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  1. AltecV1

    Upgrade from HD 4850 to HD 6850 toxic for 120 €! Yay or Nay?

    so yea,what to you guys think? should i do it or not?
  2. AltecV1

    stationary crosshair or red dot program

    does anybody know where i can find such a program? i used to have one but i cant find it anymore :banghead:
  3. AltecV1

    AMD releases Q2 financial results, and Ontario details galore

    Another day, another quarterly earnings conference call. AMD came in with their latest and greatest batch of numbers, tidbits of product information, and future guidance for the company. While your man was unable to squeeze any questions in this time around, (and apparently vuvuzelas are...
  4. AltecV1

    [FT] HD4850 with accelero s1 rev2

    give me offers people;)
  5. AltecV1

    pics of crap hardware

    just some pics my rig (sorry for bad quality! it was a budget build and i best i could buy:p
  6. AltecV1

    Help me guys!!!

    So my problem is that i cant get my cpu over 3.7 ghz! i can get do bios but if i want do start windows it says[NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND]WHAT I AM DOING WRONG(fsb wall?) for more info see my system specs:ohwell: