problem is there are two cards I'm looking at an there is a price differences between the eVGA GTX295 ($755 AUD) and the ASUS GTX295 ($679) which grabbed my attention. So, is it worth cheaping out...
  2. Skrabrug

    Zune Player

    I'm in need of a new mp3 player with a high storage capacity, I'd rather be brutally sodomized with a broken glass bottle than to own any MAC product so that rules out ipod my current Creative Zen 30gb doesn't have a high enough storage capacity and plus I'm sick of it constantly freezing. So...
  3. Skrabrug

    Switching LEDS

    I'm a little curious of how difficult it is to switch some LEDS around in case fans. In a couple of weeks I'll be getting a new case (cooler master HAF 932) and it has red LEDs in it but as tacky as it sounds I've always liked and used blue lighting in my cases (yeah i know there as common as...
  4. Skrabrug

    my Z-5500's make me wanna throw them out a window

    Recently I bought a Razer AC-1 sound card and a set of Razer HP-1 headphones. also got fibre optic cable to connect my Z-5500 speakers to my new sound card (because thats the only way it appears i can have my Hp-1 and Z-5500 both connected without making any compromise to sound quality...
  5. Skrabrug

    reliable reliable antivirus and antispyware software needed

    Was at a LAN on the weekend and grabbed one single file (was mainly gaming) and the file contained a butt load of viruses and spyware. Avast and spybot S&D can see the viruses and spyware but they don;t seem to be able to do much else to them. I've even gone into safe mode and deleted the...
  6. Skrabrug

    i need some sort of heavy duty switch box

    recently swapped out my creative sound blaster for a razer AC-1 and I'm using the connector form the card to audio ports so i could have both my headphones and speakers hooked up at the same time (but it hasn't worked out like that). the connector cable form the card has 6 connectors and...
  7. Skrabrug

    Epic Games = Epic Fail

    So for the past 2 days I've been attempting to host a UT3 game for me and a friend to play through campaign together... last night i fell asleep at my keyboard and was awoken by nightmares of the dreaded check my router's manual about setting up 'port forwarding' or 'DMZ' errors. Start...
  8. Skrabrug

    mass lag

    jsut upgraded a freinds motherboard and CPU his old CPU was a AMD 3400+ and his new one is a AMD 6000+ the problem is now with the upgrade he's getting mass lag if he attempted to play a game. like it lags every couple of seconds for a few seconds. any ideas on what could be causeing this?
  9. Skrabrug

    Need drivers for M2N-MX SE

    Just installed a 2nd hand ASUS M2N-MX SE into a mates machine but unfortunately we don't have the drivers disc for it and can't seem to find any drivers online (google let us down :() anyone know any solutions?
  10. Skrabrug

    CM Sphere

    not sure if this is meant to go here or not but, does anyone know an outlet which ships globally or at least an Australian outlet which sells the Cooler Master Sphere? The only online PC store in Australia that stocks it is a store very well know for its lack of caring about its customers and...
  11. Skrabrug

    Which would be better in my system?

    Which would be better in my system? Intel Xeon 3320 Quad Core 2.50Ghz or Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.50Ghz theres a problem with the Q9300 i ordered and can pick to get a refund to get a new Q9300 some place else or get a Xeon 3320 Which would be better for my gaming machine?
  12. Skrabrug


    Buying a Quad Core Q9300 (Socket 775) on Wednesday and I'm unable to find a good Heatsink/Fan unit that also looks great (case has a window) thats recommended for Quad Core systems. Anyone wanna point me in the right direction.. money isn't really a huge problem but I still don't wanna pay...
  13. Skrabrug

    Looking for new games

    At the moment I'm attempting to think of some new games to buy which would be fun to play online or at a LAN with friends. I'm mainly into FPS, Some RTS (sci-fi based and some fantasy based) RPGs and anything insanely random (like a game called "WTF Work Time Fun" on my PSP) Anyone got any...
  14. Skrabrug

    CPU/MOBO upgrade

    Currently planning on upgrading from my AMD Athlon 6000+ 3.0GHz to a Intel Xeon 3360 Quad Core 2.83Ghz/12MB/1333FSB (will probably O/C to 3.0 or higher if I can though) If I get the intel chip I'll most likely grab a EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 mobo too. Sort or out of the loop with intel CPUs so i...
  15. Skrabrug

    resume download program?

    my net is constantly cutting out and lagging due to the phone line company being to lazy to update their lines and exchange servers. and atm I'm attempting to download a mmo game install file but my net keeps D/C for unknown reason to do with my phoneline and its bugging the crap out fo me...
  16. Skrabrug

    Wondering about SLI

    I know with SLI you need both of them as the same video card type and so on but i would like to know are you able to run SLI with the same video card but one has one extra feature? Example: i have a Galaxy 8800GT HDMI and its exactly the same spec as Galaxy's normal 8800GT minus the HDMI...
  17. Skrabrug

    Looking for a couple of decent fans

    I'm currently on the prowl for 2 new 120 MM BLUE LED Fans with the control pin connectors to i can connect then to my fan control unit. This may sound like a fairly easy thing to find but i need a supplier to will send them to Australia and the fans also can't be like my last set of fans i...
  18. Skrabrug

    need a network tool

    I'm not really sure if this sort of program has been made but i need to find a program for a client who is complaing thier hosuemate is useing all fo their monthly downloading and claiming my client is the one who used up all the monthly download. so i need a fiarly easy to use internet...
  19. Skrabrug

    The CPU Debate we are currently having

    basicly been haveing this convo with a guy i know about CPUs figure the best way to resolve this would be to post here here on a tech based site full of ppl who know what they are talking about... the debate is... A AMD Athlon 64bit duel core 3.0 (6000+) is better than a Intel quad core...
  20. Skrabrug

    Upgrading LCD

    I'm planning to upgrade my old 19" CMV LCD for a 22" LCD (and use the 19" as a trade in) (i dont really know anything about LCD screens apart from resolution...) The 19" I have: Product MPN MPN CM922D Key Features Contrast Ratio 800:1 Response Time 21 ms Dot Pitch 0.294 mm...
  21. Skrabrug

    whats that sound?

    my new seagate 750GB SATA2 HDD is making strange sounds.. like like ticking wherein sounds... i fear it could already be dieing (after only using it for 9 days) o.O' .. actually its been making that sound since i first installed it...
  22. Skrabrug

    Gwaarrr damn thing dies of much

    so i got a hold on an old HIS ATI Radeon x1050 graphics card to whack into my parents old A186 EMachine and also put more RAM in it for them as a early x-mas gift (they wanted the graphics card mainly for the TV-SVideo thing because of its easier for them to watch vacation videos and etc on the...
  23. Skrabrug

    i need a good CPU cooler

    i wanna find a heat sink for my AMD 6000+ x2 64bit CPU (its AM2) but i just really don't know a great deal about heat sinks (and i don't like water cooling due to its a hassle with transporting it to LANs)
  24. Skrabrug

    LAN Gear Carry Bag Things?

    So because I'm on a budget I've been collecting PC parts for the past few months for my new LAN Machine to replace my current cruddy machine. (currently i have all the parts to build it MINUS the 8800GT i get on Monday but i bought a cheap $89 8400GS to hold out for a couple of weeks and the...
  25. Skrabrug

    Graphics Accelerators/OC?

    A m8 of mine has just recently bought a 8800GT and he got about a day later he started to complain about his PC is overheating (well fair enough its overheating because he only as the generic AMD heat sink and 0 other fans/types of cooling in his case and its not very well ventilated) and...