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  1. scope54

    AMD E-450 Driver Help

    Rejzor, look in Task Manager and make sure nothing is taking up a lot of CPU cycles. For example on 8.1 my dad's laptop had a problem with windows update and there would be something called TiWorker.exe maxing out the hard drive and cpu. In task manager under the details tab or Processes tab you...
  2. scope54

    Looking for a real-time N-body simulation

    There is an executable in ...\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\OpenCL\bin\win64\Release where you can run it with these parameters: Command line switches: --qatest Check correctness of GPU execution and measure performance) --noprompt Quit simulation automatically after a brief...
  3. scope54

    Looking for a real-time N-body simulation

    Nvidia has some samples and one of them I believe is an n-body simulation using opencl. Check them out and if im wrong maybe something else you will find in there that is interesting. https://developer.nvidia.com/opencl edit: just found it, it's at the bottom of the page.
  4. scope54

    AMD Mantle allows adding Vram on multi-gpu configs.

    Lucid Virtu does this: They talk about it at about the 2:00 minute mark. There is a better demo of it using unreal tournament 3 but i couldnt find it.
  5. scope54

    Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Variants

    Media Center will not be available at all. :( http://techreport.com/news/28214/the-curtain-falls-on-windows-media-center my htpc won't be going to 10.
  6. scope54

    Replacing mPCI-E Wifi card in laptop

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA24G1XA5532&cm_re=intel_6205-_-33-106-135-_-Product I bought the Intel 6205 after failing with other stuff for my wireless. Pretty good so far.
  7. scope54

    [FS][US] 480GB PNY Optima SSD

    No longer for sale due to lack of interest.
  8. scope54

    [FS][US] 480GB PNY Optima SSD

    So I'm just going to take this down on Monday night.
  9. scope54

    [FS][US] 480GB PNY Optima SSD

    Bump. If anyone wants any information on the drive just ask. For example, if you want me to run a specific benchmark on the drive.
  10. scope54

    [FS][US] 480GB PNY Optima SSD

    I’m selling a 480GB PNY Optima SSD. I just bought this (9/13/2014) but something came up and I need to get the money back. I only have some games on it so it’s barely been used. 480GB PNY Optima SSD - $145 shipped -- No Longer for Sale Pic: My Heatware...
  11. scope54

    Kaveri 7850K and APUNB scaling (how much?:) )

    The last NB speed doesn't seem worth it if you already have it at 2000MHz and if you have a discrete GPU. When using the IGP, the CPU would just downclock to 3.0Ghz so in that case I could see it being worth it to overclocking the bus versus multiplier. Also look into lower the voltages, I have...
  12. scope54

    AMD A10 7850K Freezing after GPU-Z opened

    http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/processors/desktop/a-series-apu <--Officially the max supported for most Kaveri APU's is 2133 (Check out the 'Specs' tab) To the relevant part of the thread: I'd do as OneMoar suggested and run Memtest 86+ http://www.memtest.org/ I'd suggest maybe 2 or 3 passes.
  13. scope54

    New Motherboard ALC 1150 Onboard or SoundBlaster Recon 3d Pro

    I've been in the same boat, got the 'Purity Sound' on the Asrock Extreme 6 but still have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 zs. I decided to use just the purity and I haven't noticed a difference. I need to plug the Audigy back in and test it though. (i'm now inspired to plug the Audigy in now)
  14. scope54

    GPU-Z 0.7.6 (Kabini/Temash still wrong info)

    gpu-z for my kabini laptop: a6-1450 APU
  15. scope54

    Moderboard ASUS P5B Socket 775, Core 2 duo E4500

    I wouldnt recommend buying that. The gpu is going to be slower and the cpu and motherboard is at most a side grade and/or it is slower than what you have now
  16. scope54

    12 months, 4 mice dead. Need new mouse suggestions.

    I've been using my Logitech G5 since like 2005 or 2006 and I play games regularly. How hard do you click.
  17. scope54

    AMD Athlon X4 Socket FM2 CPUs Based on Richland Silicon Go On Sale

    I'm now really curious to see if it performs as well as the FX-4350.
  18. scope54

    What should I buy the Creative z, zx or the zxr?

    This is proof that creative's software suite can be used on different audio chipsets.
  19. scope54

    Help! Can anyone tell me what the problem is? GPU? HD?

    I get that too if i go too high on my memory overclock, but it doesn't happen at stock speeds (1000/1200). FYI i have mine at 1260/1330.
  20. scope54

    Ati 5850 problems

    no he does not have a 4870/4890 and i dont think the 0930 is when it was produced. the back of his card looks identical to my 5850 except the label placement and the extra fan input, plus other various switches that are filled in. The most important part is that the GPU part is identical to...
  21. scope54

    Ati 5850 problems

    it is a 5850 comparing it to mine. For whatever reason to me the fan looks like VisionTek but dont put a lot of stock into that.
  22. scope54

    No Service Pack 2 for Windows 7: Report

    Do you guys think 7 will get a dx11.1 update?
  23. scope54

    FarCry 3 PC System Requirements Released, Always-Online DRM Scrapped for Campaign

    I believe it only has good multi-threading with Integer workloads, where as games are mostly floating point.
  24. scope54

    7870 Memory errors in memtestCL

    I just ran a test with your suggestion, it had half the amount of errors (like 3 million to 1.5 million) going lower to 1000mb got it to 900errors or none. So I'm going to conclude that I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill and im not running the program the way it was meant to or there is a...
  25. scope54

    7870 Memory errors in memtestCL

    first here is memtestCL basically memtest86 for your GPU: http://folding.stanford.edu/English/DownloadUtils the card in question: HIS IceQ X H787QN2G2M Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2... I recently bought a HIS Radeon 7870 and had to return the first one because it was giving me occasional...