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  1. The N

    Sapphire TRIXX makes Screen Goes Black!!

    Hello, Yesterday, I came across a strange issue. I installed the Sapphire TRIXX version 6.8 to check the offerings. There are two options located on the software interface, "Power" and "Stealth", and absolutely no idea what are they for. I accidently clicked on "Power" option and it made the...
  2. The N

    Is it NVMe SSD or the Controller not working. Need assistance!

    Hello, I was playing Shadow of tomb Raider today and PC suddenly got rebooted. This repeated for 2 more times. I thought it is PSU, but surprisingly, my PCIe M.2 NVMe 256GB SSD drives making an issue. Now, the SSD is not recognizing in Disk Management, hence nothing in My Computer. I went into...
  3. The N

    Intel Core i7 4790K reaching 90C, When overclocks. Need Help!!!

    Hey Guys, I have been observing some abnormal behavior on i7 4790K prcessor. It was all good a couple of days ago, but since yesterday, this processor producing an abnormal behavior with no clue why. Let me get straight to the subject. When I overclock i7 4790K at 4.5GHz with 1.12vcore in...
  4. The N

    ADATA External Hard drive dropped to 9% health

    Hey guys, Lately I came across an issue with my ADATA HD710 External Hard drive. The issue is related to its health, which abruptly went down to 9%, which has been used for 2 months only; I just stored my Game ISOs in it. But that 9% health was killing me, so I used HD tune Pro program and ran...
  5. The N

    Fan Speed and PWM connection

    Regarding Fan speed and its control Couple of things I didn't get yet, is how 3 pin regulator is different from 4 Pin PWM fans. For example, I have Reeven EUROS RA1225F16C with 3pin having 1600 RPM and RA1225F16C-P with 4-Pin PWM having 500-1600 RPM, these speed figures are mention on Reeven...
  6. The N

    Thunderbolt 3 Max bandwidth Question

    Hey guys, ThunderBolt 3 provides 40Gbps of bandwidth, but the x4 PCI-E 3.0 link only provides 32Gbps to Intel's TB3 controller, where does the remaining 8Gbps come from? i would like response sooner. Thanks
  7. The N

    PC Shutdown itself while desktop/Gaming usage - Maximus VI HERO

    hey guys, Recently, i bought ASUS ROG Maximus VI Hero Motherboard in a used but good condition from Friend. i installed everything, and Pc working flawless the first day. while the second day, I installed few utilities, after then it started giving me a very very strange issue. which i never...
  8. The N

    Gigabyte HD 7850 2GB Stops after an hour of Gameplay

    Hey Guys I am facing an issue with my Gigabye HD 7850 2gb Graphics Card. While Playing Games for an hour it suddenly stops working and PC goes to Black screen and had to Restart or close the PC manually. i don't know why its dong so. I have tested GTA V, BF4 & MAD MAX on it. and it certainly...
  9. The N

    what's This Sticker Suggest - 280X

    hey guys my friend have this card Gigabyte r9 280x WF Rev2.0. bought from someone in used and he is curious about it. there is a warranty proof sticker on it. in my opinion, it is sticker used on refurbished cards for card's status. because i haven't seen this sticker on GPUs. i might be wrong...
  10. The N

    How much i5 2300 2.8ghz Good For Gaming???

    hey guys, i have option to buy i5 2300 at cheap price. i:e at $90 and i have gigabyte 760 2gb. so what you say, i usually do only compagin level gaming. no MP. is this CPU fine to hold up latest games. lke BF4, Dying light, etc etc. or should i go for higher i5??
  11. The N

    Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Showing only 11% HEALTH :(

    hey guys, i just bought Seagate 1TB hard drive from a Friend few days back. it was working fine. the next day i transfer all of my data from other drives to this new 1TB hdd. today i just saw the hd tune and Hark disk Sentinel both showing low health. as far as speed and noise is concern its...
  12. The N

    WD Hard Drive Low Health & Caution

    Hey guys, i have 2x500GB hard drives SEagate and WD I have some a problem with my second hard drive. it showing me low health according to HArd Disk SEntimel and CrystalDiskInfo. its 85% which is not good if compare to Seagate 500Gb which is 99%. In the second screenshot you can see the the...
  13. The N

    Sapphire 7950 Scoring Lower to MSI 7950

    hey guys i have sapphire 7950 DualX in my Rig. but i am facing interesting difference between two different brands of same card. i ran 3dmark 11/valley/Firestrike on sapphire 7950 but at same Clock rates comparing to my Previous MSI 7950 ,,,,,,sapphire Graphics scoring lowered to MSI 7950...
  14. The N

    7950 Vs. 7970 (2xTahiti Overclocking MonsterZ)

    so Guys I just want to share some Experience with you people regarding GPUs. Here many people already know AMD GPUs, known to be best Overclockers. This comparison is between AMD 7950 and AMD 7970, codenamed "Tahiti" based chip that introduced in 2011 and known to be the BEst Overclockable...
  15. The N

    Corsair Dominator 4GB Cant OC to 1866mhz @Auto voltage

    hey guys as the title expressed, i have Dominator 2x2GB 1600mhz ram. it oced easily from 1333mhz to 1600mhz at Auto voltage which is now 1.64v Bios. but now i want to go little further to next spot. which is 1867mhz. but when i do it, PC wont boot at all. rebooting infinitely. i have MSi p67...