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    Gigabyte 7970 x3 1000/1375 bios needed

    Has anyone got the bios from version 1.3 its unlocked voltage i got mine in June i know theres a few on Tech but wondered wether theres anymore as they dont seem to be keeping my clocks. Thanks Ps does anyone no the difference between the 2-3 bios version on tech as they have different dayes...
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    Weirdest Bios issue never heard anyone else with the same issue!

    Hi, I have got a weird issue with my Gigabyte 7970 gpu card, I have had it around 7 months it is the 1000/1375 version this came out before the GHZ edition. It is 1.3 version voltage unlocked. Most of the time I use it at stock clocks but when I play large maps in Battlefield 3 i up to...