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  1. James1o1o

    280x multi-monitor window lag when video playing

    I recently got a second monitor for use with my R9 280x graphics card. It's an AOC LED monitor but that is probably irelevant to the issue I am having. I have noticed now, that when I am running a video, either in VLC, Youtube or WMP or a game that I might have displayed on one monitor, if I...
  2. James1o1o

    Which monitor should I buy?

    Hello! Sorry if this is the wrong forum to be asking this! So I am looking to buy a new monitor to replace my crappy Acer 23" LCD. I have narrowed down my choices to 3 monitors and I need help choosing which one. I do a whole range of things on my computer but I mostly game. All 3 are LED, they...
  3. James1o1o

    'Whine' from GPU under high frame rate?

    I have noticed a strange whining noise coming from my graphics card. It only seems to happen when I am playing a game in which I have a high frame rate. The most noticeable game for this is Team Fortress 2, I hit 300fps constant and the whine is huge, if I lock the frame rate down to 120, the...
  4. James1o1o

    Strange flickering in certain games

    Hello! I have noticed a slight flickering on certain games, I only recently put this computer together but I have had the graphics card a few months now, and even on my old computer I noticed flickering in a few games. The flicking in GTA IV is probably the most noticeable aswell as the...