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  1. allen337

    [WTB][US] Video Card/SSD

    Would like to find a bundle deal on a 7870 video card or better and 120 gig ssd Budget is $140 shipped to 61832. heat Allen41547
  2. allen337

    [WTB][US] socket 775 motherboard for qx6700

    Found one wish me luck lol
  3. allen337

    [WTB][US] socket 775 motherboard for qx6700

    Need prices and if anyone has ddr2 memory only have a couple days to decide any help appreciated.
  4. allen337

    [FS/FT][US] 2x GeForce GTX 660 Ti FTW+ 3GB 192-bit

    I dont game anymore Looking for good trades or cash always works or both. Im always needing cases,power supplies, video cards , motherboards,cpus,ram let me know what you have to trade 2 of these up for grabs. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130817...
  5. allen337

    4770k or I7 980x

    should I trade my 4770k and asus z87 pro for a x58 asus sabertooth board I7 980x and 24 gigs of ddr3 memory
  6. allen337

    new build raid ssd problems

    Bought new system and think i might be missing something. Can we not run ssd in raid as boot drives? I have 2 0cz agility sata 2 90 gig drives i want to use in raid for win 7 64 bit. I managed to get them in raid and operating system installed but once reboot one or the other looses connection...
  7. allen337

    [WTB][US] i7-3930K and motherboard

    found close please
  8. allen337

    Power color 7870 myst ed troubles

    I have motherboard Intel dp55sb and in bios it says boot UEFI well I cannot get this video card to boot on this motherboard no matter what I change there. My wifes computer it boots fine and the Tech at powercolor says its my bios that I need a non UEFI bios for it. Can anyone point me in the...
  9. allen337

    [WTB][US] pci/e video card $250 Or close

    Deal fell threw on video card guy said i needed 60 heat or more or he wouldnt sell over $100 to me. He had 71 heat evals :laugh: My heat allen41547
  10. allen337

    [WTB][US] pci/e video card

    Looking for a decent video card for my newest puter specs are intel dp55sp motherboard i5 750 hd2900 video 2x4 gig ddr 3 1600 Ive been looking at this one SAPPHIRE 100354OC-2L Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2G... but im open to suggestions since it being pci/e 3.0 and my motherboard pci/e 2.0...
  11. allen337

    [WTB][US] gpu around 8800 2900 series

    Buddie has a cd2 with pci/e slot needs a decent card to play a few games any help appreciated
  12. allen337

    [WTB][US] Sprint 3g/4g cell phone for daughter

    Got 200 days left until contract up need something decent until then she had a evo 4g swift she broke it :(
  13. allen337

    [WTB][US] Old 775 stuff

    Needing to get my daughters (2) back on track on computers and my taxes will be here tomorrow so heres a list of things im looking for. Thank u in advance 775 combo Motherboard - processor- ram At least ddr2 800 memory unless alot for cheap would like quad core prosessor Good...
  14. allen337

    [WTB][US] amd motherboards

    Need a couple amd motherboards for a hd8400 tripple core cpu and a 4600 x2 cpu Im not great on amd processors but they seem to be am2 motherboars I need. I would like some ddr2 memory also minimum 6400 memory 2x1 gig 2 x 2 gig leave prices or pm please
  15. allen337

    IE8 full screen mode on netbook

    Im working on a gateway netbook LT20164 Ive tried everything i can think of to get this thing from going into full screen mode everytime you enter internet explorer. It jumps back n forth from full screen mode to regular mode like instant back n forth cannot even surf web at all its useless to...
  16. allen337

    [FT][US] Trades for new stuff

    I have a few things I want to trade HEAT allen41547 Im needing sata hard drives and a better video card Asus 2900xt (traded) XFX 8800gt (g92)(traded) Ati x850 xt pci/e(traded) (sold)2X2 gigabyte corsiar these ~~ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145214...
  17. allen337

    No heat Feedback

    What does a person do if you buy something from someone and leave heat for them and they dont leave you any? Already contacted them 5 days ago
  18. allen337

    [WTB][US] 775 motherboard

    Need a good motherboard for q6600 p35 x38/48 p45 PM any offers
  19. allen337

    [WTB][US] LGA 1366 extreme edition processor

    Friend is looking for an extreme edition cpu LGA 1366 for the next couple of days gonna see what comes up and either buy used or new 1. Pm any offers. also looking for ASUS 295 or ASUS 5870
  20. allen337

    DFI motherboard problem

    I was having random system hangs on my daughters computer. Installed different memory,video card and power supply with no help. So I decided to update bios. After updating it hangs at AHCI OPTION BIOS ROM....... a reboot sends me to cmos error cpu changed everythings default and f1 to continue...
  21. allen337

    [WTB][US] Lower end 775 motherboard

    My daughters computer I build for her 2 years ago has died. Im in need of a 775 mobo thats supports a e6600 perferably intel chipset 965-975-p35-x38. Pm any offers
  22. allen337


    Well I got this FREE 3d mark vantage because I bought some patriot memory. Product key doesnt work so I e-mailed them to see what the deal was, never got a reply so I went to the futuremark forums. HA HA HA what a joke, all they can say is your a spammer because you and 100s of other people...
  23. allen337

    windows 7 question

    Ive installed win 7 a few times and im running xp 64 right now but im wondering with the new builds did win 7 ever get windows mail embedded? If so what build?
  24. allen337

    DFI INF P965-S Bios update

    Got a small problem updating bios with dfi motherboard, dfi recomends using usb storage drive if no floppy and no windows flashing using vista, cannot get it to boot to usb drive has usb fdd usb zip but no usb hdd what to do?
  25. allen337

    [FS/FT][US] Cleaning closet sale

    All Sold!!!