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    Steam Summer Sale 2013 Starts tomorrow 10 AM Cali time.

    I throw my money at you Valve!!! I throw it all at you!!! :roll: :toast: Spent $185 or so two summers ago, I generally skip the winter sales, and spent only about $24 last summer since I already have such a huge backlog, but I am hoping to spend about $100 or so this summer, as long as...
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    My Sapphire 7950 at 1200/1500, how does it match against a GTX 780 at stock clocks?

    My 7950 at 1200/1500 vs a stock GTX 780, at 1440p, and lets say I don't mind turning down say shadows and a few other things, 2x MSAA, etc... can my 7950 match that 780 in most amd optimized games with this comparison?
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    A list of MMO's and my thoughts, which one to invest time in... hmm

    I have played just about every MMORPG since Open Beta in World of Warcraft. WoW was fun the first year but I quit at the end of 2005 due to to many changes, but it was a great time while it lasted. Rift was actually quite fun, however, the idea of Rifts always popping up just turned me off...
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    Asus Z68 Deluxe MoBo Debug Code LED 40 reboot fixes it

    I can't find the Debug LED Code number 40 in the Asus Z68 Deluxe manual, but when I turn on my PC from being shut down all night I get 40 lit up on the LED, and my PC boots fast, when I restart it goes to A0 like it is supposed to (I think) and the reboot takes about 4x as long, but when I...
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    Forcing Tessellation off in AMD CCC? Comparison screenshots with 13.5 or newer driver

    Anyone have some comparison shots of any modern games with tessellation on and off with the latest drivers? Turning off tessellation in CCC increases my fps, and I can't really tell much of a difference, but if I could see it side by side I might change my mind... if anyone has some pics laying...
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    Microstuttering experiment with 7950 Crossfire, use two bridges instead of one.

    I am using 2 CF bridges instead of one for my 7950 x2 setup... and games do seem a little smoother... has anyone done real world tests on this to compare and contrast 1 vs 2 bridges?
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    How often do you dust/clean your PC out?

    Every four months for me, I take out each fan and use a wet rag to clean off the fan blades, and I rinse the Noctua heatsink and my GPU heatsinks out under water and let them dry (no electrical components involved), and usually once a week I clean the dust filters. My house gets really dusty...
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    Looking for some fun computer tech programs for my nephew who is 10.

    Anything other then games. What are some cool computer tech programs/maybe fun typing lessons I can show my nephew who is 10 how to use? His school is pretty advanced they are already doing some basic graphic design at his age, it's insane. :cool:
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    GPU-Z shows my 7950 1200 core 1500 mem at 288gb/s, whats the limit on pci 2.0 x8?

    My 7950 CF is at 1200 core, 1500 mem, both cards show in gpu-z as having 288.00 gbs transfer rate or whatever its called, and i was wondering if my pci 2.0 x8 for each card is limiting them? do i need pci 3.0 mobo and ivy bridge cpu? or am i not maxing out the bandwidth? :confused:
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    Need some crossfire tips, just finished building my new PC.

    I am running 2x Sapphire 7950 of same model with 2 crossfire bridges attached to both (this is required since my 1440p monitor is OC'd to 120hz according to Toastyx), and was just wondering if anyone has some crossfire tips for me? I have 13.6 beta1 installed and the latest cap profiles...
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    Do Killer NIC's make gaming on the internet faster?

    I have heard of these ethernet ports from the Killer brand, said to be faster than Intel for gaming, less lag, etc... Has this ever been tested by the professionals on this forum? If so, is it worth the investment? I have fiber optic internet by the way, just want to maximize its potential.
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    Can I use a dedicated Phsyx card alongside an AMD 7950 card?

    I have a 7950 with 13.6 drivers, can I just pop in my old gtx 460, download latest physx drivers and then load up arkham city and select that 460 for my physx? Is this even possible? Is it that simple or is it going to be complicated to figure out?