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  1. Prash

    Killzone 2 is out - what do you think?

    Till today PC games were always considered one step ahead of console games in different areas, may it be graphics, gameplay or anything else. But KZ2 which was recently released supposedly has better graphics compared to most of the PC games, Check a review here...
  2. Prash

    GTX 260 216 at a very good price

    Hi guys. Just wanted to let you all know a deal i found, on EVGA GTX 260 216. http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?p=EV-GTX26_C&c=fr&pid=4aad905b8a0986c08ae822ca68bfc4e7d951659e607755e023e6e9c0b46027f4 Total price: $202.91 + $14.03 (US Shipping to NY) + $0 (NY Tax) = $ 216.94 :D The shipping is...
  3. Prash

    3870X2 or newer ati cards?

    Hi everyone. This issue must have been brought up before. However i went through lot of reviews and discussions, and still confused. I am going to upgrade my GPU. I am confused between, HD3870X2 1GB card (used with warranty) for a price of $190. Or a Palit Sonic HD4850 at 220$ Both prices...