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    General Hardware

    Then that tells the tale.....when you work the CPU, it fails. That's overheating! Pure and simple. Remove the CPU cooling fan and thoroughly clean all the little blades and make sure that it's able to spin freely, then clean all the dirt out of the heat sink cooling fins. Replace the fan...
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    Power supply problems

    Plug the computer back into where you had it first, when it worked. If it works, then the new wall receptacle is wired backwards. The HOT and Neutral are crossed. I've seen that before. Some electricians can't tell the hot wire from the neutral. :mad: I almost plugged a $50,000 NCR...
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    FAT32 formatting

    For the past 8 years, I've used nothing but my custom made Windows ME Utilities floppy disk (or CD) to set up all my hard drives. I first FDISK the drive to set up two partitions, and then I use the DOS Format program to format both partitions. Then I can install any OS I please. Even when...
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    Celeron 1.86 v pentium dual core 1.46

    Maybe you should research just what a Celeron is. :rolleyes: Intel sure is NOT going to tell you this, but many Celerons are pentiums that failed the onboard cache tests during manufacturing. With out cache memory any processor chip is seriously crippled. So rather than throw those failed...
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    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    the poll is too old.....the AM2's aren't even in the list.
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    Witch Laptop Should I Get

    I get that question at least once a week from my customers and I have only one answer for everyone.... Toshiba! Find a model that suits your budget and your needs. Dell isn't even in the running, with poor quality and even worse customer support. Good Luck and Merry Christmas! The Shadow :)
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    How To Clean The Dust From Your Pc

    I just took in on trade, a computer I built for one of my customers in 2000. The Thermaltake CPU cooler was wailing! I removed the entire assembly from the PC....removed the fan from the cooler and carefully cleaned each blade with a damp cloth till the entire fan was nice and clean. Then I...
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    Connecting floppy drive to new PSU

    Many new cases today have NO place in them for a floppy drive. The handiest option to come along in a very long time is the USB Floppy Drive. I keep one in my "Kit" as a "Tech Tool". Most new motherboards today, will allow you to boot up with the USB Floppy drive which will usually come up as...
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    HD partition

    I'm sure I can't explain exactly WHY the Setup program would automatically partition a hard drive that was not already partitioned, but having that second part. in FAT-32 can't help but be a real plus. I regularly set up a second partition for my customers who run XP or even Vista. It's a...
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    PSU pitch change = ?

    In my technical experience I've yet to see any PSU with a variable speed fan in it. What I have seen though is a CPU cooling fan that will vary with the temperature of the CPU chip. Under heavy load, the fan will speed up and with no load it will slow down to be quieter. Open your case and...
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    new type of memory

    WELL, that's not for the kind of laptop you're likely to pick up at Wal-Mart. Did you notice the terms, "Embedded" and "Diskless" ??? :cool:
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    AMD socket 939

    If you have a socket 939 motherboard, even mentioning a socket AM2 chip is redundant. They are completely different chips. One cannot replace the other. Either your motherboard manual or the spec's on the AMD website will tell you what the fastest CPU chip your mobo will take. Look it...
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    Cache or RPM?

    If you're not a Computer Guru, Geek or Tech, forget the SCSI route. That's not a path for amateurs. What nobody has even mentioned yet is the SATA and SATA2 drives. They run at 7200 rpm but transfer data at rates many times faster than the older IDE drives. SATA 2 is twice as fast as SATA...
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    Laptop keyboard

    You already answered the question yourself. "Still Under Warranty". Don't touch it yourself, you can wreck the whole thing if you break something. Then you void your warranty and YES it will cost you dearly to get it fixed. The problem may even be in the keyboard decoder circuitry on the...
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    Help wanted: deciding what kind of modem to buy

    I've seen dozens of DSL setups around here, with several different phone companies and in every case, the company supplies the modem and phone filters with the service contract. Then once the provided modem is connected, you can connect a router to the modem and connect the computers to the...
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    I have used my old ATA133, IDE HD's on my sata capable mobo many times by using a little IDE to SATA dongle (adapter). Usually just for a backup drive. I've seen markedly faster transfer rates from those converted drives than was possible under ATA133 and the parallel drive cables...even the...
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    Sudden BSOD Problems.

    Why does the word "Format" pop up whenever a person is having a problem? I'd expect that from Dell customer support or the "Geek Squad" but not here! As a working PC tech, I reformat a HD less than once a year. There are just SO MANY things that can be done to truly troubleshoot the...
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    How much difference a fan can make...

    Fan Cooling Having worked in an "Air Flow" lab years ago, I've got a good feeling for what it takes to keep things cool in a heated environment. After loosing an IBM Deathstar drive to heat fatigue, several years ago, I set about developing my own system for keeping my 7200rpm drives COOL. I...
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    Spybot S&D 1.5 finally released for download

    Good news for all the die-hard Spybot S&D users. After several years of waiting for the new version of Spybot, it's HERE! http://www.safer-networking.org/en/mirrors/index.html If you have version 1.4 already set up on your PC, the new Ver 1.5 will install right over it and keep all your...
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    hows this for a computer shop

    For more years than I want to admit to, I've always wanted to check out computer problems on the system and in the environment where it lives. Take a PC or part to a shop and it never works the same. If RAM is being run like its supposed to, correct clock speed, correct voltage, and Memtest...
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    First let me say that I buy only Maxtor hard drives. A Maxtor SATA II hard drive will come out of the retail box with a small jumper already installed making it a SATA I drive, for compatibility with all SATA compatible motherboards. If the Mobo is SATA II compatible, the jumper on the drive...
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    Power Supply Problem

    A little known and seldom talked about FACT is that the rated wattage of any PSU is the Maximum Peak Current (that it takes to charge the caps on a motherboard, in a few split seconds). Derate that number by 25% to 30% to get the all day running amperage. I know you said it's an "Antec 480...
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    PC-Chips M863G Mobo

    DUH! The AMD socket A cpu has been out of production, like forever! When I went shopping for a replacement mobo for my old Athlon 3000+, "PC Chips" was the last mobo that I could find still on the market.....like the CPU itself, socket A mobo's have not been manufactured for several years...
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    High fan speeds

    I've noticed that on many new systems with variable speed fans, (Including Dell's) when you first turn the PC on, the fan speed controls on the mobo (has nothing to do with winders) will run the fans at full speed till the temperature sensors determine what speed will be needed. Once the...
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    resete the BIOS in dell XPS M1710

    I've had computers given to me as "DEAD". Just taking out the CMOS battery for 20 to 30 minutes and then replacing it, brought the 'dead' computer back to life. DO That! It will cost you absolutely nothing. Be careful taking the little coin-type battery out, that you don't break the...