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  1. jimp9106

    flying the friendly skys

    flying the friendly skys
  2. jimp9106

    Some issues with new build

    I recently had the exact same problem with my system , It ended up being my ax860i. I installed a spare Cooler Master SPH 1050W that I had laying around and the computer booted right up. So I took the ax860i and put it in my spare system and after a few days it started having the same problem...
  3. jimp9106

    Best liquid cpu cooler under 200 dollars.

    The earlier Glacier 240XL pumps seem to have been failing at a high rate ,,,,Check out how many failures the Newegg reviewers have posted . Supposedly there is a newer revision of this pump with not as many pump failures.
  4. jimp9106

    Rampage III Black gone from Asus site ??

    Thank you ... I appreciate the help ... lol ..i searched and searched :o
  5. jimp9106

    Rampage III Black gone from Asus site ??

    Hello , I have a Rampage III Black that im going to be selling and I cannot find my set up disc with all the drivers / software .... I wanted to copy the drivers onto a disc to include with the board once i sell it .... But i cannot find the "Black" on Asus's site anywhere ,,,I first noticed...
  6. jimp9106

    ASUS Sabertooth Z77 vs Asus P8Z77-v Deluxe

    I have a Sabertooth z77 and a Asrock Z77professional . . . The Sabertooth , in my experience , is better ,,,, All the features work on the Asus as described so far ..overclocks easy , no BSOD so far ... .The Asrock has been a bit buggy . Although its a solid board , im going to sell it and...
  7. jimp9106

    New video card: What do I get?

    Ive been using 2 crossfire'd XFX HD6990's for about the last year and recently picked up a sapphire HD 7970 OC ...which is selling cheap ... Im so impressed with it that i just bought another one and ditching all my old 1366 stuff ...
  8. jimp9106

    AMD 6990 or AMD 7970

    I have 6990's crossfired in one machine and i also have a sapphire 7970 in a new computer i just put together ,,, I havent has a problem at all with either set up ... but i have to agree with the others , the 6990's throw the heat . i didnt need to use my furnace much this past winter ,,, i just...
  9. jimp9106

    In Win Officially Unveils the GreenMe Power Supplies

    Ive found that anything promoted as "environmentally friendly " is usually junk ...
  10. jimp9106

    To all 6990 owners - Noise issues

    i have a xfx 6990 and yes ,,,,, gets loud ,,, when i max out flight sim x i dont need to even have the speakers on , the card sounds just like the plane im flying ,,, :)
  11. jimp9106

    [WTB] Decently Vented Case! Mid

    i recently got a t60 case from sneeky peet ,,,, it was just like i had gotten it from newegg it was so new ,,, but for alot less $$ you deff wont go wrong with him ,,,,