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  1. J

    Do you OWN antivirus+antispyware?

    As per the subject title, yes, I DO OWN antivirus and firewall software. I OWN AVG and ZA, both of which were free.
  2. J

    EA shuts down servers from older online game titles

    Further proof that EA sucks.
  3. J

    Why don't they...

    It's the same mechanism as how putting a wide tip on your tailpipe makes your car go faster.
  4. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    That is a server-specific setting that is set by the server administrator. Punkbuster only enforces the rules and limits that the server administrator sets up for that particular server. If you do not like the setting, your complaint is with the server administrator, not the Punkbuster...
  5. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    Oh look, our resident cheater Casheti is sharing his perspective about punkbuster. :rolleyes:
  6. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    Willfull ignorance of a contract that one agrees to abide by does not invalidate the contract, nor does it give the complaintant any basis for a legitimate complaint (other than willfull ignorance). I see this as a complete non-issue; punkbuster uses specific methodologies to detect and label...
  7. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    It did on every game I have installed that installed punkbuster on it's own.
  8. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    You installed punkbuster, you read the EULA, you agreed to the terms of the EULA. If you do not agree with the EULA, uninstall punkbuster, it's really just that simple.
  9. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    If you need to modify services on a frequent basis, you can use "sc" (service control) in a dos box to automate the process.
  10. J

    Alright to clean heatsinks with 50% Isopropyl w/ Wintergreen?

    I get mine at the pharmacy; you could always just get a liter of denatured alcohol at the hardware store, though. For that matter, the only reason isopropyl alcohol is called for is that it is commonly available in people's houses already. But you can use any number of other solvents as...
  11. J

    PunkBuster gone too far!

    There are two services, pnkbstra and pnkbstrb. If you do not like punkbuster, you can just uninstall it from your system, and play your game on non-punkbuster servers (depending on the game). If you want to b*tch about something, b*tch about the cheaters/hackers who make punkbuster...
  12. J

    8-10 15" monitors for sale (must buy all)

    Hehe, where I live they charge you to dump old CRT monitors.
  13. J

    Alright to clean heatsinks with 50% Isopropyl w/ Wintergreen?

    I wonder if there is a market for aromatherapy scents in thermal interface materials?
  14. J

    Windows Vista 64 Question ?

    Are you using an LCD or a CRT monitor? Open IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Scroll down to the "Multimedia" part near the bottom, and you will see "Use ClearType" If you are using an LCD, tick the box; if you are using a CRT, untick the box. Hit okay.
  15. J

    The Instrumant Players' Clubhouse

    Well, I have an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, and a tube amp I rebuilt (also building my own tube amp, but I'm not in a big hurry to finish it). I don't play much, though, maybe a couple o' times a year. I do whistle and sing alot, though, does that count?
  16. J

    Program to edit screenshots

    It depends on what kind of editing you want to do. If you want something basic to paste into, crop and resize, then Irfanview is what you want. It is freeware, and it is the application that I used as my default viewer for .jpg, .gif, .tif, and other graphics files. Simply put, Irfanview...
  17. J

    Computer won't turn on

    Look at the sticker on your BIOS chip. Find the manufacturer (AMI, AWARD, et cetera) Look up the POST code.
  18. J

    Computer won't turn on

    Look up the POST beep code for your particular BIOS.
  19. J

    Looking for someone to write a basic oc guide.

    You might want to contact billing first.
  20. J

    RIAA Says Lawsuits Ain't The Answer

    The quote is phrased precisely to *seem* like it is saying what this topic is alluding to, but a careful reading of the exact syntax used tells a different story (ie, business as usual.)
  21. J

    Facebook Founder Sued For Concept Theft

    I bet he had a tough time growing up.
  22. J

    Wii Blaster Rifle Released

    Party at devguy's!
  23. J

    Duke University Shifts Blame To Cisco

    Cisco kid, was a friend of mine.
  24. J

    GreenPower™ Hard Drives By Western Digital

    :D :D :D