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    How would I do this, any ideas?

    I want to add a new feature to my site, a virtual town so to speak. You get a templete of different homes and you pick 1. Then you can click on it and it is like a mini page with info on you or what ever. how would I do it?
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    installing windows

    Hi, After a fresh xp home installation my machine was running fine. I then installed my printer - epson cx3200 printer and my adsl modem - bt voyager... Thereafter my machine upon booting and after displaying the xp window hangs before it goes into window AND when it gets into...
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    Please help recommend a 600w+ PSU with 30amp on the 12V rail!!

    guys after your helpand advice please!! need to source a PSU that will run my new AGP X1950 Pro but I've been told I need a PSU that will run 30 amps on the 12v rail. Looked at my existing PSU and it's only 18 amps Can you please recommend me one that's pretty quiet but more importantly...