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  1. 3991vhtes

    Best $1000 I'll ever spend

    I plan on doing a highend gamer. Here's what I have so far Motherboard- XFX MB-N780-ISH9 $259.99 Proc- Intel C2D E6850 Conroe $269.99 Graphics- 2x XFX Geforce 8800GS 384MB $259.98 RAM- 4x 1GB Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4 $99.96 HDD- Western Digital Caviar SE 500GB $89.99 Optical-...
  2. 3991vhtes

    Possible to flash X1650PRO to X1950PRO?

    I want to flash my X1650PRO Bios to a X1950Pro I have some questions: Would it run hotter? Where would I get the new BIOS? Would I have to upgrade my cooler? Would I benefit any? If I wasn't satisified, could I undo the BIOS flash? Thoughts/comments? I want to do this, to get better...
  3. 3991vhtes

    Need help figuring out how to OC this computer

    I want to OC My rig. Look @ specs. It has a Gateway BIOS, so it's locked. I already tried ClockGen. Nothing. I even tried CPUFSB, but it told me I couldn't modify the PLL or whatever. What could I do? I attached CPU-Z screenshots of everything @ stock, to see if that would help.
  4. 3991vhtes

    [WTB][US] Socket 478 HSF

    I am in desperate need of a 478 heatsink, right now I'm running a 754 heatsink, and it doesn't fit right, and my CPU overheats. If you have a spare HSF, and you don't want it anymore, I'd appreciate a PM :) Thank you I'm located in Bradford, PA
  5. 3991vhtes

    socket 478 mATX buildup

    Hey guys, I want to do a mATX socket 478 build for around $150ish I can get a 2.8GHz P4 for free, I still hope, so that's not a worry :) I need: mATX case PSU Mobo (preferably AGP) RAM (DDR) AGP Vid. Card Hard Drive (at least 80GB IDE) DVD / CD Drive (has to be reader and writer for...
  6. 3991vhtes

    [Case Gallery] 3991's AN7 system

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Abit AN7 AMD Athlon XP-M 1600+ Thoroughbred @2GHz 512MB DDR333 2.5-3-3-7 SAPPHIRE Radeon 9600Pro AGP 8x 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9 HDD Lite-On DVD/CD Combo drive Logisys case w/ 480watt PSU Mods: performed cable management, cut a hole in the side of...
  7. 3991vhtes

    [FS] Slot 1 stuff

    I have some Slot 1 stuff I want to get rid of... Abit BX6 Slot 1 mobo - $15 + Shipping - I changed the original chipset heatsink. It says VIA GRAphic embeded, but it's an intel 440bx chipset, I think - No onboard video - Works - Will include manual on CD...
  8. 3991vhtes

    Ordering my new video card....

    I'm ordering this video card Monday. I'm so excited to finally get rid of this POS FX5500 :toast: w00t!
  9. 3991vhtes

    What's your ALL TIME FAVORITE motherboard?

    Mine is the Abit AN7. It can do a monster stable overclock. Also has a TON of options for the CPU, memory timings, and others. What's your favorite mobo, and why? :toast:
  10. 3991vhtes

    [want for $0]- Pentium III

    I know this is like the 4th ["WFF"] thread, but it's the most important.. My friend needs a computer, and I'm doing a christmas build for him. Can be either socket 370 or slot 1. It doesn't really matter. The MHz's don't matter, as long as it's not faster than 1.2GHz. (that's all the higher...
  11. 3991vhtes

    [FS][US] Memory

    I have a ton of SDRAM for sale. 128, 64, 32MB chips. I may even have a 16MB chip as well :) If interested, PM me. I would list everything, but there's too much to list. I post it USPS Priority. Insured. Everything I quote does NOT include shipping. My location is Bradford PA 16701. I ONLY...
  12. 3991vhtes

    AGP Question...

    Can I put an AGP 8x Card in a AGP Pro slot?
  13. 3991vhtes

    Need help choosing ATX Cases for the following rigs...

