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  1. zsamz_

    [WTB][US] Qx9650

    your better off with a q9650;) cheaper n better alot of the qx are not E0;)
  2. zsamz_

    [FS][US] Selling All My Toys

    i have the exact same batch yours uses a bit less juice for 4.5:respect:
  3. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    he not hidin em i took em all:p
  4. zsamz_

    [WTB][US] [CAN} gtx285

    would you be interessted in a 285 with waterblock? i'm in montreal
  5. zsamz_

    Safe RAM Temp

    i never let ram go over 40c you just askin for trouble all you need is a fan on em
  6. zsamz_

    Is the i7-950 going to be worth it?

    ive had 920s 950s 960 and 975x the best were the 920s;) who gives a crap for a multi if the cpu wont get stable over 4.5
  7. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    thank god no new toys
  8. zsamz_

    X58 Build

    if you just want a 4.0 overclock any board will do if you want the best get the e760 as for the cpu i7 920 Batch:3848B314
  9. zsamz_

    What is Best Gamepad for PC Shooters??

    the claw + a mouse beats anything out there:pimp:
  10. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    please no special sales:nutkick:
  11. zsamz_

    [WTB] i7 920

    ya right :laugh: i got 3 i7 920 1 does 4.8 1 does 4.6 1 does 4.4 i sold off the duds that did 4.2 even had one that toped off @ 4.0:laugh: i guess for some its not important:rolleyes:
  12. zsamz_

    [WTB] 4GB DDR3 1600+ for X48

    pm darwin if he has any d9kpt or d9jmn the d9jnm are best;) you need good old microns or if you can get hypers will be best but remember 1 thing that board has alot of problems with memory n lots of fbs holes
  13. zsamz_

    [FS][US] radaja's FS/WTB/WTT thread

    man i thinkin on that ram would be nice to have 12gb of shiny stuff:D
  14. zsamz_

    [WTB][US] PhysX Card, 30$ to spend

    i like my physx with a gtx285:pimp:
  15. zsamz_

    [WTB][US] PhysX Card, 30$ to spend

    yup all the offerings were not good enough for physx:rolleyes:
  16. zsamz_

    [WTB][US] PhysX Card, 30$ to spend

    spend a few xtra $ get a 8800gt-9800gt
  17. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    Omg Darwin these cards are brand new:pimp: i was too lazy to put the 4th one in :laugh:
  18. zsamz_

    i7 920 - i7 960 [?]

    i've had a few 950 n 975 cpus and my 920s are best
  19. zsamz_

    [WTB] Asus Maximus II Formula

    try findin a ud3p your better off
  20. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    quad sli commin:pimp:
  21. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    please stop its my wife that takes care of bank statements:nutkick: i knew i shoulda gone to bed lol
  22. zsamz_

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    you got pm you killin me:nutkick:
  23. zsamz_

    [FS][US] [F/S][US] EVGA X58 Classified E760A1

    they sent new one or the same one ?lol i hate when evga sends with bent pins lol