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  1. Gilletter

    Random HDD disappearing

    Randomly over the last few weeks my HDD has been disappearing from windows and bios. Was just on a webpage and got a BSOD saying KERNEL_DATA_INPUT_ERROR. It's only the data drive and not my OS drive that is affected. Does anyone know if this is hardware failure of the HDD,mobo, or memory? Or is...
  2. Gilletter

    ASUS ROG 750

    $1299 for an asus rog750 with bluray and gtx870. Wish I could have waited for this one! https://e.tigerdirect.com/pub/cc?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DWQpglLjHJlYQGj3g0nbSh1oXSGTd8zeF1NNj1G5zgzczd9lXhq3VXtpKX%3DSSRUCBY&_ei_=EolaGGF4SNMvxFF7KucKuWNO47HWHihqUpQz59cTBQmb6SUHKopdJfDF-T0H5M.
  3. Gilletter

    AMD Overdrive with a10

    Anyone have any experience with AMD overdrive and AMD a10-5750m processor? It's been awhile since I ventured into the overclocking scene, and have never done so on a laptop. I bought and returned a different laptop due to some issues and the closest thing I could get in the price range was an...
  4. Gilletter

    Help me pick!

    Ok, so I got a radeon silver rewards... 2 free games. I'm having trouble picking from the list. Are there any can't miss games on here? 1. Available Game(s): Tomb Raider Hitman Absolution Sleeping Dogs Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dirt 3 Thief Murdered: Soul Suspect Dungeon Siege III Alan Wake...
  5. Gilletter

    Thoughts on this Laptop

    http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Laptops/HP-ENVY/902164?HP-ENVY-17t-j100-Leap-Motion-Best-Value What are your thoughts on this laptop? My current 3 year old Toshiba satellite L755d is on its last legs, and I'm looking for something that I can let the wife use for basic...
  6. Gilletter

    Better hd7870 brand

    If it were your choice, would you choose A: Cheaper, powercolor B: More expensive, XFX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=%2D1&IsNodeId=1&Description=hd7970&bop=And&CompareItemList=48%7C14%2D150%2D605%5E14%2D150%2D605%2DTS%2C14%2D131%2D546%5E14%2D131%2D546%2DTS...
  7. Gilletter

    Upgrade advice

    So my PSU just took a dump on me, so it's being replaced. I've decided to upgrade another component or two. I have a budget of around $160-$180... What would you upgrade on my current system and why?
  8. Gilletter

    PSU Failure?

    So I think my PSU is dying. I went down to it today and started it up, and it shut off at the boot screen. So I take it upstairs, hook it up and it works just fine. Take it back downstairs and hook it back up and it works fine until I start into a game, then poof... off again. So I unplug it...
  9. Gilletter

    New laptop choices

    What would you choose between these 2 and why. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CU9GKUS/?tag=tec06d-20 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DWGT7KI/?tag=tec06d-20
  10. Gilletter

    System shut off randomly

    Last night after exiting a game (Diablo 3) blue screen error popped up saying there was an issue, and system would restart. Upon splash screen of windows 8 computer would power off by itself. Event Viewer shows this "The system was shut down due to a critical thermal event...
  11. Gilletter

    Which SSD

    I had 2 drives fail me in under 30 days, a 13 year old eide drive and a 3 year old sata drive... sooo... Which one should I replace them with? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009NHAF06/?tag=tec06d-20 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004W7D6RQ/?tag=tec06d-20...
  12. Gilletter

    Cloned HDD wont boot

    I cloned a HDD to get rid of older HDD and lose the IDE cables and stick with SATA. Only problem is the cloned HDD wont boot nor repair, and the boot record seems to be on the second IDE drive and not the one with the windows partition on it. Is there anyway to fix this situation??? I'm afraid...
  13. Gilletter

    Brother Printer help

    I have a brother printer mfc-495cw, it has an error "unable to print f4" from what I've read it seems it's a print head problem. Does anyone know where I can find a repair manual to pull it apart and clean the print head manually, or see what may be causing the issue? Or anyone have any ideas on...
  14. Gilletter

    laptop to tv ethernet?

    Is it possible to connect my laptop to my tv through the rj-45 connector and use my laptop on wireless to act as the "internet" for my tv? I have an LG 50pz550, but don't want to pay $45 for the dongle to get additional functions of my tv... thanks in adavance
  15. Gilletter

    integrated microphone?

    Hey all, just bought a new laptop a few weeks back. I'm on a business trip and tried to skype with my wife and kid and the integrated mic disappeared on me... No changes or anything??? I reverted back to a restore point from when I first brought it home. It's a Toshiba Satellite l755d-s5218...
  16. Gilletter

    DIII Beta up!

    Finally the Diablo 3 beta is up... here's hoping to an invite!!! I've been waiting forever for this damn game to come out!:toast:
  17. Gilletter

    Question about a6-3400m

    Just picked up a Toshiba Satellite L755d-s5218 at worstbuy for $449. Anyone know if these processors can be set to run at the rated 2.3ghz at all times instead of pulling back to 1.4ghz? I would like to keep my new laptop running at 2.3 if possible --- thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Gilletter

    Sata HDD disappears?

    Hi all I'm having a problem with one of my SATA HDD disappearing at random times. I've already changed out the cable thinking that might be the problem, but it's doing the same thing with the new cable. Has anyone experienced this before, or does anyone have a clue on how to stop it from happening?
  19. Gilletter

    DSLR Websites?

    Just picked up a new DSLR camera that my wife wanted, a Canon EOS Rebel t2i - So now that we have it, I wante to learn how to use the bugger... Does anyone know of any good websites to self teach the basics of using a DSLR??? --- mods please move if this is in the wrong section --- Thanks for...
  20. Gilletter

    AS5 temps at idle?

    What should my temps be at idle with AS5? I just applied some the other day but it seems kind of high to me. ON everest it shows CPU at 41 celcius and each core at 49 celcius... I never paid attention to what it was before... Does that seem right?
  21. Gilletter

    Copy complete drive?

    Is there a way I can copy my complete IDE drive (os and all) to my new sata without having to do a fresh install? I'd like to drop my IDE drives altogether now that I have 2 sata hdd, one being a 1tb other 250gb... I'm sure there are programs out there to help, so if anyone has used one before...
  22. Gilletter

    8 pin extender with 4 pin?

    would it be safe to use an 8 pic exteneder with only the 4 pin connector that I need hooked up? would it work - I would ASSUME it would, but would prefer some extra feedback before I fire up the system in my new case.
  23. Gilletter

    Cold Cathode colors with HAF 932?

    Thinking of adding some cold cathodes to light the case up... debating, red, blue, uv - in that order... Need some more input on it... Front of case has red LED, power supply has blue led... as does video card (sapphire is lit up in blue) :toast:
  24. Gilletter

    Paint suggestions?

    So I'm going to be taking apart my HAF932 when it gets in to paint the interior black. I plan on taking it down to just where it is riveted together (don't want to completely disassemle. Does anyone have a paint suggestion that they have used in past builds? I was thinking of a flat black or...
  25. Gilletter

    Looking for a new case

    Need some recommendations on a new case. I'm looking for under $80, as thats how much I have on Amazon.com to spend. preferrably something with a side window and decent fans. It will contain the system in my sig / bio. Anyone out there that wants to recommend their cases I would love your...