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  1. OSdevr

    1950X Threadripper throttling at 68 C

    I have an AMD 1950X Threadripper CPU that for some reason seems to be thermal throttling at only 68 degrees C (according to Core Temp and other utilities). I don't know when this started but I know it didn't used to do this. I've tried older BIOS and older chipset drivers from AMD to no effect...
  2. OSdevr

    Weird PCIe power connectors

    A friend of mine is building a PC and ran into a weird problem with attaching the PSUs PCIe power connectors to his graphics card. They don't match They're not for the 12V CPU power either, they have the 6/8 split like a PCIe plug. At first I thought it was a goof at the factory, but he...
  3. OSdevr

    Pentium 4 used TIM, not solder

    I've recently been working on a project to figure out how to "decap" integrated circuits using cheap and available tools and chemicals. This has mostly been with smaller chips but I decided to do an old socket 478 Pentium 4 as a surprise to my followers. But I was surprised myself to find that...
  4. OSdevr

    Bad Optane Drive?

    I have an Intel Optane drive I've been using as a scratch disk by moving my page file to it (I'm on AMD hardware so can't use Intel's caching software). However I've been getting Memory Management blue screens after putting it to use. It checks out fine with Windows' error checking though. Could...