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  1. Widjaja

    SOLVED:- Hotswap bay only recognizes HDD after reboot.

    Just installed guts of PC into a new case which has a hotswap bay. I have a feeling Windows has somehow dropped AHCI drivers for standard MS IDE drivers at some time for all channels besides the channel the SSD is on causing HDDs to not be recognized until reboot when connected to the hotswap...
  2. Widjaja

    Corsair Obsidian 650D or wait for Fractal ARC Midi R2?

    Kind of on the fence about whether or not to get the Corsair Obsidian 650D or wait for the Fractal ARC Midi R2. Reason being is the 650D is selling for 232USD and doesn't have native internal USB 3.0 header but I do like the docking bay on top of the case. The latest Fractal ARC Midi R2...
  3. Widjaja

    Uniden 1515 + 1 Corless phone cutting off internet

    Been having this minor issue where the Uniden 1515+1 DECT 6.0 Cordless phone will sometimes cut off internet while in use. Router internet light will go red then go out. Takes about 10 minutes for it to come back on. The corded phone does not have this problem. The secondary phone outlet is...
  4. Widjaja

    HD 7870 GPU core fluctuation 3D clocks to 450Mhz

    Anyone with an HD 7870 noticing in GPU Z, their core clock randomly dropping to 450Mhz very briefly? I'm not seeing this fluctuation causing any problems in games so other people with an HD 7870 may not have noticed. Apparently it has started happening since the 12.8 drivers.
  5. Widjaja

    GPU exhibiting lower performance in Windows 7 than XP.

    My old HD 4850 512mb seems to perform poorly in windows 7 OS compared to XP. Playing Skryim, I notice jitter and Tribes Ascend is laggy while in XP it is not. The strange thing about Skyrim is both XP and Windows 7 show the same average FPS of 60. At first I thought it was from installing...
  6. Widjaja

    Operating Systems Retail/OEM still OEM?

    Just a question. I know there is a version of windows which is just the product key and which is OEM and then there is the version which has the disk which is sold by online retailers. Should the version with the disk still be stated as OEM or allowed to be stated as retail?
  7. Widjaja

    Whats a reasonable sized SSD and is there a preferred brand?

    Currently in my Country 120 SSDs seem to be the best value. Are 120 SSDs a reasonable size? Which is the preferred reliable brand or are they all the same?
  8. Widjaja

    Can ping depend on router?

    I am noticing often my ping in games being around 60-80. I mainly play Killing Floor and Tribes: Ascend in Multiplayer. Is this due to quality of connection or quality of router? I am not using a fantastic router by any means, it's a Technicolor TN582 or something like that. I am hard...
  9. Widjaja

    RAM went bad after power outage?

    A couple of days ago a RAM stick went shortly after a power outage. Personally it doesn't make sense to me how a power outage could cause this. Is it possible?:wtf: This maybe a conspiracy but my Brother's onboard audio died the same day and his motherboard is basically the Z77 version of mine.
  10. Widjaja

    Looking to upgrade my GPU 7850 > 7870 or other?

    Planning on upgrading my GPU in the near future. To one of the two in the subject title. Either the Sapphire 7850 or 7870 both non pre-OC. (mainly because I have had good experience with the maker). First question:- Is there much performance gain in the 7870 over the 7850 as I see the 7870...
  11. Widjaja

    Mouse sensors varying in strength?

    Just wondering if anyone who has changed to a different brand of mouse has noticed this. My trusty 5+ year old Logitech MX518 called it quits yesterday so I bought a Gigabyte M6900 which was the most available best performance mouse I could get ASAP. The mouse sensor is placed off to the...
  12. Widjaja

    GOing back to AMD....FX series which one is worth it?

    My rig in my system specs has given up due to the motherboard failing and taking out a stick of RAM. Replaced the motherboard and found it was DOA. Replaced it again and found the last motherboard would not even show a green light. So I have had enough and I am going back to the AMD side of...
  13. Widjaja

    Problem with PowerDVD10 and new movie on Blu-Ray

    Just bought an ASUS Blu-Ray optical drive. Installed the PowerDVD 10 Blu-Ray Player and tried out The Three Musketeers. If I autoplay, I seem to get problems with the disc causing PowerDVD 10 to crash on launch. Although it works if I open PowerDVD manually, but even then, on occasion, I...
  14. Widjaja

    New PSU recommendations

    [SOLVED] New PSU recommendations [EDIT] The issue was not the filthy PSU but a a troublesome DVD/RW drive. Well. My trusty Enermax PSU has finally screwed the pooch. Choca full of dust and was impossible to get into. The fan was making a clacking sound at times and noticed one of the...
  15. Widjaja

    [SOLVED] New House, internet hooked up, one phone rings the other does not.

    New House, internet hooked up, one phone rings the other does not. [SOLVED] Old corded phone needs a BT 2 wire Ringing Adaptor to allow it to ring when there are in coming calls. New phones have this ringing capacitor already installed. Since setting up internet in a new home, when someone...
  16. Widjaja

    FireFox 9.0.1 pausing every few seconds

    For example when typing in this post, I will type the word or part of a word and the text updates later. Say I type in 'for' and sometimes it will take about a second or less for the whole word to show up. Or if I back space nothing happens then around second later it will do it. I don't...
  17. Widjaja

    ASUS P5N32-E Sli Memory timing not changing after changing it in BIOS

    [SOLVED] ASUS P5N32-E Sli Memory timing not changing after changing it in BIOS Not sure where to put this but I think it maybe a motherboard problem/limitation rather than a memory issue. The RAM timings according to the sticks of RAM are 5-5-5-12 but the timings the motherboard keeps the...
  18. Widjaja

    Will this power supply run this system?

    Just acquired:- Core 2 Q6600 (don't know the stepping) P532-E SLi 4GB Corsair XMS This will be replacing the ye olde CPU motherboard and RAM my system specs which have done me well for the very long time I have used them. I noticed the motherboard has an 8-pin P4 power connector but...
  19. Widjaja

    Is it possible for a server admin to know what a user is browing on the network?

    I know there is a way to monitor which PC is doing the downloading and how much bandwidth it is using from the server, but is there a way to find out what the culprit machine is browsing/downloading without physically going to the culprit machine on the network?
  20. Widjaja

    Backing up GFWL DLC?

    I am wanting to reinstall windows and to avoid having to download the dlc again. Before I do, I would like to know if I need to re-download the DLC I have purchased from GFWL. Cheers
  21. Widjaja

    How do you keep your fans clean and running smooth?

    Since there was a bit of talk about how we keep our fans running smooth in another thread and there had been some various solutions and products used I thought I would start a thread to see what us TPU members personally use when our fans get dirty, sluggish and noisy. Anyone who wants to add...
  22. Widjaja

    Updating machines through one machine

    Is there a way to update a set of machines through one machine instead of each machine downloading windows updates?
  23. Widjaja

    What factors cause HDDs end up with bad sectors besides impact damage?

    Just something I have not looked in depth into since I have never had a HDD randomly die on me yet knock on wood. Sure a HDD can get impact damage sue to negligence. But what other factors can cause such an issue? One job I am working on made me think about this since the drive has bad...
  24. Widjaja

    Samsung BX2331 This monitor any good?

    In the market for a new monitor I am looking at the BX2331 LED display monitor. Also anyone know the difference between the PX and the BX series and is it significant?
  25. Widjaja

    Cases with built in docking station?

    Lookng for a case with a built in docking station. The one I was looking at does not appear to be sold by anyone in New Zealand. Contacted a site which sold Sharkoon fans but had no response from the site so not doing any dealings with them. http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/content/bandit Are...