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  1. Ruyki

    PC won't post with GPU installed

    Having the first pin of the edge connector on the back side of the GPU shorter than the rest can be normal. My GTX460 has it, I just checked. The asrock radeon 6700xt that was recently reviewed on TPU has it too. There are pictures in the article, link...
  2. Ruyki

    Are Mechanical Keyboards a must?

    I much prefer mechanical keyboards. They feel better to type on and to game on than a membrane keyboard to me. I did use some membrane keyboards that were ok, but a mechanical is just better for me. The main advantage of mechanical keyboards is probably the key feel and the fact that the...
  3. Ruyki

    transplant BIOS chip and flash on another mainboard?

    It is possible to take the BIOS chip out and use an EEPROM programmer to write the correct BIOS on to the chip.
  4. Ruyki

    Vertical Ghosting Lines on ViewSonic Gaming Monitor

    If it's actually as bad as your screenshot (or photo?) shows, then there is something seriously wrong. But if the picture isn't accurate and the ghosting isn't as pronounced, then it could be inverse ghosting. And if that is the case, setting the response time in the OSD to a slower value should...
  5. Ruyki

    Hard resets playing games

    Nothing in event viewer means that it can be a power issuer, or something else. So this information did not really help to pinpoint the issue. I would try other CPU stability testing software to see if you get errors in other software or just in prime95. I'm not sure which ones are good now. I...
  6. Ruyki

    FPS drops in game with OK hardware

    GTX 1660 Super should be able to achieve high FPS in LoL. That game runs fine on a GTX 460.
  7. Ruyki

    Hard resets playing games

    Hard restarts may indicate a power issue. Check Windows error logs. They may contain clues on what caused the shutdown. Errors in prime95 mean that the CPU makes mistakes when it's processing instructions. This should be fixed or the system probably won't be able to work reliably. This could be...
  8. Ruyki

    FPS drops in game with OK hardware

    It's probably not the power supply. Actually, this kind of performance may be normal. I remember getting fps drops during large team fights to under 100fps in in LoL as well. It's possible LoL is just badly optimized and does not really take advantage of modern CPUs that have a lot of threads...
  9. Ruyki

    Questions about setting up a RAID Drive

    Snapraid might be a good option for the OP. I didn't use it myself but others use it. "SnapRAID is an application able to make a partial backup of your disk array. If some of the disks of your array fail, even if they are completely broken, you will be able to recover their content. It's only a...
  10. Ruyki

    Mices making buzzing noise ?

    Some mice can make sounds that are similar to coil whine. My steelseries sensei RAW produces a high pitch noise. But it can only be heard when I put my ear close to it.
  11. Ruyki

    Mint or HDD Gone Bad on Me?

    Check log files for disk errors. And install the smartmontools package and use it to check if there are any issues with the hard drive's SMART data.
  12. Ruyki

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.2.2

    Making sure that old games like quake 3 work is important. They shouldn't be neglected.
  13. Ruyki

    What power connections do I need?

    I see. I'm not familiar with server power supplies or rack mount cases. I guess power supplies meant for rack mount cases may not often have the connectors needed for desktop video cards. Can a large video card like RTX 3090 really fit into a 2U rack mount case?
  14. Ruyki

    What power connections do I need?

    The 8 pin power connector for the main board and 8 pin for the video card are different. They can't be used interchangeably. The 8 pin for the main board can be called CPU or EPS. Also, 4 of the pins can usually be split off to create a 4 pin CPU connector (some main board use this (or used to...
  15. Ruyki

    144Hz 144FPS but the game is not smooth and there is screen tearing

    Screen tearing is not a fault. It will always happen when the monitor input and video card output are out of sync. At any FPS or refresh rate. The only way to avoid it is to use v-sync (adds input lag) or use a monitor that has adaptive sync technology like g-sync or freesync. There is probably...
  16. Ruyki

    Mouse acceleration in Windows 10

    Mouse acceleration (enhanced pointer precision) is the same as it always has been. Mouse acceleration is actually not bad when doing things on the desktop. Having acceleration on makes it easy to move the long distances and it's also easy to click on small things when you mouse the mouse slow...
  17. Ruyki

    The next great thing is always on the horizon

    New better parts get released all the time. But the progression isn't linear. Sometimes, parts are good for a long time. Example: sandy bridge/ivy bridge/hasswell overclockable i7/i5. Sometimes, parts lose their value fast, like the RTX2080ti. So you just have to figure out what is right for you...
  18. Ruyki

    Power cable

    You should be able to get a cable that goes from the power supply to a component (like a video card) from the power supply manufacturer. Such cables are not usually sold separately because each power supply mostly come with an adequate amount of cables. The cables are also not standartized, this...
  19. Ruyki

    Buzzing noise when selecting text/moving heavy processes' window

    This kind of noise can come from rapid changes in system load (which are caused by dragging the window or other actions) which cause changes in electrical current draw. That current passes through inductors (coils) which can make a buzzing or whine noise under certain conditions. I think one of...
  20. Ruyki

    White bar on my hp monitor

    If that white bar is always at the same place then the monitor is probably faulty.
  21. Ruyki

    problem after format

    Modern CPUs change clock speed many times a second. The "effective clock" value in hwinfo should be able to tell you if the CPU is running at high clocks even at idle or just briefly clocking high because it's running a background task. That way you should be able to confirm if you have a...
  22. Ruyki

    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Release Availability Could be a Novel

    Gamers Nexus made a video on GPP. Here it is: The video was made after GPP was canceled by nvidia. I only watched 2 minutes of it but in those 2 minues, nvidia is getting lightly roasted.
  23. Ruyki

    Is there something wrong with my pc?

    CPUs should downclock to reduce power consumption when they are under low load. A good way to check if yours is doing this is the "effective clock" value in hwinfo64. Most other tools that show you the clock rate will probably show you the "current" clock which may not be indicative of what the...
  24. Ruyki

    gpu low usage

    Could be a CPU bottleneck. What is your CPU? Post full system specs if possible.
  25. Ruyki

    NVIDIA Reflex Feature Detailed, Vastly Reduce Input Latency, Measure End-to-End System Latency

    Everyone with a GTX 900 series or later should be able to use this as long as the game is compatible. The certified monitor and mouse is only needed if you want to be able to measure the latency.