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  1. True Christian

    Overclocking & frame rate increase?

    Listen. The GTX 960 is a good gaming card for 1920x1080 and lower. Get the 4GB version. It's hard to believe looking at the 960's specs but it's 10-15% faster than 1 of my GTX 760 because of much better pixel output than the 760.
  2. True Christian

    prime95 and asrock z170 k6

    No, you don't. In fact I would warn against running Prime95 for a long time as it is a CPU killer like FurMark is a GPU killer. Run AIDA64 Extreme and benchmark it from there. Excellent program for testing CPU stability and much safer.
  3. True Christian

    R9 290x and Crossfire question

    Why not go for 2 R9 290's? They are a lot cheaper and only about 10% slower. If you go to Anandtech's For Sale/Trade Forum you'll probably find a couple. And, yes, the 290/290x both have 4GB of GDDR5.
  4. True Christian

    Best nvidia graphics card to play PC games ?

    The GTX 770 4GB is your best bet or a Radeon R9 290 4GB. Stay away from the GTX 970/960.
  5. True Christian

    BIOS Questions

    Have you tried using NvFlash to give you all that you need to know?
  6. True Christian

    GTX 780 SLI vs GTX 880(Ti)?

    The GTX 780 is an incredibly powerful GPU equaling and in some instances besting 2 GTX 760's in SLI. GPU technology is way ahead of new game-engine tech so I'd say grab another GTX 780 if you can still get it at that amazing price. Our GTX 700-class GPUs will support DirectX 12 so no worries...
  7. True Christian

    Is a gtx 850 ti a possible release in 2014?

    The GTX 750 Ti IS the GTX 850 Ti. nVidia just named it as a Kepler card because they wanted to test a 28nm Maxwell mid-range to see how it would sell. Well, it's selling very well so we'll see more Maxwell hopefully by October. The GTX 880 Ti will come out later than the rest and there may be a...
  8. True Christian

    R.I.P. GTX460 [February 2011 - August 2014]

    It lasted as long as it was warrantied for. It's unfortunate but I, too, would stick with EVGA. I had 2 EVGA SC GTX 460 1GB SLI for 4 years and they are still going strong after I sold them for $100 for both to a guy in Minnesota. I now have 2 EVGA GTX 760 2GB SLI and I flashed them to the SC...
  9. True Christian

    I think we're in for something really special.

    This is the longest (that I can remember) between nVidia driver releases. It's been 1 1/2 months since nVidia released the ground-breaking 337.50 betas. I think the next drivers are going to be something wonderful.
  10. True Christian

    Civ 4 has stopped working...

    I have a problem running Quake 2 and its expansions. Quake 2 runs fine in Windows 7 but the expansions have to be run in Windows XP. Can you try running them in Windows 7 compatability mode?
  11. True Christian

    I need a new power supply and i need some help.

    I have a PS on your list. It's a CoolerMaster GXII 750w. It's powring 2 GTX 760 2GB at 1214/7600, an i5 2500K at 4.5GHz and 8GB of Kingston ValueRam 1333 at 1600. As you can see my system is heavily overclocked. Hell, even my monitor is overclocked (67Htz). I've had this PS for 3 years and it's...
  12. True Christian

    Is there an issue with my GPU? Please assist if you can

    Th eonly problem is that you have a slow CPU and slow RAM. If you upgraded to a, say, used i5 2500K or an AMD FX 8350 you see a heck of a difference. Your GPU is pretty good and your PS is very good. I know it's not what you want to hear.
  13. True Christian

    Is My Card Ok? Is the Benchmark result is Ok?

    That's strange. A 780 is about 70-80% faster than a 760. We need to know your full system specs.
  14. True Christian

    Unofficial GTX 760 owners thread.

    We 760 users all know that the GTX 760 is the best bang for the buck GPU out there. I have 2 EVGA SC GTX 760 2GB SLI at 1212/7600 and lovin' every gaming minute of it. How do you like your card(s)? Are you using SLI? Are you overclocking the dickens out of them? Are you having any problems...
  15. True Christian

    Red Orchestra 2 free for a limited time

    Thanks! I always appreciate free games!
  16. True Christian

    D3D Triple Buffering application for x64 games?

    For some reason game engines that use DirectX 3D (which is most) don't support triple buffering as OpenGL does. TP is especially helpful when using vsync but with the power of todays GPUs it's not really important anymore.
  17. True Christian

    BF3 Settings review

    I can play BF 3 at max settings because of my system but I gave you a thanks because you cared enough to put the effort to help those who may have a slower system.
  18. True Christian

    Should i buy this power supply?

    Since you want to overclock your CPU and maybe you want to add a second GTX 770 for some SLI goodness I'd recommend this one with a $20 rebate: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139061
  19. True Christian

    Blue screen, without any text.

    Could you please examine it and tell us his system specs? It's some kind of problem with his GPU because if it was RAM or CPU the computer wouldn't even get that far. I wish I could help you more right now but I need more info. This may seem simplistic but check that the DVD-D cable is solidly...
  20. True Christian

    ASUS GeForce GTX 760 ROG Striker Platinum

    I don't want to get into a flame war but I'd stay away from Asus GPUs. I had 2 Asus 512MB 8800GTs in SLI and they lasted a mere 8 months together. Then I bought 2 EVGA SC GTX 460 1GB and ran them at 850/1700/4200 in SLI for 3 1/2 years. They are STILL working in a guy's computer in Minnesota. I...
  21. True Christian

    2500k & 780Ti Bottleneck

    If you can get your i5 2500K to 4.3Ghz then your laughing. Sandy Bridge was such a leap forward over Lynnfield that it made a lot of sense to upgrade to an i5/i7 Sandy Bridge. But the difference between an i5 2500K and a Haswell I5 4670K is 5-10% at best. Our CPUs still rock. I've got mine at...
  22. True Christian

    What to overclock for gaming

    You must overclock both your CPU and your GPU because some games are CPU-limited and some games are GPU-limited. Overclocking RAM won't help much. As for the monitor I've overclocked mine to 67Htz from 60Htz. Every bit helps.
  23. True Christian

    Need help overcloking my RAM

    It's obvious that your RAM can't do 1800MHz at all. You could try upping the voltage to 1.65v which is the maximum you want to go. If that doesn't work then be happy with 1600MHz. I've managed to overclock my DDR3-1333 to 1600 using 1.65v but I have the best RAM on the planet Kingston ValueRam...
  24. True Christian

    Countless Issues with XFX Radeon HD 7790 1GB 128-Bit DDR5

    The 4890 is a dual-GPU card and will blow away that low end 7790. Stick with the 4890 (if it ain't broke, don't fix it). Save up your money for a R9 270X if you want a reasonable upgrade.
  25. True Christian

    Trying to Flash Orignal Stock Bio Gtx 660

    Download KeplerBiosTweaker and edit the BIOS to stock settings.