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    I have a saphire x800gto but i cant to unlock extra pipelines.

    damn Will it work with usb? I don't have any floppy drives or disks
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    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    I've attached it in zip format Not sure if I've done it right but I used atiwinflash to save the bios had a look around the bios using RaBit 1.5 though not sure on most things besides core clocks This is for 256MB x800xt pci express using Samsung GC20 2.0ns DDR3
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    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    thanks for the reply This x800pro doesn't clock mem past 500 so I think I'll need to use RaBit to mod a x800xt from my x800xt Both cards are non vivo and pcie Actually both come from the same source and both use GC20 Samsung DDR3
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    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    Hi All, I've got a x800pro pcie card here that hopefully should unlock unfortunately the mem(samsung 2ns) isn't so good so would probably run into some problems memory wise I have a x800xt here as well with samsung 2.0ns ram as well Looking at taking the x800xt bios and flashing the...
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    Radeon X700 Voltmods

    on xs they seem to suggest a 50k vr