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    Help me choose Thermal Paste

    So i have been researching what thermal paste im gonna use in my new build (i5 2500k), i got these to choose from: Noctua NT-H1 EVGA Frostbite Arctic Cooling MX-4 Arctic Cooling Arctic MX-2 Arctic Cooling AS5 Arctic Céramique 2 Cooler Master Thermal Grease Nexus TMP-1000 Note: The cooler i...
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    Upgrade tips: AMD or Intel?

    Hey everyone! Im in the thought about getting an upgrade in the upcoming month and i got a very limited budget. My budget cannot exceed 370euro. I want to be able to play SWTOR without dropping to the sub 30s fps in warzones as i do with my current setup. Im 80% sure that im getting...
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    Is my HD dying?

    I've experienced some strange stuff for 3days now with the computer, it all ended up with a complete format (i suspected it was a virus) Now, here is a screenshot of HDtune i just ran.. The disk was purchased in the end of 2009, its a samsung F3 500gb. Thoughts?
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    Western Digital Green Power [Problem]

    Hey techpowerup people! Now i turn to the forum once again since i have a problem with a WD GP 500gb harddrive. The drive is not old, its dated 18th may 2008 on the drive. The drive fails at SMART scan during bootup, but the drive is recognized in bios and it shows the correct values and all...
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    Help with overclocking (Maybe RAM issue)

    Hey guys ! I got a problem with my system when i try overclock it more then its already clocked. The ram (Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800mhz 5-5-5-18) refuses to post when its over 850mhz, no matter how much voltage i put into them. This of course limits my CPU overclocking to 3.4ghz, i know this...
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    Solved the low-gpu usage on gtx470

    Hey forum ! I havent been reporting this as i maybe should have as i know some people do still have these problems When i got it solved, i was so relief'd so i didnt actually care anymore :laugh: Anyway, i had problems with Low-GPU usage in pretty much all games, crysis, bfbc2, team fortress2...
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    Will start and benchmark, but not restart.

    Hey ! ive had this problem for long time now. When i try overclock to 3.52ghz or even higher (FSB:445-450) the memory lands at 880mhz at 445fsb, and it will boot up, and it will run benchmarks, but it wont post after a restart. The FSB lands at 1800mhz when its used at 3.6ghz, 900mhz memory...
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    gtx470 at 106c?

    I accidently made my gtx470 go up to around 106c today for a very short period of time.... I put my fan speed locked to 30% and went to make food, just to see what temps i would get at that speeds in idle. When i came back , i launched up AvP :banghead: , after just a few minues, i saw the...
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    New Geforce 262.99 WHQL

    I just noticed this driver on the nvidia site, and it even has a WHQL mark, anyone tried this driver?:)
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    gtx470 + gts250 (physx) on VX550 ?

    As the title says, would it be possible? Read my sign to the left :) The gtx470 is running at stock speeds
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    strange performance issues on gtx470

    Hey all ! I just purchased a gtx470 from zotac and have ran into some problems, or shall i say, very strange things. I've done alot of testing on it since i got it, this tests have been goin trough a few days now and ive tried document as much as possible to find a solution on the problem. I...
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    PSU + graphic card question (gtx 470)

    Hi ! I currently have a geforce gts250 1gb which i think is getting a bit slow in the newest games. So ive found a site where i can buy a gainward geforce gtx470 (the normal one with reference cooler and board) for 279euro including mafia2. I think thats a pretty good deal ! And i think...
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    Hitachi 2.5" 5K500 D-500 HDD Problem *HELP!*

    HI BEST TPU! I got a Hitachi 2.5" model 5k500 D-500, 500gb harddrive. SATA DRIVE. Bios recognizes it and shows everything about the drive, including 500.1gb space, windows installer recognizes it as unallocated 490gb something but cannot format due to some kind of I/O Error. When i plug it in...
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    nForce 780i vs P5Q

    Hey TPU dudes! Im currently using a P5Q SE2 motherboard (budget model as u figured) and currently i got it very stable, no issues what so ever anymore, my current FSB is 425x8 which equals 3.41ghz cpu clock on my 2.66ghz Q9400 CPU. I was whondering if its worth to change the motherboard to...
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    Q9400 OCing help/tips

    Yo guys on this terrific forum! I got some quick questions (yes ive searched and not finding any) Im running my intel quadcore q9400(2,66ghz stock) at 3.2ghz , 1,275v in bios (1.16-1.18 LOAD) Im running ket's modded bios for my mobo. Memory is running at stock speeds with stock voltage. CPU...
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    Asus MyLogo question! (RoG to Non-RoG)

    Hey! i couldnt find anywhere else to post this question so i try here.. I was thinking, is it possible to get the asus republic of gamers logo (the bootup screen) on my asus p5q (non-ROG motherboard) using the asus MyLogo tool? And if so, how do i fix it? And if not using the MyLogo...
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    Stability Issues - ASUS P5Q SE2

    Hello! Im running a computer with this Asus P5Q SE2 motherboard and 4gb of Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 2GB KIT CL5 memory. In other words, i got 4 memory sticks. I cannot run memtest without errors with any more ram then 1 stick. Ive tried swapping all 4 memory sticks around to...