    They need to be cheap. I'm asking because I need help figuring out a good case that would have the proper airflow, for each system. Each case can't be above $60. Rig 1: ECS 775-A2 Socket 754 mobo AMD Sempron 2800+ Crazy heatsink and fan :eek: 512MB DDR SDRAM PC3200 80GB HDD GeForce...
  14. 3991vhtes

    [want for free] AGP 2x graphics card

    Well, I would offer money, but, as usual, I don't have any :( I need a AGP 2x card. Thanks
  15. 3991vhtes

    Socket A Club

    The old one got deleted... This is a hangout for all Socket A users. Or ex-users. I hope this will be a good place to chat about Socket A To join, you must meet these requirements: * Owned at least ONE Socket 462 system Members: 3991vhtes newtekie1...
  16. 3991vhtes

    My Slot 1 Setup

    I'm doing a Slot 1 setup :) Mobo: Abit BX6 CPU: Celeron 433MHz OC 541MHz Socket 370 w/ a slocket Cooling: Socket A upto 3200+ w/ oversized fan RAM: 256MB infineon PC133, 128MB Kingston ValueRAM PC133, 128MB unknown brand PC100,and 64MB unknown PC100 HDD: 10GB Quantum FireBall (master)...
  17. 3991vhtes

    [WTB] 60gb Western Digital HDD

    I'm doing a Christmas build for my friend's brother. I need a clean 60GB EIDE Western Digital hard drive. Please offer before November 30th, 2007 Fine Print US only I live in Bradford, PA I'll only accept USPS Priority mail I can pay via PayPal, only if my uncle is home I can...
  18. 3991vhtes

    Overclocking the K6-2, please help!

    I'm going to OC my K6-2. It's stock speed is 500MHz. The core name is Chomper. There's a problem, my PCChips M585LMR Mobo doesn't POST with anything above 105FSB*5.5. The max FSB it has is 124, and the max multi is 5.5. I tried setting it at 110*5.5, and it doesn't POST, as with 110*4...
  19. 3991vhtes

    Clubhouse idea

    I think that the rule should be one club per person. There's a specific group of people, that create a lot of diferent clubs. Although I've only made 2, 1 of them is dead. :( What do you think of this idea? I say yes to avoid all the different clubhouse spam, and there should only...
  20. 3991vhtes

    Friend claims USB flash drives in Vista can work as RAM

    LOL My friend was saying in Vista, you could plug in a Flash Drive and use it as RAM. I said he's full of crap, and he says that he's right, and it works. So I wanted to post this for a laugh of the day (or night)
  21. 3991vhtes

    [Want for free]- GTA San Andreas for PS2

    Meh, someone stole GTA San Andreas from me, but I don't have any $$$ to get a new copy. :mad: If anyone doesn't want/need their old GTA San Andreas for PS2, I would appreciate you to drop me a PM :) Thanks. The Fine Print I live in Bradford, PA 16701. I can cover shipping, if it's...
  22. 3991vhtes

    Need Linux for file server.....

    What's the best free version of Linux that I can use on my File Server? By free I mean NOT a torrent link... Plz include a link to the Download site.... In case there's a hardware requirement, AMD K6-2 500MHz 448MB PC133 SDRAM 10GB Maxtor HDD 2MB Matrox MGA PCI Graphics Thanks
  23. 3991vhtes

    System randomly restarts while installing programs....

    I was trying to install LibertyBASIC Gold License Edition on my new legacy build, and when it was about 71% done installing, my system reboots. Here's the spec: Mobo- PCChips M585LMR Socket 7 Motherboard CPU- AMD K6-2 @ 525MHz (95*5.5) RAM- 448MB SDRAM DIMM0 - Infineon PC133 256MB DIMM1...
  24. 3991vhtes

    ATiTool doesn't work with onboard ATi Graphics

    I have an ATi Onboard video card (~4MB). On a TriGem COMO3 eMachines mobo. Celeron 433MHz, and 384MB SDRAM. Windows XP. When I adjust the sliders, it doesn't even save the settings. Why is that? Is ATiTool incompatible with onboard ATi graphics? :confused:
  25. 3991vhtes

    PSU Question

    If I get a old motherboard [ancient], and hook up a powerful PSU (480 watt) to it, would there be any harm done to the motherboard? I'm worried about having too strong of a PSU in my Socket 7 build. Thanks.