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  1. Irony

    [WTB][US] Want to spend ~$200 on graphics

    I got both things covered, thanks everyone! I'm in the market for a graphics card for around $200; prefer nvidia, but it doesn't have to be. I haven't been keeping track of pricing lately, not for sure what that'll get me. Also looking for a CPU cooler, perhaps a hyper 212 or similar. Doesn't...
  2. Irony

    [FS/FT][US] WD Velociraptor 600gb

    I have a WD velociraptor 600gb that's brand new, all I've done is plugged it in and format it. I would like to get $140 for it, or trade for a graphics cards of similar value. Heatware is irony I'll get better pictures up in a bit Thanks
  3. Irony

    Computer will not reboot after being shut down

    I checked the internet to the best of my ability and found a few more with this problem but couldn't find an answer, so here I am. I haven't been here in a while Here's the problem. It's the system in my specs. I normally use hibernate unless I'm overclocking, and one day it wouldn't wake up...
  4. Irony

    [FS][US] WD Velociraptor 600gb

    Western Digital Velociraptor 600gb 10k rpm 6gbps. brand new, all ive done is format it, never even used for a single file transfer. Asking $100 shipped Payment by PayPal preferably Thanks SOLD
  5. Irony

    [FS/FT][US] Swiftech 120mm rad, 8gb Kingston 2666, Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX

    For Sale: Swiftech MCR 120mm radiator, practically new. With 2 cooler master sickleflow fans. (Red LED) asking $55 shipped SOLD Kingston Hyper x 2666 Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX. Works fine, Except for one memory slot, the black one closer to the CPU side of the board. It's not a problem if you're...
  6. Irony

    [FS] Noctua NH-D14

    Its a noctua NH-D14 with everything included I think except for the amd backplate. (Accidentally sold it on a motherboard) I have a generic motherboard backplate I can throw in if you need it I painted the outside of the fans black, you can see that in the pictures. SOLD Heatware is in...
  7. Irony

    My computer will not boot, stuck resuming from hibernate?

    The computer is the main one in my specs. Earlier today I put it to hibernate as I usually do when leaving it for a few hours. when I got back to it, I pressed a keyboard button to wake it as usual, and instead of the normal "Resuming" screen with windows logo, it was a light blue screen with...
  8. Irony

    How many components can my MCP35X pump handle?

    Just a quick question. Ive got a EK cpu block, EK full cover gpu block and a 360 rad, and im adding a 120 in a few days between the cpu/gpu. Can my single MCP35X handle that? I'm thinking it should be able to, but i just want to get an opinion or two. Thanks, Irony
  9. Irony

    [FS/FT] Gigabyte GTX 670 OC; HAF 922

    I accept paypal, Heatware's in my sig. [SOLD!] I have a Gigabyte GTX 670 OC for sale, asking $300 free shipping. Go ahead and make me an offer if you're interested. Also, I might be willing to do a partial trade for a full modular platinum PSU. Pictures: [SOLD] Cooler Master HAF 922. I...
  10. Irony

    Irony's Watercooling, 680 update

    So I built my water loop a couple months ago, and then Mxphenom had his 680 with an EK block for sale and I couldn't resist; Here's a couple pictures of the card with block. Installed the backplate on it today, can't wait for the fittings to get here so I can add it to the loop. There will be...
  11. Irony

    Sleeping dogs and Dear Esther Giveaway

    Two games up for giveaway, both Steam; Sleeping Dogs and Dear Esther. I got emotional and bought Sleeping dogs a while ago, and I never even added it to steam. So someone else might as well make good use of it! And I'm sure there's someone who wants a copy of Dear esther more than me. The...
  12. Irony

    Assassins Creed directors cut from Amazon wont install

    Played it years ago but didnt have a copy anymore. It was cheap last week on amazon so I picked it up. Spent 3 days downloading it on my stupid internet and now it wont install. It stops at the same point everytime, during installation when it gets to dataPC_Streamedsounds.forge it fails. The...
  13. Irony

    Irony's HAF Water Cooling

    I decided to give water cooling a go. I've been wanting to since about the third time I saw a water loop. lol. The first couple times I thought it was the stupidest idea ever; water in your beloved computer?! Then eventually I saw some awesome rig water cooled and I was like, I WANT... So then...
  14. Irony

    Water cooling parts advice for a beginner?

