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    What to do with old laptop

    ok as your wish buddy ...!!!! no problem....
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    What to do with old laptop

    Yes i know it is a spare old laptop dude but you can replace it with a new laptop and i think this is not a issue to replace becuase this is a spare laptop means not in use...
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    Dual monitor setup

    Yeah this is very easy i just want to say you here that this si option in the back side of your Monitor to operate dual computers on your monitor and you can plug in the two data cables and convert the other computer by pressing the buttun on the front of your Monitor....
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    What to do with old laptop

    Yeah this is good suggestions here with your old laptop but i just want to say you that you should replace your old laptop with any new laptop by exchanging the old one and i think this is the best opinion for you .... Give us a call
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    Hardware upgrade opinions

    Mmmm you can only upgrade your Ram and your HDD along with the processor not motherboard because these 3 parts of your computer's hardware si the main and you can apply every changes in this of you are thinking to upgrade your motherbaord also then you should purchase all the new computer and...
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    Best gaming laptop for around $1200?

    The best gaming laptop out at the moment in my opinion is the Dell Alienware M11x although it costs a fair bit. With an Intel Core i5 it costs $949 thats about £600, you will have no problem playing games on this power house! You can lower the cost if you get a less powerful processor if it's...
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    Getting a new laptop

    Yeah this is good that you are going to purcahse new laptop actually i am doing this business and deals in all kind of laptops and computer sales and repairs i would like to suggest you to purchase Core i5 or i7 laptop because this is the latest technology in the laptops which is very best and...