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  1. BAGZZlash

    New multithreaded CPU benchmark: "Eight queens puzzle"

    Okay, here's a few things. 1.) I put the results we have so far into a table and sorted it by the one-thread computing times. 2.) I made a few changes to the program: 2a) Not entering (or entering an invalid) number of threads to use will now make the program iterate through all available...
  2. BAGZZlash

    New multithreaded CPU benchmark: "Eight queens puzzle"

    That would be great. The so-far known number of solutions for n = 26 has been computed back in 2009. Time to crack the n = 27! :) Does not matter much. Do you have this nice piece of hardware?
  3. BAGZZlash

    New multithreaded CPU benchmark: "Eight queens puzzle"

    It doesn't use anything random at all. Look at the source code, it uses deterministic backtracking. Contributin':
  4. BAGZZlash

    New multithreaded CPU benchmark: "Eight queens puzzle"

    Today I accidentally stumbled over the "Eight queens puzzle". It's a game of placing n chess queens on an n×n chessboard so that no two queens threaten each other. Computationally, the challenge is to find the total number of solutions to that problem for differently sized (n) chessboards. The...
  5. BAGZZlash

    New BIOS editor software published

    Thanks, but well, that link is not too great. There's a separate section in the forum there, follow this link. Eventually the program will be released via the download section on the main page.
  6. BAGZZlash

    New BIOS editor software published

    Over in the forums of TechInferno.com some guys have just picked up working on a new BIOS editor software for, so far, mobile Radeon BIOSes. Until now, only a Dell 7970m BIOS is supported, but the guys are clever coders and may come up with more flexible versions shortly. It's very worth...
  7. BAGZZlash

    6970 RBE voltage showing as ---

    Read the in-program FAQ section, would you?
  8. BAGZZlash

    RBE feature requests

    Sorry, I'm afraid it's not coming any soon. You see, first of all I don't have a lot of spare time for this at the moment. Second, the structure of the BIOS changed to a noticable degree with the 7xx0 generation cards, so supporting them would be a lot of effort to put in. And third, it's...
  9. BAGZZlash

    RBE bug reports

    That's not an issue but a very wanted behaviour. Wrote about it a lot, just roam the forums, would you?
  10. BAGZZlash

    RBE feature requests

    Could you (or someone else) send/post a 7970 BIOS?
  11. BAGZZlash

    Any progress?

    Since AMD made almost any interesting changes to BIOSes virtually impossible I have little incentive to put any effort into it. Furthermore, I'm currently very engaged in my job... :rolleyes:
  12. BAGZZlash

    no HD 6770

    6770 will work as good or bad as supported 6850/6870, for example.
  13. BAGZZlash

    questions about the driver locks for 6xxx for BAGZZlash

    As far as I know, large parts of the catalyst drivers are implemented in C# (the CCC, at least). That's why you need the .NET framework to install the driver, which is very annoying for a fresh windows installation as many people may know around here... :laugh: Anyway, C# software is a lot...
  14. BAGZZlash

    questions about the driver locks for 6xxx for BAGZZlash

    Yes, it's a digital signature. I talked about it a lot in the threads around here. You can also view this 32-bytes-signature with RBE's built-in hex editor. I don't know. I'm not a reverse engineer, nor do I know too much about the driver architecture... :ohwell:
  15. BAGZZlash

    Help and donate a few cents for RBE! :-)

    Sorry for being snoopy, but in what way do you earn money with that? Just curious. I have the binary readily compiled. Maybe we'll wait some more days so you can bring some BIOS examples. If you would like to have a beta version prematurely, just send a PM. That's somewhat difficult to...
  16. BAGZZlash

    Help and donate a few cents for RBE! :-)

    What do you mean, "look at"? If you don't want to answer this here, feel free to send me a PM. I have these ones on my support list for the next version, except for 6770. For that I'll need a BIOS sample, see below. You do realize that I will never be able to guarantee that this will work...
  17. BAGZZlash

    Help and donate a few cents for RBE! :-)

    Dude, I don't know what to say... :rockout: I wasn't very pressed to support lower 6xx0 cards, but you invested a nice argument to do so. Please, could you post a list of what 6xx0 cards there are you would like to be supported, together with BIOS examples? At least, if you list encloses more...
  18. BAGZZlash

    6990 Bios Edit possible ?

    Thanks for that, I appreciate it. :shadedshu Why don't you go ahead and show us how a really good BIOS editor is made? Okay, this one I really appreciate.
  19. BAGZZlash

    Flashing edited BIOS from R6950 OC turns into BSOD

    Interesting stuff. I wonder if anyone can reproduce this experiment.
  20. BAGZZlash

    5850 Fan control?

    Could you post the corresponding BIOS file, please? There are 8 bytes in a row to be changed from this position on, right? What values are they to be changed to?
  21. BAGZZlash

    RBE (v1.28) and Radeon HD6990

    No, there's not. That's a bug, fan tab should be disabled. Thanks for reporting that, will be fixed in next release. :toast:
  22. BAGZZlash

    Sapphire 6850 toxic edition change signature=bricked card?

    Yeah, overdrive is affected by AMD's new restrictions, just as fan settings and clock table setting (powerplay). If you want to use overdrive instead of 3rd party tools for overclocking, maybe you should try the most recent RacerX unlocker.
  23. BAGZZlash

    Push overdrive limits over the top!

    Newest version is v0.14: It will read the required values from Profiles.xml - you should only need to tinker with the desired overdrive values. This is still in experimental stage, maybe won't work properly with crossfire setups. Please re-check all values the program automatically sets.
  24. BAGZZlash

    RBE v1.28 launched!

    I'm not sure anymore. I think it was an issue that sometimes caused RBE to not find the overdrive section in the BIOS.
  25. BAGZZlash

    Problem with RBE 1.26 and HD6850

    This is only a visual style, a way of displaying the data. Date is actually always saved as step function.