    So after I got my 8350 and saw my mighty Noctua NH-D14 brought to its knees, I decided that I'm suddenly interested in watercooling. I have been doing alot of reading and have found a few parts that I think I like, but I would like to get some advice and suggestions since I have no practical...
  15. Irony

    [FS/FT] Irony's first little sale

    I've never sold anything on here before, and my heatware is small; but it is all positive! My heatware is in my sig, I accept paypal only, and shipping is free to the continental US. Unless otherwise stated. Price is OBO, feel free to make offers. Also feel free to ask questions. Items are...
  16. Irony

    My first little giveaway. Warhammer 40,000 and Titan Quest

    Up for grabs is Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War, and Titan Quest. Got them with the Humble bundle and know I wont get around to playing them. So they can go to somebody that will! Requirements: 25 posts, join date 10-2012 or earlier and a steam account. These are steam keys so a steam account is...
  17. Irony

    I can't download anything. Slow internet?

    So, I can't download anything larger than 900kb, and I can't figure out why. Chrome is my favorite, and I've been trying for a couple days now to download mods from skyrim nexus. It'll be going at like 15kbps for the first 900kb then die completely. And it does it with every download. And this...
  18. Irony

    I'm wanting a new case. What should I pick...

    Okay, I've been wanting a new case for a while now. This 922 has been good to me, but I just want to upgrade. I think I've narrowed it to Corsair 500r and NZXT switch 810, but I'm still open to suggestions in the 129 dollar range. Also, Xigmatek Elysium is on sale $50 off at newegg. Which is...
  19. Irony

    Gigabyte GTX 670 not using full memory in games

    Hey, I got a Gigabyte gtx670, and it seemed to be running okay in most games, but frames were a bit low in Skyrim and Metro on ultra. So I looked at GPU-Z and it shows it is only using like 730mb dedicated memory. Whats the deal, its a 2gb card. Is there a vram limit or something? I haven't seen...
  20. Irony

    Irony's CINEBENCH 11.5 Score Thread

    This is a Thread to compare Cinebench 11.5 scores. Duh. Just Post a Screenshot of your Cinebench score, and also say what Graphics card you have; Cinebench only shows the series. Don't bother with a validation link, I guess I'll trust most of you to being somewhat honest ;) I.e.: My...
  21. Irony

    6770 causing crashes w/ catalyst 11.10, was fine with 11.9

    I saw that Catalyst 11.10 was out, so I downloaded and installed it. (upgrading from Catalyst 11.9) Now, everytime the card is taxxed, the computer crashes. Black screen. nothing. very sad. The first couple of times, I wasn't sure if it was CPU or GPU, so I lowered my CPU clock to 3.8 which is...
  22. Irony

    AMD Motherboard suggestions?

    I have an AMD 1090T, and an ASUS M4A88TM-LE mobo and I want to upgrade. This is the board I was looking at, but I wanted to hear an opinion on the AM3+ socket for this CPU. thanks, _-Irony MSI 970A-G45 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX A...
  23. Irony

    I cannot get Speedfan to work.

    I have been looking for fan controller software for a while now. I downloaded speedfan, but cannot get it to work. It shows temps and voltages, but it will not change fan speeds. It shows 8-10 fans, although I only have the CPU and 1 chassis fan connected to the mobo. Does anyone have any...
  24. Irony

    AMD 1090T Voltages

    Hi, I just built my first rig a few months back, and have been overclocking a little bit. I managed to get to 4.25, but I had to raise to voltage to 1.600 to keep it stable. Is that at all normal? I just wanted to know if it was too high, and if it could hurt the CPU to leave it there, even...