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  1. Strider

    MSI Unleashes 990FXA GAMING Socket AM3+ Motherboard

    Yes, 990FX does not natively support PCIe 3.0. The only FX based board that supported PCIe 3.0 (that I'm aware of) was the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Gen3. A board that I happen to have. Basically, it's a workaround, or hack if you will. However it was also a limited run board, no longer available...
  2. Strider

    NVIDIA Sacrifices VESA Adaptive Sync Tech to Rake in G-SYNC Royalties

    I am sure this has been said somewhere in all of the comments, but what's one more time. lol Adaptive Sync has been around far longer than G-Sync, just in laptops, and now that it's a display port 1.2a+ standard, it will be open to ALL desktop hardware. Nvidia had no reason to create G-Sync...
  3. Strider

    AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta to Include Mantle and TrueAudio Runtimes

    It should be released by the end of January. Mantle is making its debut in Battlefield 4, and according to EA/DICE, Mantle will be released by the end of January. So I guess we wait and see. As far as BF4 being the only AAA title, that's not exactly true. Since Frostbite will have Mantle...
  4. Strider

    XFX Rolls Out Radeon R9 290 Series Double Dissipation Cards

    My opinion on XFX quality. I have purchased over a dozen XFX cards in the 6000 and 7000 generations and every single one of them is still going strong in their respective systems. (I am a system builder.) I have flashed some of the Double D 7950 BE's using a 7970 BIOS and overclocked the heck...
  5. Strider

    PowerColor R9 290X OC 4096 MB

    It's supposed to run at those temps. =] If you don't like the noise, the temps, or the OC headroom, just wait for the non-reference designs. That's what most people are doing, including myself. Also, no analog output is a con? Really? Who the hell buys a top-tier card and still uses VGA...
  6. Strider

    Intel Cracks Down on Motherboard Vendors Offering Overclocking on non-Z Chipset

    Underhanded move. Hardware does not come with an ToS or EULA like software, Intel retains no similar rights to the hardware once I buy it, if I choose to OC any CPU I buy, it's my right and my risk. Trying to block this by hindering tools at my disposal, in this case the MB's, just to...
  7. Strider

    Antec Nineteen Hundred Stands Tall...Really Tall

    Someone on a 360 I think. =P
  8. Strider

    Antec Nineteen Hundred Stands Tall...Really Tall

    Ahh. OK. Cool. Why not go with much less power hungry fans? Just curious? Personal preference?
  9. Strider

    Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

    And I prefer Radeon, it's a personal thing. =P
  10. Strider

    Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Would make for a killer little system. =]
  11. Strider

    Antec Nineteen Hundred Stands Tall...Really Tall

    Heh. Time to just go water cooling if you're producing that much heat. It's going to be more efficient than Peltier cooling and a ton of high-watt fans. Unless this is some special build where some restriction would prevent water cooling, or you're just doing to do it, for fun. If that's the...
  12. Strider

    Seagate Unveils Complete SSD Product Line

    I have one of these Seagate 600 series on the way, should be here today. Going to put it through a battery of tests. heh Western Digital and Seagate have both stayed out of the SSD market, even though SG has done hybrids, and WD is now looking to one up hybrids. It's so nice to see...
  13. Strider

    ASUS Unveils ROG Maximus VI Impact Mini-ITX Motherboard

    Now that is a sexy board... Mini-ITX needs support like this. You could easily build a PC (Steam Box or HTPC even) that could play any games on the market today, and for some time to come, at 1080+ high to max settings with this board at it's core. I have been looking for this level of...
  14. Strider

    Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

    Back on topic. A single slot 7850 with no additional power requirements. Neat idea. Too bad it's OEM only. These would be great in low-profile builds. The 7850 has enough graphic power for most all gaming loads at 1080, so it would be a good card for use in a Steam Box or high-end HTPC. Oh...
  15. Strider

    Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

    OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer There are "OEM" versions of most video cards, most manufacturers have OEM lines, separate from their retail lines. These are the versions used by compaines, like Dell and others, in mass production pre-built PC's. Where as retail versions are what you...
  16. Strider

    Club 3D Announces royalKnights CrossFire Bundles

    If they can provide a lower price point than buying two individual cards for your Crossfire setup, then I am all for the idea. Would appeal to the high end and enthusiast markets quite well I would imagine. I would buy such a package deal, if the price was right, and if the idea was picked...
  17. Strider

    Christmas Special: The PC Technology of 2011

    Nice read. :) On the whole 7970 topic, I wonder if some people checked their brains at the door. Drivers make a GPU, pure and simple. 7970 performance will go up as drivers mature, and they start to see more advanced games being played on them. Including the first titles to use DX11.1. As it...
  18. Strider

    Radeon HD 6930 2 GB Tested

    All the "fanboy" crap aside .. since it's obvious most of them have no real clue what they are talking about ... If the price is right, this would make a great "budget" high-end gaming card. I would be less interested in its performance vs the 6950, but how much better it would perform vs a...
  19. Strider

    Battlefield 3 To Duke It Out With Modern Warfare 3 For Supremacy

    Origin is still required to play Battlefield 3, no matter how you obtain your copy, just as Steam is required for some games. Origin is not bad at all. It uses less resource than Steam (not that this should be a concern if you're playing BF3. You should have a PC capable of it.), it's a...
  20. Strider

    Battlefield 3 To Duke It Out With Modern Warfare 3 For Supremacy

    You're 100% correct, these games should not be compared, the only real thing they have in common is they are both FPS. CoD is more of a console "arcade" shooter, where as Battlefield is more of PC tactical shooter. However, they are just as much compared by the end users as they are news and...
  21. Strider

    Battlefield 3 To Duke It Out With Modern Warfare 3 For Supremacy

    "Since they both target the same high-end gaming audience" On what planet? haha MW3 is no where near "high-end". It's a console port.... DX9 .. outdated. BF3 is a PC game, DX10/11, made for 2011 PC hardware and technology. That's "high-end". Other than that little "error" in wording...
  22. Strider

    Modern Warfare 3 new trailer, Redemption SP. Graphics as good as BF3?

    There are very little technological "improvements" from MW/MW2/MW3/BO. This is obvious since these games are made for console first. There is little to no graphical or technological difference between the PC and console versions. Hence the term "console port". MW3 can not even dream of...
  23. Strider

    Corsair Announces New Vengeance Gaming Keyboards and Laser Gaming Mice

    These are some nice looking boards, sadly, I wont use them. I like the LCD on the Logitech boards too much. I might run a multi-display setup, but I really like having that LCD screen with apps like Everest to display all my system stats at all times. I am very particular on system monitoring...
  24. Strider

    ADATA HM Series 650 W

    Heh. I think you're over analyzing, but I will bite. I do not believe their name will harm their sales at all. It's quite simple. I have been building systems for the better part of 20 years. I made a business out of it. I know the A-Data name is a good and trusted one. There are countless...
  25. Strider

    ADATA HM Series 650 W

    A novice should be asking for advice. A-Data is a world leader and fantastic company. Any reputable builder or enthusiast should know this. Besides, if they keep the product quality high, it will be recognized by more and more reviewers and builders. The reputation will "trickle down".