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  1. john_

    Microsoft Joins the Very Exclusive $2 Trillion Valuation Club

    And Nvidia is very close to get at half a trillion valuation. Tech companies are becoming more and more valuable, as civilization is becoming more and more dependent on technology.
  2. john_

    AMD FSR FidelityFX Super Resolution Quality & Performance

    I can imagine Nvidia fanboys (excuse the use of the term "fanboys" here) and owners of GTX 1000 cards, closed in a rooms/houses, with all doors and windows shut and all microphones and cameras in devices off, whispering "Thank you AMD"! In any case this is a welcomed feature even if it is not...
  3. john_

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    That's what is happening in Greece also, and that's what I am describing a few posts above. Probably that's what will be the case in other EU countries from July.
  4. john_

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    Just to reply to everyone. I do the assumption here that in all EU members things will be the same after 1st July. What I am posting is what I read in a very nice article that can be found in the link below. The author does say that he could be wrong, as there isn't something official and...
  5. john_

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    Yes, that was the trick years ago. If customs where opening the package and they where finding a 200 euros product, it was treated as a 200 euros product. No matter if the Chinese had put a 20 euros price, no matter if you had proof that you only payed 20 euros, no matter if it was declared as a...
  6. john_

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    From what I know, that trick wasn't really working for some years now. Or at least it wasn't certain that someone would avoid taxation. The thing is that many people, me included, buy some stuff from China, stuff that can't be easily found in EU or they can be found at much higher prices. With...
  7. john_

    NVIDIA to Invest At Least $100 Million in UK's Most Powerful Supercomputer

    And that's how they will get the approval from UK. They will promise hundreds of millions of investments in UK and they will get the OK from the government.
  8. john_

    Secondary Market GPU Pricing in Downtrend, Better Times to be a Gamer May be Ahead

    Nice. But prices should go back down where they should be. I mean, I had sold a GTX 550 Ti 7-8 years ago for less than what they ask now. It's ridiculous.
  9. john_

    Spurred by M1 Performance, Apple Doubles Shipments of Mac Computers

    With Acer also scoring a 73% increase, this looks like an effect of the pandemic. If M1 is as Apple is saying, everything will be fine for Apple. If it is much slower than what synthetics show, Apple probably believes/hopes, that it's customers will never notice.
  10. john_

    Qualcomm Moots a Consortium of Chipmakers to Buy Arm if NVIDIA's Bid Fails

    Nvidia vs Qualcomm(consortium or not). Damn, ARM's future is between black and extremely dark grey.
  11. john_

    Western Digital May Introduce Penta Layer Cell (PLC) NAND by 2025

    I guess WD's plan is to transform SSDs to HDDs in performance while also throwing their reliability from a cliff. That way they can get back into building even more HDDs without the help of Chia. I mean, if QLC is something to avoid, what can we expect from PLC?
  12. john_

    MSI Pledges to Solve Graphics Card Shortages Single-Handedly... Thanks to the GeForce GT 730?

    Well, this is probably the worst GT 730 they could offer. Yes, it is at least Kepler, but when GT 730 was still considered a graphics card, there where 3 models available. With totally different specs. GT 730 Fermi GPU, DDR3 and 128bit data bus GT 730 Kepler GPU, GDDR5 and 64bit data bus GT 730...
  13. john_

    Intel "Raptor Lake" is a 24-core (8 Big + 16 Little) Processor

    Alder Lake was showing how Intel will move forward. With marketing. Intel will be touting - the high frequency of the big cores - the high performance in games thanks to those big cores - the low power consumption thanks to the little cores - the number of cores And people will be buying the...
  14. john_

    Samsung's Apple M1-rivaling Exynos SoC Powering Notebooks by H2-2021

    Samsung doesn't really have to rival M1. Only to offer the best SOC for Windows on ARM. People wanting to buy a laptop that runs Windows, is ultra light, always connected and runs 20 hours out of battery, will not care about benchmarks against M1, so long the experience feels smooth and fast...
  15. john_

    UK Competition Regulator Probes AMD's Buyout of Xilinx

    Well, Intel already done this by buying Altera. Am I wrong? And that was approved by everyone. It was always "chai" in Greece.
  16. john_

    Intel Study: Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming

    Well, they do mention persons with disabilities. That's something I guess. But again those people are not in the center of the study, because skin color and gender make bigger headlines. As for that study, in my opinion. It's just a payed study that says absolutely nothing. The only reason of...
  17. john_

    Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU Scores Another Win in Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

    I don't believe Intel was working like this only a few years ago. In my opinion they where more like Leibniz: We need to build a supercomputer with these specs. Intel: Well, here is the list of the materials and the bill. Leibniz: Can you offer a better deal? Intel: We can cut from the specs...
  18. john_

    Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU Scores Another Win in Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

    Leibniz: We are thinking EPYC and Ampere Intel: We can offer you Xeon at half the price. Leibniz: Still expensive. Intel: Half the price of what EPYC costs, not half the price of our prices for Xeon. Leibniz: Keep talking. Intel: And of course we are offering you our new Intel Ponte Vecchio GPUs...
  19. john_

    Intel "Sapphire Rapids" Xeon Processor Could Feature Up To 80 Cores: New Leak

    What chiplets? They are more like 4 CPUs glued together next to each other. CPUs that are build for use in quad socket systems.
  20. john_

    AMD Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results

    There is a way to see if AMD is throwing enough cash in R&D for CPUs and GPUs. In the past AMD's products where in a type of Tick-Tock schedule where you either getting from the newest product better efficiency or better performance but rarely both. Usually it was better performance because AMD...
  21. john_

    AMD Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results

    If AMD continues like this, it could really, I mean REALLY, challenge Intel as a company in 2-3 years time. Not just in a market with a product, but as a company. This is also the first time I see AMD becoming much more optimistic about it's future income. Probably they managed to secure much...
  22. john_

    GPU Memory Latency Tested on AMD's RDNA 2 and NVIDIA's Ampere Architecture

    This probably shows AMD's better experience with caches, considering that their main business is CPUs. On the other hand it shows how much faster architecture Nvidia's is, that even with higher cache latencies it performs better.
  23. john_

    MSI Announces Modern AM241 & AM271 Series All-in-One Desktop PCs

    MSI is trolling, putting Intel CPUs in systems with names AMxxx
  24. john_

    Intel CEO on NVIDIA CPUs: They Are Responding to Us

    When you are old, you will either write NVidia, or Nvidia. Edit: wright? Really? Oh how much I like killing the English language...
  25. john_

    Intel CEO on NVIDIA CPUs: They Are Responding to Us

    Yes, with a hammer